guncontroldebateEarly on in this latest round of the serious gun violence issue in this nation, I posted an article that referred to the many of the lies and misrepresentations the gun worshippers like to use to shut those of us who want rational, workable and needed gun safety regulations imposed.

Incidentally, that is about 74 percent of this country compared to the very extreme, but very vocal side that advocates a total ban on anything they consider a ban on guns.

They are so loud and angry; the debate is usually over before it begins. But not this time, finally the country is waking up and the NRA gun lobbyists aren’t the only voices being heard. Despite the efforts of their trolls, people are being heard and a counter movement is underway.

Several of my friends and I have been suspended from Twitter for our pro-gun safety regulation stance. The gun worshipping trolls are working together to shut us down. That’s why I advocate not engaging them on Twitter; you won’t change their positions at all and will most likely end up being suspended. The nice thing about having your own blog like I do, nobody can shut you down.

Anyhow, if you must, here are some basic facts about the gun debate as proffered by the gun advocates and how to respond and some resources you may find useful.

1) Nobody in any position of authority in the government is advocating taking all the guns away. That’s just pure paranoia on the gun-worshipper’s part.

2) Arguments about the absolute right to bear arms via the 2nd Amendment are false. Here are three links that use actual historic fact and reason that debunks those who say it does:

Thom Hartmann presents the truth of the writing of the 2nd Amendment by those who wrote it and what was happening at the time.

An analysis of the myths and facts of the 2nd Amendment that cites historic facts and case law:

The Founding Fathers versus the Gun Nuts

3) The NRA Board of Directors and Leadership (Keene and LaPierre) do not represent the interests of average gun owners, they represent the business of gun and ammunition manufacturers and their profits. Many of these companies are not even American owned.

4) If the NRA were truly interested in the facts that surround gun violence, why did they pressure Congress to prevent the Center For Disease Control to gather data regarding gun violence to analyze the problem and develop appropriate solutions? Why are they censoring research?

5) Statistics presented by gun worshippers that say guns prevent violence do not bear up to scrutiny. The Harvard School of Public Health have compiled peer reviewed research and summarized it here: It covers almost every aspect of gun ownership and presents with links to the studies the fact that the perils raised by gun ownership far outweigh any benefits.

6) Of a population of 315 million Americans, approximately 80 million own one or more guns. Of those, only 4 million belong to the NRA. Of those, 74% agree that an assault weapon ban is needed and that there should be a full background check for all gun sales to include gun shows. They also agree to gun registration.

7) Gun registration will not lead to gun confiscation anymore than car registration leads to car confiscation. It’s a means to monitor potential risk to public safety and aid police in criminal investigations regarding gun violence.

8) The assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans only pertain to anymore being manufactured and sold in this country. No one is advocating seizure of weapons already out there unless they are used in crimes or the owners are determined to be criminals and/or mentally incompetent.

9) The whole 2nd Amendment argument as well as accusations that the government is out to take your guns have no bearing in fact and are either paranoid delusional thoughts, or pro-gun manufacturers propaganda used to increase sales.

10) The original Assault Weapon ban did in fact worked. Further, half of all the mass shootings in the history of this country occurred after the Assault Weapon ban expired in 2004 at the request and urging of the NRA as President Clinton explains

If there are truly undecided people or those who are willing to open their minds past a narrative drilled into their heads, this will help you. You can try this on avid gun proponents if you truly want to try, but I do not suggest you waste your time with those in that very small, but vocal minority of gun worshipping gun nuts to ever see the light in the matter. They’re lost souls who can no longer see reason, assuming they ever were reasonable.

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