Are Trump and the GOP Trying to Hang Themselves?

As I write this, it’s Friday, December 11, 2020 and the Supreme Court has not made any decision regarding the frivolous lawsuit submitted by indicted Texas AG Paxton, signed on by 17 Republican State Attorneys General and 106 Seditious House Republicans.

The Court has all the briefs they asked for from all the relevant parties and have been deliberating on them. I cannot predict if they will allow this to go to formal arguments and if it does how the 6-3 Conservative Court will ultimately decide. Literally all legal experts say this suit is baseless, without merit, frivolous and unlikely to be ruled in Trump’s favor. However, considering the devolution of Republicans over the past 40 years where they lean towards the rich and their own party’s power over the Constitution, Laws, Precedent, People and even their own rhetoric going back decades, I just can’t be sure. They’re a minority party trying to maintain power at all costs despite reason, history and the opinions, wants and needs of the vast majority of the nation.

So what if SCOTUS allows this case to proceed? It will enshrine in the public record and in history the fact that Trump was lying about massive voter fraud, unprecedented irregularities, conspiracies as no evidence supporting those claims exist, only baseless accusations. It will also reveal the hypocrisy of republicans in Congress and in the States filing suit over how they support “State’s Rights” unless some of those States impose laws and procedures they don’t like. Let’s be honest, as much as we feel the right, we cannot dismiss the votes of those who don’t vote in our favor. That’s democracy, that’s what everyone says they stand for and will fight for, unless a majority of others don’t support you candidate or policies. The Paxton, GOP Trump argument has no substance in law, history, the Constitution or the standard operating procedures of our democratic republic. It’s a farce.

So allowing this to go to a formal hearing will allow the world to see what was presented, the flaws and desperation in their arguments and lack of evidence and the obvious partisan attempt to keep Trump in office to avoid sanctions for the growing evidence of criminal acts. No other conclusion by any reasonable person could be made. If they had the goods, we would have seen it already.

Now not only would the GOP and Trump be declared fools and hypocrites for all time by arguing this before the nine justices, should they rule in Trump’s behavior then the world and history will see that the GOP have officially gone over the deep end, from membership, elected officials in both State and Federal offices and worse yet, the Courts. It’s GOP uber alles with as much power and as little humanity as the Nazis in Germany after 1932. This is what Republicans have allowed their party to become because they fear angry, racist and arguably neo-Nazi supporters of Donald J. Trump.

If this is allowed to proceed, our nation is gone and tyranny rules. Sedition and Insurrection was the hallmark of the Confederate slave owners prior to the Civil War and it is the same with Trump’s supporters in the GOP. The cost to correct it will be even higher, and nobody can afford it.