Trump’s Terrorists, Who Are These People?

The history of the United States is littered with multiple dark days and January 6th, 2021 is one date that will stand out in infamy. Following weeks of spreading false information about voter fraud, failing all but 1 of over 60 court cases, failing to get Republican election officials, Republican Governors and Republican State Legislatures to overturn the votes in their States, Donald Trump openly began to advertise to his supporters to come to Washington D.C. on January 6th, the day the United States Congress was constitutionally required to count the electoral college votes for President and Vice President of the United States. Prior to this mainly ceremonial endeavor, Trump encouraged Republican Members of Congress and the Senate to challenge up to six slate of electors in a futile attempt to have them rejected and throw the vote to the House of Representatives.

Trump’s claims of a “rigged election” actually predates voting for the November 2020 election, It actually predates the months prior to that election. How much? Donald Trump has been claiming the election would be rigged prior to the November 2016 election, the one he won. Claims of it being a rigged election is over five years old. So when he lost, he told his base of support the election was stolen. After all, he has had a high favorable support of 44%, higher disapproval ratings throughout his administration, he’s been impeached, he lost to Clinton by 3 million votes and lost to Biden by 7 million votes, it’s inconceivable he lost this election. In case you are a Trump supporter, that last sentence was sarcasm.

To continue, Trump wanted his MAGA base of support to come to Washington DC while Congress met, for their “Stop the Steal” rally. Trump spoke to the group as did Rudy Giuliani and several Republican members of Congress to include Mo Brooks. The words and tone of their statements to the crowd were clearly incendiary and seditious. They wanted this group to storm Congress on Trump’s behalf.

In the weeks prior to this event, social media was abuzz with what they wanted. The Proud Boys and QANON were very clear, they wanted to fight the libs, the socialists in defense of the country. Word went out to supporters of democracy to not be there on the sixth, and few if any ever showed up. They knew if they were there, they would be targets. This group wanted pictures showing fighting among Trump supporters and democracy supporters that they could advertise as “anarchists” trying to steal the vote. They didn’t get that.

So they stormed Capitol Hill. Who are these people? They say they support Donald Trump, they certainly followed his marching orders that led to breaking and entering of both the House and Senate chambers, congressional offices, vandalism of the same and the deaths of 4 people to include a 35 year old Air Force Veteran who was an avid Trump supporter. She was shot by police defending Congressional staff. The Trump supporters brought guns, explosive devices and zip ties. They planned this out. One woman interviewed after being maced in the face that she was there “for the revolution.”

I don’t doubt these people are Donald Trump supporters and believe his lies and disinformation; however, I also believe these people would use any excuse to do what they did that day.

Throughout history, every society, nation, community have been confronted with a group of malcontents dismissive of societal norms and possessed with lizard brains. There’s a bike gang called “The 3 percent” which references the 3% of the nation who live outside the law. Everybody knows these people and examples of their actions. They are the people who engaged in mob violence on any pretense, they’re the ones who during celebrations of the home town team winning a championship go out the overturn cars, break windows, attack others. They’re the ones who infiltrate large peaceful protests to engage in vandalism and violence, they’re the ones who stand back and cheer when a woman is being raped, they’re the ones who lynch people they don’t like. They have an ideology, but their main ideology is violence for the sake of violence. These are the people who went to work for Donald Trump because he wanted these people there and he wanted them to act out like he knew they would.

January 6th was a made for TV event created by and produced by Donald Trump and his team. Trump believes strength is personified by leading angry destructive mobs chanting his name. He even says it: “Fight like hell or you won’t have a country.” Trump wanted to show the world he’s strong because he could unleash angry people who he caters to because he knows they resort to violence at the drop of a hat for any reason given, whether they support that reason or not. They scream, they riot, they destroy, they kill for violence sake because like Trump, they see violence as strength. If you’re not being loud and violent, you’re weak and submissive. They’re losers, plain and simple.

Unfortunately for Trump, this backfired. He couldn’t control the extent of the anger and damage these people would engage in. Republicans were in the line of danger, public response was anger towards these thugs and because they were there for Trump, Trump himself. Some cowardly insecure Republican legislators like Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks try to float a ridiculous idea that the violence in Trump’s name came from the mythical group they call ANTIFA and members of BLM. Unfortunately the FBI have already identified the leaders as well know White Supremacists and members of QANON.

I’m not saying that all who support Trump are thugs. In fact many who did support him are now questioning that support in light of what happened. But thugs do support Trump because he gives them license to create havoc, mayhem and death. Trump brought them in, Trump and Rudy Giuliani gave them instruction to do what they did. Trump, Giuliani, certain members of Congress, Senators who helped fuel the flames of this rape of the People’s House must be held accountable or it become normalized.

Trump’s Political Timeline and why he lost by the largest vote tally in American History.

What follows is a synopsis of the political career of Donald J. Trump based on public record.

As a college student, Donald J. Trump, son of Fred Trump was a vocal supporter of the Vietnam War. However, claiming bone spurs and with financial assistance from his father Donald was able to get 5 draft deferments to avoid service in Vietnam.

While working with his father in the New York real estate market, Donald was sued twice by the Department of Justice for housing discrimination against African Americans.

In 1987 Trump changed his party affiliation to Republican.

In 1989 a white female jogger was assaulted in Central Park. Police arrested and charged 5 Black and Latino men for the assault. Donald Trump, a Democrat at the time, took out a full page ad in the New York Times demanding the death penalty for the “Central Park Five.” It was later determined they were completely innocent of the charges and to this very day, Trump has refused to apologize for his demands or acknowledge their innocence.

As a failing business man in the New York real estate market Trump began to remarket himself via media attention. He would make political commentary on issues of the day, associated with Democrats in power like Bill Clinton.

In 1999 Trump changed his party affiliation to Independent Party of New York.

In August 2001 Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic.

On 9-11 Donald Trump made sure in a phone interview that after the World Trade Center collapsed, Trump Tower was the tallest building in Manhattan.

Trump condemned George W. Bush and the Republican Party for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2004 during an interview with Wolf Blitzer Trump said “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat”, explaining “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than under the Republicans. Now it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under Democrats…But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we’ve had some pretty bad disasters under the Republicans.”

During this period of time, Trump was still a Democrat and would make regular political commentary. He also hosted a reality TV show called “The Apprentice” designed by Mark Burnett to market Trump as a success when in reality (as proven in Court records) he wasn’t as successful as he claimed. Though initially popular, over time viewership began to decline.

On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.

Soon after Obama was elected and took office, Trump would make regular commentary that Obama was not a legitimate president. He claimed that Obama was born in Kenya and that he had investigators go to Hawaii to prove it. Trump never provided the proof. During this time “Celebrity Apprentice” continued it’s slide in the ratings. Trump would make “inquiries” into running for office in Obama’s early years in an attempt to improve ratings.

In September 2009 Trump changed his party affiliation to Republican.

In December 2011 Trump changed his party affiliation to “No Party Affiliation.”

In April 2012 Trump changed his party affiliation back to Republican.

Trump toyed with running for President during the 2012 campaign but never officially entered.

In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that “I identify with some things as a Democrat.”

On July 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for President of the United States. In his speech after coming down the escalator in Trump Tower he made several racist comments against “Mexicans” calling them drug dealers, rapists and murderers.

In the primary, Trump competed with multiple Republican candidates. Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz were among the many who said that if Trump became president, he would destroy the country and the Republican Party. It was a Republican opponent who actually contracted with Steel to get opposition research on Trump.

In a large field of contenders, Trump was able to maintain a 30% following which was enough for him to secure the nomination. He campaigned on Immigration, Infrastructure, Saving Social Security and Medicare, Tax Cuts, Social Safety Programs and repealing Obamacare.

On November 9th Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton. Although she won the popular vote by 3 million, Trump was able to turn Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin Red by a total of 75,000 votes. Despite what he keeps saying, he only recieved 304 Electoral Collage votes with they met because two Electors from Texas refused to vote for him.

Despite what he ran on, Trump only focused (or rather signed off on) what became known as the GOP Tax Scam that favored corporations and the wealthiest Americans by 83% of the cuts and adding 2 trillion to our national debt. Further, economist agree it did little to increase the economic growth of the nation already under way from the Obama administration. In fact the economy began to slow despite the Stock Market continuing it’s gains begun again during the Obama Administration. Further via Executive Orders he focused on building the walls and banning all Muslims from entering the nation, curtailing all other immigration and deregulating corporations that pollute. Very little congressional acts were signed by Trump beyond spending measures, most of what he did was through Executive Orders. Nothing substantive was ever done for infrastructure. Instead of saving Social Security and Medicare he ended up saying they’ll need to be cut and has cut contributions to FICA which funds those programs.

During his presidency he golfed one day for every 4 days in office. He did little to address the Covid 19 pandemic and push Congress for economic aid. Finally, instead of trying to expand his base of support, he instead focused all his rhetoric on the small segment of White Nationalists and Supremacists by making racist claims and spreading disinformation. Trump did very little to help the general population of the nation and earn their trust and support.

So he lost to Joe Biden by 7 million votes and despite losing over 60 Court challenges to the election, continues to refuse to concede. Further, despite advertising that his Super Pac will help him win the election he already lost and help two Republicans win the Georgia Runoff on January 5th, the $200 million he’s collected is earmarked for his legal “defense” and his personal needs upon leaving office on January 20. 2021.

Trump lost because he focused on the minority of the country he could easily fool and grift for money. He’s dependent on them and wouldn’t at any time in his presidency lift a finger to expand his base. Had he simply took the time and effort to follow the sound and scientific advise for how to effectively combat Corona instead of making it a racist issue, hoax, fraud whatever fewer Americans would have died and our economy wouldn’t be in ruins right now.

Trump lost because he refused to do his job. The politics of Trump has been and always will be what’s best for Trump, screw the Party, screw the people, screw the Constitution, screw the United States of America.

Getting out of Twitmo

Tonight’s my last night of my one week sentence to Twitmo for comparing Donald J. Trump to a diseased 19th Century French lady of ill repute. Funny that of all the things I’ve accused Trump of over the past 5 years, of all the things I’ve said of him from being a corrupt mob boss, to a dimwitted cowardly narcissistic bully, it was comparing him to a stereotype French whore that he apparently took exception to and lodge a complaint with Twitter (who by the way allow him and his followers to say and encourage far worse things that do lead to violence).

Anyhow, thanks to my friend @mamafluffs for posting these rants the past week so I can at least feel like I was contributing to the dialogue. Wish I had access to my main account the last few days, but so it goes.

Funny thing is I’ve tweeted several months ago that I was hoping to basically retire from Twitter if Biden won hoping that the social media world minus Cheetolini would be calmer, people will start going about their business and the nation would be healing. I was hoping to not have all this crap to complain about what going on. Considering the growing backlash from a shrinking group of base supporters for Shitler, I fear I may have to continue on Twitter for a while longer.

We’ll see. At least I’m not wasting my sanity on Parler.

Here’s to freedom!

Hope I get everything back I was booked with. I get out at 10:00 MST on December 16th.

Democracy versus Autocracy

Democracy: A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Autocracy: A system of government by one person with absolute power.

The common political battles that you hear from the headlines are Democrats versus Republican, or Liberal versus Conservative and usually commentators will present false equivalencies of the two sides. However, in light of recent events over the 2020 elections we can keep this very simple and beyond a false equivalency being employed.

The current battle is those who support democracy (liberal, conservative, Republican, Democratic and Independent) versus those who fight for autocracy. I gave you the definitions. They are opposing systems of government and those who support the current manifestation of the GOP and President Donald Trump are denying the democracy this nation claims to be at our core.

Although I doubt Trump understands the terminology, he sees himself as the “Unitary Executive” a theory proffered by those like William Barr that the President has absolute power over the other two branches of government. Little in the Constitution and Federalist Papers support this theory, but they find ways to stretch their logic. Trump himself on multiple times asserted that Article 2 gives him unlimited authority to do whatever he wants. He’s placed it to the test by ignoring subpoenas from the House of Representatives, brushing aside rulings from the Federal Court, creating and signing Executive Orders that claims authority he really doesn’t have, but his base believes he has.

Add to the above, statements from Trump himself and recently Newt Gingrich in their complaints that certain States like Georgia made voting too easy and actually saying that if everybody votes, “Republicans won’t be elected anymore.” I kid you not, that is what they’re saying. It’s actually true. Rather than actually legislating for the wants and needs of their constituents, their electorate, Republicans have for generations worked to make voting harder for ordinary people, especially people of color. With gerrymandering they create oddly shaped districts that have majorities of their voters so they can hold their seats. They literally select their voters instead of having voters in general select them.

The statistics are clear for congressional seats, Democrats amass millions more votes from the general population in their representation than the Republicans. Because each State gets 2 Senators, sparsely populated Red States are able to have more representation in the Senate with fewer people voting for them than Democrats who amass tens of millions more votes than their GOP counterparts. The system is designed to perpetuate minority White rule from rural areas over the majority population in densely populated regions. To paraphrase Animal Farm, all voters are equal, but some voters are more equal than others.

Now let me refresh you about the election totals for President in 2020. Keep in mind not a single shred of validated, proven, hard facts have been presented before a Judge or election canvasing board to prove widespread substantive fraud that would alter the results. Joe Biden recieved 81 million votes to Donald Trump’s 74 million. Because of the States he won, Biden amassed 306 Electoral College Votes, the same number Trump amassed against Hillary Clinton in 2016 by turning the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania Red by a grand total of 75,000 votes. Joe Biden turned those states back Blue by higher margins.

Trump, his attorneys and elected Republican officials publicly claim fraud, but haven’t presented anything but signed affidavits. A signed complaint isn’t proof. So it carries no weight unless you can show actual altered vote tallies, unaccounted for votes from unregistered voters, missing ballots, etc. They haven’t because they can’t because it didn’t happen. Biden won those states fair and square.

So Texas AG Paxton decided to take a case to the Supreme Court arguing that because Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania made it easy for their population to vote, the electoral college votes should be thrown out and the State legislatures should impose thier own electors favorable to Trump. SCOTUS said “no way Jose” and the case failed. Note, Trump, Paxton, the 126 Republican House Members and 17 other Attorneys General didn’t cite “fraud” they cited it was too easy for citizens to vote.

So the GOP is saying Trump has absolute power in the election, and has the authority to determine himself, (not the states) for how the elections should be held, who can vote and who must win. He and they are literally trying to take the choice of who is to be President away from the majority of American Citizens, and placing it in the hands of one Autocrat supported by a Party of insurrectionists using a fraction of angry White Supremacists threatening the lives of fellow American Citizens who won’t vote for Trump.

That my friends is clear autocracy at the cost of democracy. If there was fraud, Trump could make a case to overturn the results. However no fraud exists so he can’t. So now he’s trying to make a case that only HIS people can determine who will be President. However his people our outnumbered by over 7 million who say otherwise. So how is that democracy?

Democracy says Biden won fair and square. Those who support Biden are supporting the democratic process. Those who continue to support, fight for, cheat for, manipulate for, kill for Donald Trump are supporting autocracy. That isn’t what this country was founded for or stands for. Support for Trump is shameful, un American and autocratic.

I Believe in America First

I truly do believe in America First. Anyone who’s a citizen of this great nation should agree. However, what is America?

The United States of America is comprised of 50 sovereign States and 14 Territories. In these States and Territories resides over 331 million American Citizens and over 44 million immigrants. These people are Men, Women, Children, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latino, Indigenous, Heterosexuals, LGBTQ, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Atheists, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals, Moderates, Rich, Middle-Class, Working Poor, Impoverished, Healthy, Unhealthy, Law-Abiding, Criminal, Givers, Takers, Productive, Complacent, Needy, Patriotic, Anarchist, the list goes on. However they all have one thing in common, they’re all part of America & deserving of the same rights, protections & opportunities provided for by the Constitution and the Laws of this nation.

Now there are those who would dispute that some in the above list don’t deserve to be heard, don’t deserve consideration, don’t deserve all the rights of being American. That can be debated which is part of being American. However, they are at the very least, part of America. They’re here and cannot and should not be ignored.

To be America First, the needs, hopes, wants, accomplishments, civility, power, economy, of the nation must be placed FIRST before any particular ideology, political party, religion, race, ethnicity, legal status or PERSON.

America is a group, it’s a idea, it’s a movement, it’s a diverse composite of humanity and it’s had far more successes than failures. Among the successes has been promoting human rights around the world, economic assistance to people in need here and around the world, disaster relief, technology, healthcare, innovation. Among the failures have been bigotry, racism, slavery, oppression of the poor and working class, isolationism, genocide. These are historical facts that cannot and should not be ignored because to ignore them only invites them recurring. So America First is to make American always better, not worse.

To place one person, especially a flawed person who clearly suffers from malignant narcissism is not America First because you place that person ahead of everything else America is. You cannot even put a successful humane person first, America with all it’s successes and flaws must come first.

America First is promoting community, compromise, civility, unity all in an effort to continue to make us a more perfect union. When you take to violence in the name of one flawed man, you are not placing America First.

So I am America First. Are you? Truly are You?

Is Donald Trump a Conservative Christian Patriot? Are his followers?

On December 11, 2020, in a 9 to 0 ruling, the 6 to 3 Conservative Republican Supreme Court (three members nominated by Trump himself) rejected the “Hail Mary” lawsuit submitted by Texas AG Paxton (under criminal investigation) to overthrow the votes of tens of millions of American Citizens without citing any actual fraud. Instead they cite the way the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia permitted mail-in and early voting in response to the COVID 19 epidemic helped Biden get more votes than Trump in those States. So today Trump and his followers are calling the decision of the Court “a disgrace” and a betrayal to the nation. He and they always leave out the fact that Trump has never had majority support of the People in the United States of America.

Trump and his supporters always label themselves as Conservative, as Christian and as American Patriots. Trump’s unwavering support of the Red Hat MAGA crowd makes this claim very clear in very loud voices. Is Trump and are his supporters stating reality? Let’s consider the basic tenets of all three categories and where Trump stands on them.

Trump cloaks himself as a Conservative. He makes the often heard claim from the conservative right that Democrats are big government, tax dollar spending liberal socialists; demanding all sorts of socialist programs despite the wishes of the individual States and their people. Keep in mind, too often the “people” they refer to are only the people who agree with their ideology, gender, color and faith, not the majority of all the people. But I digress.

One of the most basic concept of American Conservatism is “State’s Rights.” It hold that the Federal Government cannot impose their will on the States unless it’s specifically granted to them in the Constitution, sometimes not even then. Further, the conservatives support individualism unfettered by government interference and regulation. Small government that create their own rules is ideal and within the views of the framers.

In the Supreme Court decision mentioned above, the Conservative Court took an actual conservative Constitutional law view: individual States have total control for how they run their elections. Conservatives on SCOTUS struck down the Federal Voting Rights Act on this concept. The Texas lawsuit, which was joined by 17 other conservative States’ AG and 126 conservative Republican Members of Congress, said the way Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia operated their elections and appointed their Electoral College delegates caused the State of Texas harm because it didn’t give Trump a national win, despite the votes in the State of Texas (and the other 17 Red States).

So explain how that’s American, Republican Conservatism? It takes away a State’s right to hold their own elections the way they see fit, without outside interference from Washington or any other sovereign State. That is why the Conservative Court struck it down. It was because of conservative principles actually supported by the Constitution. Their position is to steal the election from the over 80 million American majority who voted for Joe Biden, and that isn’t conservative by any means.

As for Christianity: the obvious requirement of being a true practicing Christian requires abiding by the teachings of Jesus Christ as written in the New Testament. Anyone who’s read the Bible should note the passages written in red. Those are Christ’s quotes. Jesus comments about how to treat the poor, the ill and children. “How you treat the least of thee is how you treat me.”. So explain to me what actions Trump has taken that are in accordance to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Many cite abortion. However no where in the New Testament does Jesus say anything addressing the issue of abortion. In fact when you examine the passages in the Old Testament, many actually support it. The life of the fetus prior to birth literally has no value. Life begin at first breath. God instructed Moses how to perform an abortion. However Jesus himself is mums about the subject. He cared more about the born, the living, he said nothing about the fetus.

Trump and his administration have taken children away from their parents, literally caged them. Trump has dramatically cut federal programs to help the impoverished and starving. Trump continues to try to take health insurance away from millions who can’t afford it and/or suffer from pre-existing conditions. Trump continues to deny that COVID-19 isn’t as bad as the “Fake Media” say it is.

Since taking office, wealth disparity has increased, poverty has risen while the wealthiest have gotten wealthier, the national death rate has increased as has food insecurity. So is Trump being a faithful Christian doing what within his power to practice and fulfill the basic teachings of Christ? Displacing peaceful protesters in order to hold a Bible upside down with a grimace on his face isn’t demonstrating Christianity. Trump hasn’t abided by any of Christ’s teachings as President or even as a person that I’m aware of.

Finally as for American Patriotism: Trump and his MAGA followers love to display American flag at their rallies. Unfortunately they also seem to fly the Confederate battle flag & Swastikas’ (enemies of the United States) at these same rallies. They also defile our flag with pictures of Trump on it. Does that make him a Patriot?

When Trump was of age to serve in Vietnam, he openly supported the War. However, he obtained 5 deferments from being drafted to serve in that war based on bone spurs. He ridiculed his brother for joining the service, he said he would disown his sons if they enlisted, he is quoted from reliable sources for calling the fallen soldiers in WWI, WWII and Vietnam “losers and sucker”. He discredited John McCain for being captured by the North Vietnamese and being a POW where he was tortured and left permanently disabled. But that’s not all.

Patriotism requires sacrifice and placing the nation above everything else. It’s not just waving or hugging the flag, it’s supporting and fighting for the constitution, the laws, the institutions and more importantly ALL the People of the United States. Everybody has seen and know full well that Trump purposefully works to divide our people and our nation. He sews insurrection, sedition and division in order to place himself above everything else.

He lost the election, he could have like every other President in our history accepted the ironclad results of this loss, took it graciously, congratulated Joe Biden and ask his followers to help Biden make our country better. Even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made similar statements when Hillary lost and Trump won. However instead Trump is encouraging protests, insurrection against the duly elected President. He’s working to make governing more difficult for when Biden takes the oath.

Trump has said nothing to discourage armed militia from threatening poll workers, elections officials, Republican and Democratic office holders doing their jobs, electors for Joe Biden, etc. Trump has place himself above the Nation. He’s even placed himself above his own Party who still support this unhinged mad man. Trump is not an American Patriot.

So this leaves us with his supporters. Do they support him because of ignorance? Do they support him due to cult behavior? Do they support him because they have no problem with the harm he’s inflicted on the nation and in many cases them?

The fact is they cannot in good faith support him because he’s a Conservative, a Christian or an American Patriot because the evidence is clear he isn’t any of the above. If they say he is a Conservative Christian Patriot despite the contrary evidence, then I would have to say they aren’t truly Conservative Christian Patriots either.

Trump is a self serving, autocratic unchristian dictator & the evidence proves it beyond all reasonable doubt.

Are Trump and the GOP Trying to Hang Themselves?

As I write this, it’s Friday, December 11, 2020 and the Supreme Court has not made any decision regarding the frivolous lawsuit submitted by indicted Texas AG Paxton, signed on by 17 Republican State Attorneys General and 106 Seditious House Republicans.

The Court has all the briefs they asked for from all the relevant parties and have been deliberating on them. I cannot predict if they will allow this to go to formal arguments and if it does how the 6-3 Conservative Court will ultimately decide. Literally all legal experts say this suit is baseless, without merit, frivolous and unlikely to be ruled in Trump’s favor. However, considering the devolution of Republicans over the past 40 years where they lean towards the rich and their own party’s power over the Constitution, Laws, Precedent, People and even their own rhetoric going back decades, I just can’t be sure. They’re a minority party trying to maintain power at all costs despite reason, history and the opinions, wants and needs of the vast majority of the nation.

So what if SCOTUS allows this case to proceed? It will enshrine in the public record and in history the fact that Trump was lying about massive voter fraud, unprecedented irregularities, conspiracies as no evidence supporting those claims exist, only baseless accusations. It will also reveal the hypocrisy of republicans in Congress and in the States filing suit over how they support “State’s Rights” unless some of those States impose laws and procedures they don’t like. Let’s be honest, as much as we feel the right, we cannot dismiss the votes of those who don’t vote in our favor. That’s democracy, that’s what everyone says they stand for and will fight for, unless a majority of others don’t support you candidate or policies. The Paxton, GOP Trump argument has no substance in law, history, the Constitution or the standard operating procedures of our democratic republic. It’s a farce.

So allowing this to go to a formal hearing will allow the world to see what was presented, the flaws and desperation in their arguments and lack of evidence and the obvious partisan attempt to keep Trump in office to avoid sanctions for the growing evidence of criminal acts. No other conclusion by any reasonable person could be made. If they had the goods, we would have seen it already.

Now not only would the GOP and Trump be declared fools and hypocrites for all time by arguing this before the nine justices, should they rule in Trump’s behavior then the world and history will see that the GOP have officially gone over the deep end, from membership, elected officials in both State and Federal offices and worse yet, the Courts. It’s GOP uber alles with as much power and as little humanity as the Nazis in Germany after 1932. This is what Republicans have allowed their party to become because they fear angry, racist and arguably neo-Nazi supporters of Donald J. Trump.

If this is allowed to proceed, our nation is gone and tyranny rules. Sedition and Insurrection was the hallmark of the Confederate slave owners prior to the Civil War and it is the same with Trump’s supporters in the GOP. The cost to correct it will be even higher, and nobody can afford it.

Sedition and Insurrection

It’s been well over 18 months since I’ve posted a rant on this blog. Honestly I just preferred to tweet out stuff as it happened growing tired of the time it takes to rant on this blog. However, having just been suspended on Twitter for a week for the horrendous act of comparing Donald J. Trump to a painted 19th Century French whore who is twice as diseased (my apologies to 19th Century French whores everywhere) and considering the horrendous news from the Trump people, both in government and on the streets, I needed to get some things out. Hopefully some of my Twitter allies will send a link to this post on their timelines. By the way, I don’t think the people threatening poll workers and their families on Twitter have been suspended yet. Go figure.

Sedition: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

Insurrection: A violent uprising against an authority or government.

Let us review the facts that are undeniable to anyone who is grounded in reality. Currently Joe Biden has won the 2020 election by what is now nearly 10 million votes and 306 electoral college votes (36 over the 270 required) as certified by all States (with the current exception of Wisconsin due to a pending case that’s about to be dismissed) as of December 9th, 2020, the Safe Harbor Day. They will meet on December 14th to formally confirm Biden as President. So far, over 50 cases submitted to State and Federal Courts as well as the Supreme Court have been laughed out due to Trump’s attorney being unable to present hard compelling evidence, or even using the word “fraud” in Court. They can only say voter fraud outside the Courtrooms for fear of legal sanctions for knowingly submitting false or misleading information to a Judge.

Having lost the election, having failed to provide any evidence beyond standard voting irregularities that are on par with all previous elections of election fraud, having lost over 50 cases (only winning one involving moving poll observers 3 feet closer), having convinced any of the State Legislatures to ignore the vote tallies as verified and certified in their states to switch over electors favorable to Trump, they’re now working on the most idiotic Hail Mary in Judicial History, having the Texas AG (under investigation for fraud, bribery & abuse of power by the FBI since 2015) file a suit in the Supreme Court to dismiss the electors from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin from voting because those states didn’t give Trump the win because too many Black people voted. I kid you not. This is the case that Ted Cruz wants to argue before the Supreme Court Justices. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, in Arizona the Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Chemtrail Kelli Ward has openly advertised for citizens to “die for Trump.” When they say “die for Trump” you all know full well they want them to kill for Trump. Election workers simply upholding the law and doing their jobs as required have been getting death threats via social media and by having armed thugs screaming and chanting in front of their homes literally scaring the children inside the homes.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the President and Vice President Elect. Effective noon EST on January 20th, 2021 they will be the duly elected and affirmed government of the United States. Meanwhile Donald Trump, certain members of the House of Representatives, United States Senate, various State legislatures and armed “militia” thugs are openly calling for civil war while disturbing the civility of the nation and threatening lives and property, all to install Donald Trump who blew Covid, has ruined our economy, has lied everyday of his presidency, has ruined our standing in the world while cozying up with Putin, Kim Jong Un and Xi (as well as other dictators), bilked the tax payers to fund his properties and has literally spent 1 out of every 4 days of his presidency on his golf courses.

Remember when Trump said he would give up golf because Obama was always golfing? Remember when he said after November 4th “nobody will be talking about Covid anymore” how it would simply disappear, remember all the things he claimed he did that were actually traced back to the Obama administration? Reality is a bitch to Trump and his supporters which is why they must live in an alternative world.

However, death threats against innocent people, destruction of property, inciting violence against the government of the United States and local States for that matter (even Republican led States for not playing along) is by definition Sedition and Insurrection. No other interpretation can be made. So what to do?

For democracy to survive, for the rule of the majority to reign over the fringe minority, citizens must be heard by their “elected officials” by peaceful means. That’s not to say you don’t keep calling, keep emailing, keep tweeting to demand a response. However, unlike the Trump people, you don’t go all thuggish and threaten Trump supporters, you don’t camp out in front of their homes scaring their children. However, you can identify the leaders of such group who organize to do that and release that information to the public so they are made to account for their behavior. Further, if what they do is illegal, they must face the judicial system as everyone else is required to.

The minority of Trump supporters are literally organizing sedition and insurrection against the government of We the People as affirmed by all Secretaries of State, election officials both Republican and Democrat and the Courts. To proceed is literally criminal and those people must be held to account and we must make sure our government does so.

If we don’t defend our democracy now over this threat, we will have lost it for generations at the very least and America will never be Great again. Too soon to rest, there’s still work out there for us.

Memorial Day Reflections

As you know, Memorial Day is a national holiday to reflect on United States Military personnel who died defending our nation. The origins date back to the Civil War. Some speculate that the tradition dates back to Abraham Lincoln’s dedication to the Gettysburg National Cemetery which he gave his inspiring yet short “Gettysburg Address” on November 19, 1863, where he eloquently defined what the Civil War was truly about:

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate—we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

In short, Lincoln was promoting a nation of, by and for the People where it was the sacred duty of such a government would ensure that all men, who are created equal would be treated equally. He honored the men who died for that basic proposition of our founders that was to a degree enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution:

“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

It was later when the 13th Amendment was ratified followed by the 14th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th and 26th that all men and women born or naturalized in this nation all shared the same rights regardless of race, creed, ethnicity etc. An interesting event occurred prior to the Gettysburg Address was first spoken which adds a certain, but little discussed context to Lincoln’s words.

As you know, this nation had Articles of Confederation prior to the Constitution being written and ratified in order to create a “more perfect Union”. The Articles of Confederation weren’t an actual Constitution, only the individual states had those. Instead it was essentially an agreement for the former colonies, now sovereign States to work together. However, it was weak, ineffective and the new nation was about to destroy itself for lack of a strong central Federal Government.

Flash forward to the Civil War. The States that seceded from the Union wanted a new Confederation. However, they didn’t want their central federal government to be as strong as in the United States. They wanted most of the power to remain in the sovereign individual States. They still wanted a central Government, but the individual States’ governments would have equal representation in the Central Government.

What is interesting is that the Confederate Constitution was almost a carbon copy of the Union’s Constitution, but with certain significant changes. As mention before, most of the power remain in the States and each state determined how the people in their states would be treated and what if any rights they would have. Instead of a two chamber Congress, a unicameral legislature was created with each State having one vote and the President being elected by that Congress to serve one six-year term.

Further, the Confederacy weakened the ability of the Courts to overrule anything from the States. Finally, certain wording from the original Constitution was omitted from the Confederate version. The “general welfare clauses” were removed. In effect, the States had power, but that power may or may not initially reside with the People of those States by popular consent. Regardless of how the State Governments were selected and maintained, that power structure dictated the Confederacy. It did not guarantee government of, by and for the people. Instead it was government of, by and for the power base of each state. Namely the plantation owners, people of property and wealth. The ordinary people of each State owed their allegiance only to the power base of each State with few if any recourse to address grievances.

So when Lincoln spoke of government “of, by and for the People” he was either intentionally or unintentionally contrasting our government to the limited rights of the People of the Confederacy, even the White folks who didn’t have wealth or property.

I am drawn to the words of Lincoln today because unlike the ongoing Civil War our nation was enduring in the 1860’s we are now engaged in for lack of a better term, Civil Cold War with certain elements of our nation who for several generations have worked to negate the ongoing pursuit of a more perfect union, limiting the power of the people to levels the Confederacy demanded. The plantation owners of the Civil War are now the multi-national billionaires and corporate CEO’s. Since the 1960’s they have slowly and successfully curtailed the rights of the governed ceding more control to the wealthy and ensuring government sees to their needs first and foremost.

In recent years it’s more obvious that the Republican Party (though shrinking in membership) still maintains enough power to thwart the needs and demands of the majority of this nation. We’re becoming “a nation of, by and for the People” to a nation “of, by and for Republican leadership.”

The Republicans have declared a cold war on the ordinary people of the United States, while using propaganda to say otherwise. Majorities of Americans support higher taxes on Corporations and the wealthy, the GOP cuts their taxes; majorities of Americans support voting rights, the GOP pushes gerrymandering and voter suppression; majorities of Americans support immigrations, the GOP wants to close the borders; majorities of Americans support Checks and Balances of the three branches of government, the GOP is enabling our current president to be held above the law with no oversight. The list continues. Our Constitutional Republic is under attack, and it’s being done behind the scenes, using unethical and immoral methodology, but within the law (though they bend the law like a pretzel).

On this Memorial Day where we’re all supposed to honor our military dead who sacrificed for a nation founded on the premise of government of, by and for the People. Per Lincoln, we are to dedicate ourselves to making sure their sacrifices were not in vain, that the principals of our government survives. Sadly, the Republican Party of today demeans and insults Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address each time they push legislation that denies rights and privileges of American Citizens to be represented, heard and obeyed by her Government. That our government is led by competent men and women dedicated to the nation and her people, not a party or a flawed and clearly incompetent accidental president installed by nefarious help from a foreign power dedicated to disrupting our influence in the World by destroying our government from inside.

The Civil War continues, will we survive it and will we as a people have a new birth of freedom or is it time to inscribe our epitaph? The battlefield is all around you, either fight back or give in and deny the honor our fallen deserve.


How to Proceed with Trump through 2020

It’s easy to hate Donald Trump. The average American has little love for what he represents and even less respect for how he lives his life and performs his presidential duties. Polling on this is clear. Recently E-Poll Marketing Research completed a study into the Marketability of Trump. This organization conducts such studies for marketing executives, television network stations and advertisers to determine which personalities draw the most positive business. The reports are generally not available to the public, but the New York Times were able to get a copy of Trump’s scores.

Trump was scored on over 40 personality and physical attributes in December. To summarize his scores:

48% found him aggressive

38% found him mean

He scored high on the attributes of Insincere, Confident and Creepy.

Only 0 to 4% scored him as Sexy, Impartial, Handsome and physically fit.

29% found him Overexposed.

Only 14% gave Trump Positive Appeal while 39% gave him negative appeal. Finally, the majority of his support comes from men over the age of 55.

As an average American my response was of course, “Duh!”

Of interest is the nagging problem that despite all the coverage of him, all the evidence produced against him, all the terrible things he says, tweets and does to those he consider not in him camp, he maintains around 42% support among the composite of all national polling. That number doesn’t budge. When he and his team (falsely mind you) claimed that the Mueller report exonerated him, his approvals didn’t budge at all. When the actual report came out showing that there are clear signs of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and other misdeeds of his administration his numbers still don’t budge.

People often point to the 30 to 40% of what is called Cult45, those who stand by Donald Trump despite everything. Anything exposed about him in a negative light despite the evidence backing it up is immediately labeled as “Fake News” by Trump himself and his people parrot that response. Then they go on to give him credit for things he had nothing to do with as the evidence shows. Is this Cult behavior? Perhaps, after all, our nation still considers Scientology (created by a science fiction writer and con man) as a legitimate religion enjoying tax exempt status and we still have flat Earthers who are absolutely convinced the Earth is in fact flat, we’re at the center of the universe and there’s a huge conspiracy to say otherwise. Historically there will always be a significant segment of any population, at any point in history, in any locale that will hold on to the most bizarre and self-destructive beliefs despite reality and evidence presented. Hitler was still supported by a solid 40% of Germany while it laid in ruin and information came out about what his regime did in the Concentration camps and even today he is supported by 30% in Germany and by the same White Supremacists in this Country that fully support Donald Trump. It’s interesting and scary.

In the so-called Blue Wave victories during the 2018 midterms, most Democratic candidates made a choice to focus mainly of policies of healthcare and the social safety net program rather than engage in a campaign against Donald Trump per se. In fact the only person who consistently said the midterms was a referendum on Trump was Donald Trump himself. He ran on that and false claims about illegal immigration. When it was done, the Dems took back the House in record numbers and while the Republicans took two seats in the Senate in a year where most of the Senate races were in solid Red States. In short, the Democrats avoided making this a race against Trump himself and fight the solid “cult base” and focused on policies most Americans agree upon. It’s interesting to note that these are policies Trump said he would work on as President during his campaign but has instead either done nothing to improve the situation or made the situation worse for things like Healthcare, the Trade deficit, Wealth disparity, Taxes, National debt, etc.

Now with the release of the Mueller Report and the coming 2020 elections cycle where not only is the House up for grabs again, so is the Senate and the White House, Democratic Leadership is hesitant in pushing for the impeachment of Donald Trump despite the clear case laid out for them and the nation in the report. Pundits point out that even though there is clearly enough evidence to show abuse of power and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors that would result in Articles of Impeachment being approved in the House, there is little chance of getting the required super majority vote in the GOP controlled Senate to convict and remove Trump from office. Some speculate that Democrats, looking to what happened during the Clinton Impeachment process where Bill came out more popular with the American people than he was prior to the House voting on articles impeachment, that Trump could end up becoming more popular with the American people and finally gain more than 42% approval.

I’m not so sure about this apples and oranges comparison. The American people clearly saw what happened to Clinton as a political hatchet job. Ken Starr was originally brought on to find criminality in the White Water case. When he found nothing he expanded his probe into other areas and came up with a cheating husband who during a GOP shutdown of the government got a blow job from a White House intern in the Oval Office and when questioned under oath, lied about it. The vast majority of the nation clearly saw this as a waste of time and money and sided with Clinton, warts and all. The Trump situation is different. Mueller was brought in to investigate on a clear mandate, was there Russian influence in the 2016 election, did members of the Trump campaign knowingly conspired with the Russian efforts and did Trump obstruct justice in the FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Russian meddling. During the course of the Mueller investigation other crimes were discovered and were forwarded to other DOJ offices for prosecution. Per the Mueller report, the Russians began a concerted effort to create discord and present disinformation to confuse and frustrate American voters beginning in 2014. However, when Trump announced, they saw him as an asset and Russian Intel did engage in a clear social media disinformation campaign to sway votes away from Clinton and assist Trump in winning. He also found incidents that could clearly show various forms of obstruction of justice. Unfortunately the powers of the Presidency itself as well as differentiating criminal intent with just plain stupidity made (in Mueller’s opinion) the likelihood of a conviction in a Court of Law doubtful. However as with Nixon and Clinton, a road map was clearly made to establish high crimes and misdemeanors against Trump for impeachment. Trump was not complete exonerated in any sense of the word.

In my opinion, despite the fact that due to the politics and make up in the Senate, a conviction in the Senate is doubtful, impeachment must proceed to educate the American people. Granted, that 40% who support Trump will continue to do so no matter what, the other 40% who despise the man will have more reason to want him and his party gone, the target audience are those remaining Americans who remain complacent and not engaged. They need to be educated and enraged over what Trump did with Russian help and impeachment in the House will provide the answers.

Now to address the concerns about making 2020 all about Trump, like in 2018 the Democrats must focus on the issues of Healthcare, Social Security, Wages, Voting Rights, Civil Rights all the issues the majority of Americans support and not be dragged into debating Trump in each and every House and Senate Campaign. More Republican Senate Seats are up in 2020 than Democratic Senate Seats. The Democrats can maintain control of the House if they run the same campaign as they did in 2018. They can also point out their bills to make the average American’s life better that were never voted on in the Senate or blocked by McConnell and Trump. Leave the race against Trump himself to the Democratic Candidate, whoever he or she is. However that candidate must not get into a twitter style insult war with Trump, the candidate must set the narrative on real issues and real solutions and hold Trump accountable to explaining what he’s done over those issues and how specifically he’ll address them. They can’t let him get away with “oh, we have a plan for great health insurance but you have to vote us in first before we’ll tell you what it is.”

Democratic candidate must demonstrate they can walk and chew gum at the same time, run on issues and how Trump and the GOP have made matter worse over those issues that Americans care about. They can also mention how corrupt and beholden Trump and the GOP is to Russia at the same time. Finally, they can’t let mainstream media set the tone of the race, when questioned, keep to the issues and not take the bait to go personal and Trumpian. Media helped Trump as much as the Russians did in 2016, don’t let them do it again.