What’s Behind the Benghazi Twibbon on Twitter?




In the days, weeks, and 20 months since the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya many Republicans and their propaganda tool known as Fox News (or is it the other way around? I can never keep track) have tried to create with the American public a scandal where none exists.

The attack was horrific, four Americans were brutally killed. There has been a Senate Select Bipartisan Committee investigating Benghazi, 5 House Committee Investigations, Numerous independent media investigations, an FBI investigation, State Department Investigations, days of testimony, thousands of pages of documentation.

And now nearly two years later, the House has decided it’s time for another Investigation of something that has been fully investigated led by a Tea Party House member (Trey Gowdy) who truly looks like a Rutger Hauer impersonator.


The previous investigations have shown that the attacks could have been prevented, 15 Libyans who have tried to help the FBI have been killed, there was no “stand down order” from the Obama Administration, the military could not have saved the personnel, and worse yet, the misinformation generated by the media and political operatives have taken the focus off the actual deaths of the personnel, determining ways of correcting the situation from happening again and straining US/Libyan relations.

To date no evidence of cover-up, scandal from either the White House or State Department has been found (most likely because there is no there there), and little has been presented in terms of how to improve State Department Security Protocols to prevent future attacks of this nature due to the right wing smoke screen of innuendo and political brinksmanship diverting attention away from those who need to focus on and implement needed changed.

Now that the attacks on Obamacare have failed, no evidence of any scandal with the IRS, Fast and Furious, or any other of the myriad of “investigations” conducted by Darrell Issa have come up with anything that can be attached to the Obama White House to substantiate any scandal anywhere, the right wing has decided to focus on Benghazi again.

This isn’t to gather information, it’s to rally the GOP/Tea Party base to vote in the midterms and to either weaken or convince Hillary Clinton not to run in 2016. They don’t want facts or solutions, they want controversy and anger.

Now FOX of course has had Benghazi as a continual talking point in mainstream media (yes my friends, FOX by definition is mainstream media whether they want to acknowledge it or not) and political operatives like Lindsay Graham and Darrell Issa like to shout out Benghazi to show just how tough they are despite having nothing but innuendo and conspiracies devoid of any facts to cite. To drum up more support in Social Media like Twitter, the “usual suspects” have taken to the Benghazi hashtag to troll the timelines of those who don’t buy into this phony and disingenuous outrage.

These trolls can be identified by their Benghazi Twibbon. But who are these people?

Here are a few samples of their bios taken after only an hour of following the Benghazi Hashtag:

semper vigilans – #TeaParty#Conservative#Patriot – SOCIALISM SUCKS!!! Liberalism is a no-brainer #SECURE#border(s)

Be the person that others will say.He stands for what’s Right (No Compromise).I am a Christian Conservative Constitutional Libertarian American.Bring It!!!

live+let live–no ownership over others free will–NO PROSELYTIZING- [NO moslem country ALLOWS JEWS ,BUDDHISTS, HINDUS, CHRISTIANS, ETC., FREEDOM OF RELIGION] NO FOLLOW PROSELYTIZ=myopinion

Never 4get that everything #Hitler did in Germany was legal. -MLK ☛Show U’r support Benghazi 4, #Twibbon! http://twb.ly/TNgJUO  (2nd Act @boazziz) ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

Don’t burn my flag.Don’t steal my vote.Don’t trash my country.If you don’t love it GTFO & don’t call me the horrid things U ARE & we’ll get along fine #TGDN

California Conservative, Love the USA,Constitution & Bill of Rights. NRA, Truth matters,Refuse to live in fear. #Benghazi, #FastAndFurious,#Extortion17

Lapidary-Silversmith …Ideas are bullet-proof…Libertarian -Protestant- Hate the #NWO! Love Family,Malamutes&Huskies&Books Stray Cats&Raccoons adopt me

Believer in the Lord Jesus & God’s Word_in adherance2our Constitution, States Rights & Our Rights #WAAR#ccot

College educated, blue collar, Harley riding red neck – retired & enjoying life- #ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #Patriot, #Vet, #ORPUW, #PJNET, #2A, #Benghazi, #NRA, #Guns, #TCOT

Navy Vet, Conservative, Christian. Passionate Bike and Motorcycle Rider, IT Specialist, Photographer, and very concerned about America’s future.

God, Family, Country, Constitution loving retired American,#FREEDOM #LIBERTY #LNYHBT #Tcot #POLITICS #JoanOfArc#BENGHAZI #IStandWithIsrael #AmericaTheBeautiful

#teaparty #conservative #Israel #AynRand #Benghazi 4 ☛http://twb.ly/TNgJUO  #TGDN נגדעיןרעה ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

Americans can be governed by our consent but we will not be disarmed or ruled. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #WAAR #PJNET #NRA #TCOT #2A#RightToLife #OIP

C-SPAN’s List: Members of Congress on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cspan/members-of-congress … Tweet Them.Tell Them To#STOPSPENDING Make this list one of YOUR lists.

Christian, conservative, I love a good debate. Atheists & liberals don’t.

Hangout for Gulaged Tweeters , Ribald behavior expected. Open 24/7 smoking allowed. Ladies enter at your own risk! Seating limited to 150, reservations accepted

Conservative – Trying to help people be prepared for emergency/recession/disaster, and be self-sufficent. Grow your own food! NO GMO’S!! Husband & wife team.

Independent/Conservative. Support our strong military, & have ALWAYS been proud of my country. #LNYHBT#Hannity fan #NRA#TEA Party. Lib’s worst nightmare!

Stop the Nazi-Democrats † End #VoterFraud † #PaperBallots#RestoreTheRepublic † #SecureTheVote † #FollowIceland #TedCruz† #OAS #RonPaul #TeaParty

We’re Uniting Reagan Republicans – JFK Democrats Independents – Conservatives – Libertarians Tea Party – Fiscal Hawks Constitutionalists – Anti-Socialists

Conservative- Believe in the Constitution-and Love God.. #FlaCOT#CTOT#StandwithIsrael #PJNET

Christian/Conserv./Libertarianish /Cranky/believe in UFOs hav seen/#GovSocialWorkers & Psychiatry R mostly evil/ #RINOs suck!!#teaparty #Rush #Cruz #West #SOT

Conservative fighting for a return to a moral America, where truth, responsibility and character prevail. NO PC BS here! #Benghazi#TGDN10

What is interesting in reviewing these bios aside from the misspellings and obscure hashtags are the obvious misunderstanding of what the Constitution stands for, what Democracy is, what socialism is, what being a Christian is and an odd obsession with Israel and Ayn Rand.

When you review the Timelines of these “Benghazi Patriots”; aside from espousing already fully debunked information about:

The attack being filmed and watched from the Situation Room,

The “Stand Down” order,

The conspiracy of numerous groups to cover this up

The constant rant about our “Muslim Kenyan President”,

How Socialists are actually Nazis,

The end of Democracy is nigh,

Their rights are under attack

And only the NRA can save them.

In fact they are more obsessed with guns, Christianity, Birtherism, Libertarianism and Ayn Rand than the actual attack and who actually died and why during the Benghazi attacks.

I won’t go so far as to say these are an organized groups of paid trolls (though there are many who suspect and have documented this fact) but I will say that for them it’s not so much “Benghazi” they present on Twitter despite the Twibbon, but a right wing fringe of like minded angry racist bigots who would be the first to violently overthrow the legally elected government of the United States because nobody believes in their Ayn Rand ideology and bigotry.

Their concern for the victims of Benghazi is disingenuous; their hatred of our President, the Democratic Party, much of the Republican Party and the 80% of the nation who don’t see eye to eye with them is obvious and proven by their timelines.

These are bad folks, these are the same ilk as Posse Comitatus of whom Timothy McVeigh was part of and Sheriff Richard Mack supports.

These are the people that if they were Muslim extremists in Libya, would have pulled off the same act. Worse yet, they would most likely blow up a government building here like McVeigh did for “Murica” and “Freedumb” in Jesus’ name.

These are people who despite citing the Constitution have no idea what it means, who it protects and do not support the government laid out in it.

If it’s not in their narrative, it’s not American. These people are bigoted frauds and are best ignored and left to their own pathetic existence screaming at the reality they can’t accept.