Is Donald Trump a Conservative Christian Patriot? Are his followers?

On December 11, 2020, in a 9 to 0 ruling, the 6 to 3 Conservative Republican Supreme Court (three members nominated by Trump himself) rejected the “Hail Mary” lawsuit submitted by Texas AG Paxton (under criminal investigation) to overthrow the votes of tens of millions of American Citizens without citing any actual fraud. Instead they cite the way the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia permitted mail-in and early voting in response to the COVID 19 epidemic helped Biden get more votes than Trump in those States. So today Trump and his followers are calling the decision of the Court “a disgrace” and a betrayal to the nation. He and they always leave out the fact that Trump has never had majority support of the People in the United States of America.

Trump and his supporters always label themselves as Conservative, as Christian and as American Patriots. Trump’s unwavering support of the Red Hat MAGA crowd makes this claim very clear in very loud voices. Is Trump and are his supporters stating reality? Let’s consider the basic tenets of all three categories and where Trump stands on them.

Trump cloaks himself as a Conservative. He makes the often heard claim from the conservative right that Democrats are big government, tax dollar spending liberal socialists; demanding all sorts of socialist programs despite the wishes of the individual States and their people. Keep in mind, too often the “people” they refer to are only the people who agree with their ideology, gender, color and faith, not the majority of all the people. But I digress.

One of the most basic concept of American Conservatism is “State’s Rights.” It hold that the Federal Government cannot impose their will on the States unless it’s specifically granted to them in the Constitution, sometimes not even then. Further, the conservatives support individualism unfettered by government interference and regulation. Small government that create their own rules is ideal and within the views of the framers.

In the Supreme Court decision mentioned above, the Conservative Court took an actual conservative Constitutional law view: individual States have total control for how they run their elections. Conservatives on SCOTUS struck down the Federal Voting Rights Act on this concept. The Texas lawsuit, which was joined by 17 other conservative States’ AG and 126 conservative Republican Members of Congress, said the way Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia operated their elections and appointed their Electoral College delegates caused the State of Texas harm because it didn’t give Trump a national win, despite the votes in the State of Texas (and the other 17 Red States).

So explain how that’s American, Republican Conservatism? It takes away a State’s right to hold their own elections the way they see fit, without outside interference from Washington or any other sovereign State. That is why the Conservative Court struck it down. It was because of conservative principles actually supported by the Constitution. Their position is to steal the election from the over 80 million American majority who voted for Joe Biden, and that isn’t conservative by any means.

As for Christianity: the obvious requirement of being a true practicing Christian requires abiding by the teachings of Jesus Christ as written in the New Testament. Anyone who’s read the Bible should note the passages written in red. Those are Christ’s quotes. Jesus comments about how to treat the poor, the ill and children. “How you treat the least of thee is how you treat me.”. So explain to me what actions Trump has taken that are in accordance to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Many cite abortion. However no where in the New Testament does Jesus say anything addressing the issue of abortion. In fact when you examine the passages in the Old Testament, many actually support it. The life of the fetus prior to birth literally has no value. Life begin at first breath. God instructed Moses how to perform an abortion. However Jesus himself is mums about the subject. He cared more about the born, the living, he said nothing about the fetus.

Trump and his administration have taken children away from their parents, literally caged them. Trump has dramatically cut federal programs to help the impoverished and starving. Trump continues to try to take health insurance away from millions who can’t afford it and/or suffer from pre-existing conditions. Trump continues to deny that COVID-19 isn’t as bad as the “Fake Media” say it is.

Since taking office, wealth disparity has increased, poverty has risen while the wealthiest have gotten wealthier, the national death rate has increased as has food insecurity. So is Trump being a faithful Christian doing what within his power to practice and fulfill the basic teachings of Christ? Displacing peaceful protesters in order to hold a Bible upside down with a grimace on his face isn’t demonstrating Christianity. Trump hasn’t abided by any of Christ’s teachings as President or even as a person that I’m aware of.

Finally as for American Patriotism: Trump and his MAGA followers love to display American flag at their rallies. Unfortunately they also seem to fly the Confederate battle flag & Swastikas’ (enemies of the United States) at these same rallies. They also defile our flag with pictures of Trump on it. Does that make him a Patriot?

When Trump was of age to serve in Vietnam, he openly supported the War. However, he obtained 5 deferments from being drafted to serve in that war based on bone spurs. He ridiculed his brother for joining the service, he said he would disown his sons if they enlisted, he is quoted from reliable sources for calling the fallen soldiers in WWI, WWII and Vietnam “losers and sucker”. He discredited John McCain for being captured by the North Vietnamese and being a POW where he was tortured and left permanently disabled. But that’s not all.

Patriotism requires sacrifice and placing the nation above everything else. It’s not just waving or hugging the flag, it’s supporting and fighting for the constitution, the laws, the institutions and more importantly ALL the People of the United States. Everybody has seen and know full well that Trump purposefully works to divide our people and our nation. He sews insurrection, sedition and division in order to place himself above everything else.

He lost the election, he could have like every other President in our history accepted the ironclad results of this loss, took it graciously, congratulated Joe Biden and ask his followers to help Biden make our country better. Even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made similar statements when Hillary lost and Trump won. However instead Trump is encouraging protests, insurrection against the duly elected President. He’s working to make governing more difficult for when Biden takes the oath.

Trump has said nothing to discourage armed militia from threatening poll workers, elections officials, Republican and Democratic office holders doing their jobs, electors for Joe Biden, etc. Trump has place himself above the Nation. He’s even placed himself above his own Party who still support this unhinged mad man. Trump is not an American Patriot.

So this leaves us with his supporters. Do they support him because of ignorance? Do they support him due to cult behavior? Do they support him because they have no problem with the harm he’s inflicted on the nation and in many cases them?

The fact is they cannot in good faith support him because he’s a Conservative, a Christian or an American Patriot because the evidence is clear he isn’t any of the above. If they say he is a Conservative Christian Patriot despite the contrary evidence, then I would have to say they aren’t truly Conservative Christian Patriots either.

Trump is a self serving, autocratic unchristian dictator & the evidence proves it beyond all reasonable doubt.