Democracy versus Autocracy

Democracy: A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Autocracy: A system of government by one person with absolute power.

The common political battles that you hear from the headlines are Democrats versus Republican, or Liberal versus Conservative and usually commentators will present false equivalencies of the two sides. However, in light of recent events over the 2020 elections we can keep this very simple and beyond a false equivalency being employed.

The current battle is those who support democracy (liberal, conservative, Republican, Democratic and Independent) versus those who fight for autocracy. I gave you the definitions. They are opposing systems of government and those who support the current manifestation of the GOP and President Donald Trump are denying the democracy this nation claims to be at our core.

Although I doubt Trump understands the terminology, he sees himself as the “Unitary Executive” a theory proffered by those like William Barr that the President has absolute power over the other two branches of government. Little in the Constitution and Federalist Papers support this theory, but they find ways to stretch their logic. Trump himself on multiple times asserted that Article 2 gives him unlimited authority to do whatever he wants. He’s placed it to the test by ignoring subpoenas from the House of Representatives, brushing aside rulings from the Federal Court, creating and signing Executive Orders that claims authority he really doesn’t have, but his base believes he has.

Add to the above, statements from Trump himself and recently Newt Gingrich in their complaints that certain States like Georgia made voting too easy and actually saying that if everybody votes, “Republicans won’t be elected anymore.” I kid you not, that is what they’re saying. It’s actually true. Rather than actually legislating for the wants and needs of their constituents, their electorate, Republicans have for generations worked to make voting harder for ordinary people, especially people of color. With gerrymandering they create oddly shaped districts that have majorities of their voters so they can hold their seats. They literally select their voters instead of having voters in general select them.

The statistics are clear for congressional seats, Democrats amass millions more votes from the general population in their representation than the Republicans. Because each State gets 2 Senators, sparsely populated Red States are able to have more representation in the Senate with fewer people voting for them than Democrats who amass tens of millions more votes than their GOP counterparts. The system is designed to perpetuate minority White rule from rural areas over the majority population in densely populated regions. To paraphrase Animal Farm, all voters are equal, but some voters are more equal than others.

Now let me refresh you about the election totals for President in 2020. Keep in mind not a single shred of validated, proven, hard facts have been presented before a Judge or election canvasing board to prove widespread substantive fraud that would alter the results. Joe Biden recieved 81 million votes to Donald Trump’s 74 million. Because of the States he won, Biden amassed 306 Electoral College Votes, the same number Trump amassed against Hillary Clinton in 2016 by turning the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania Red by a grand total of 75,000 votes. Joe Biden turned those states back Blue by higher margins.

Trump, his attorneys and elected Republican officials publicly claim fraud, but haven’t presented anything but signed affidavits. A signed complaint isn’t proof. So it carries no weight unless you can show actual altered vote tallies, unaccounted for votes from unregistered voters, missing ballots, etc. They haven’t because they can’t because it didn’t happen. Biden won those states fair and square.

So Texas AG Paxton decided to take a case to the Supreme Court arguing that because Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania made it easy for their population to vote, the electoral college votes should be thrown out and the State legislatures should impose thier own electors favorable to Trump. SCOTUS said “no way Jose” and the case failed. Note, Trump, Paxton, the 126 Republican House Members and 17 other Attorneys General didn’t cite “fraud” they cited it was too easy for citizens to vote.

So the GOP is saying Trump has absolute power in the election, and has the authority to determine himself, (not the states) for how the elections should be held, who can vote and who must win. He and they are literally trying to take the choice of who is to be President away from the majority of American Citizens, and placing it in the hands of one Autocrat supported by a Party of insurrectionists using a fraction of angry White Supremacists threatening the lives of fellow American Citizens who won’t vote for Trump.

That my friends is clear autocracy at the cost of democracy. If there was fraud, Trump could make a case to overturn the results. However no fraud exists so he can’t. So now he’s trying to make a case that only HIS people can determine who will be President. However his people our outnumbered by over 7 million who say otherwise. So how is that democracy?

Democracy says Biden won fair and square. Those who support Biden are supporting the democratic process. Those who continue to support, fight for, cheat for, manipulate for, kill for Donald Trump are supporting autocracy. That isn’t what this country was founded for or stands for. Support for Trump is shameful, un American and autocratic.