Trump’s Terrorists, Who Are These People?

The history of the United States is littered with multiple dark days and January 6th, 2021 is one date that will stand out in infamy. Following weeks of spreading false information about voter fraud, failing all but 1 of over 60 court cases, failing to get Republican election officials, Republican Governors and Republican State Legislatures to overturn the votes in their States, Donald Trump openly began to advertise to his supporters to come to Washington D.C. on January 6th, the day the United States Congress was constitutionally required to count the electoral college votes for President and Vice President of the United States. Prior to this mainly ceremonial endeavor, Trump encouraged Republican Members of Congress and the Senate to challenge up to six slate of electors in a futile attempt to have them rejected and throw the vote to the House of Representatives.

Trump’s claims of a “rigged election” actually predates voting for the November 2020 election, It actually predates the months prior to that election. How much? Donald Trump has been claiming the election would be rigged prior to the November 2016 election, the one he won. Claims of it being a rigged election is over five years old. So when he lost, he told his base of support the election was stolen. After all, he has had a high favorable support of 44%, higher disapproval ratings throughout his administration, he’s been impeached, he lost to Clinton by 3 million votes and lost to Biden by 7 million votes, it’s inconceivable he lost this election. In case you are a Trump supporter, that last sentence was sarcasm.

To continue, Trump wanted his MAGA base of support to come to Washington DC while Congress met, for their “Stop the Steal” rally. Trump spoke to the group as did Rudy Giuliani and several Republican members of Congress to include Mo Brooks. The words and tone of their statements to the crowd were clearly incendiary and seditious. They wanted this group to storm Congress on Trump’s behalf.

In the weeks prior to this event, social media was abuzz with what they wanted. The Proud Boys and QANON were very clear, they wanted to fight the libs, the socialists in defense of the country. Word went out to supporters of democracy to not be there on the sixth, and few if any ever showed up. They knew if they were there, they would be targets. This group wanted pictures showing fighting among Trump supporters and democracy supporters that they could advertise as “anarchists” trying to steal the vote. They didn’t get that.

So they stormed Capitol Hill. Who are these people? They say they support Donald Trump, they certainly followed his marching orders that led to breaking and entering of both the House and Senate chambers, congressional offices, vandalism of the same and the deaths of 4 people to include a 35 year old Air Force Veteran who was an avid Trump supporter. She was shot by police defending Congressional staff. The Trump supporters brought guns, explosive devices and zip ties. They planned this out. One woman interviewed after being maced in the face that she was there “for the revolution.”

I don’t doubt these people are Donald Trump supporters and believe his lies and disinformation; however, I also believe these people would use any excuse to do what they did that day.

Throughout history, every society, nation, community have been confronted with a group of malcontents dismissive of societal norms and possessed with lizard brains. There’s a bike gang called “The 3 percent” which references the 3% of the nation who live outside the law. Everybody knows these people and examples of their actions. They are the people who engaged in mob violence on any pretense, they’re the ones who during celebrations of the home town team winning a championship go out the overturn cars, break windows, attack others. They’re the ones who infiltrate large peaceful protests to engage in vandalism and violence, they’re the ones who stand back and cheer when a woman is being raped, they’re the ones who lynch people they don’t like. They have an ideology, but their main ideology is violence for the sake of violence. These are the people who went to work for Donald Trump because he wanted these people there and he wanted them to act out like he knew they would.

January 6th was a made for TV event created by and produced by Donald Trump and his team. Trump believes strength is personified by leading angry destructive mobs chanting his name. He even says it: “Fight like hell or you won’t have a country.” Trump wanted to show the world he’s strong because he could unleash angry people who he caters to because he knows they resort to violence at the drop of a hat for any reason given, whether they support that reason or not. They scream, they riot, they destroy, they kill for violence sake because like Trump, they see violence as strength. If you’re not being loud and violent, you’re weak and submissive. They’re losers, plain and simple.

Unfortunately for Trump, this backfired. He couldn’t control the extent of the anger and damage these people would engage in. Republicans were in the line of danger, public response was anger towards these thugs and because they were there for Trump, Trump himself. Some cowardly insecure Republican legislators like Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks try to float a ridiculous idea that the violence in Trump’s name came from the mythical group they call ANTIFA and members of BLM. Unfortunately the FBI have already identified the leaders as well know White Supremacists and members of QANON.

I’m not saying that all who support Trump are thugs. In fact many who did support him are now questioning that support in light of what happened. But thugs do support Trump because he gives them license to create havoc, mayhem and death. Trump brought them in, Trump and Rudy Giuliani gave them instruction to do what they did. Trump, Giuliani, certain members of Congress, Senators who helped fuel the flames of this rape of the People’s House must be held accountable or it become normalized.