Getting out of Twitmo

Tonight’s my last night of my one week sentence to Twitmo for comparing Donald J. Trump to a diseased 19th Century French lady of ill repute. Funny that of all the things I’ve accused Trump of over the past 5 years, of all the things I’ve said of him from being a corrupt mob boss, to a dimwitted cowardly narcissistic bully, it was comparing him to a stereotype French whore that he apparently took exception to and lodge a complaint with Twitter (who by the way allow him and his followers to say and encourage far worse things that do lead to violence).

Anyhow, thanks to my friend @mamafluffs for posting these rants the past week so I can at least feel like I was contributing to the dialogue. Wish I had access to my main account the last few days, but so it goes.

Funny thing is I’ve tweeted several months ago that I was hoping to basically retire from Twitter if Biden won hoping that the social media world minus Cheetolini would be calmer, people will start going about their business and the nation would be healing. I was hoping to not have all this crap to complain about what going on. Considering the growing backlash from a shrinking group of base supporters for Shitler, I fear I may have to continue on Twitter for a while longer.

We’ll see. At least I’m not wasting my sanity on Parler.

Here’s to freedom!

Hope I get everything back I was booked with. I get out at 10:00 MST on December 16th.

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