Maier’s Law and Right Wing Theory

In the American Psychologist, Vol 15(3) March 1960, N. R. Maier stated “If the facts do not conform to the theory, they must be disposed of.” This was a rather cynical statement he made reference psychologists and other scientists placing their theories over the evidence achieved during the research. 

“With Maier’s law ‘the theory supersedes the fact. It is the fact that must conform; and it is the theory that we must strive to nurture, develop, and abstract… . The method of how psychologists as scientists dispose of facts is of special interest. One of the most common is to give the facts a new name. In this way they are given a special compartment and therefore cease to infringe on the privacy of the theory… . Giving disturbing facts a name is almost as good as explaining them because a name supplies a useful answer to inquisitive people.” Other ways of disposing of facts are omitting them in reference books, and “the most efficient method… that of failing to report them… . Perhaps rats should be taught the theory they are to follow… . Any theory that cannot be quantified is inadequate, even if it works.’ 

The law is in full practice today when you examine the theories and rhetoric of the foremost views from the right-wing. Whether it be Climate Change, Gun Violence, Economics, Political Theory, History, it appears Maier’s Law applies to all that is Right-Wing conservative thinking:

Despite overwhelming evidence that trickledown economics doesn’t work the right-wing continues to deny the numbers and history. They discount the increasing wealth disparity between the 1% and 99% and the stagnate income that permeate our economy since its implementation over thirty years ago and hold to the theory that giving more to the wealthiest trickles down to the rest. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that higher minimum wages stimulate economic growth by providing more disposable income to those who will spend the case, the right-wing continues to hold to the disproven theory that higher minimum wages results in overall job losses. 

Despite overwhelming climate science that shows our climate is changing, weather patterns are being altered by increasing global temperatures leading to changing ocean and jet stream currents, they hold to the theory that the entire science is a hoax. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that coal and fossil fuels contribute to climate change and investments in clean, renewable energy actually creates jobs they hold to the theory that perpetuating clean energy production will kill jobs and harm the economy. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that more guns lead to more preventable gun deaths, that having a gun in the home increases the likelihood of being killed by that gun, they hold to the theory that more guns lead to less crime and safer streets and homes. 

Despite overwhelming evidence that there is no voter fraud that can impact an election they hold to the theory that voter fraud is rampant and access to voting must be made more difficult, especially to those who are minorities. 

What right-wing theory has in common is that what they hold to be true, despite lack of any substantial evidence to back it up, usually fills the coffers of Corporations and the 1%: 

Tax policies that divert more money to the wealthiest keeps them getting richer. 

Laws that prevent increases in the minimum wages keeps labor costs lower and increases the profit margins of the business owners. 

Calling Climate Change a hoax and discounting the positive impact of developing renewable energy sources keeps the established fossil fuel industry in control of nations and the world with their lock on energy production. 

Denying the facts that more guns lead to more death, adding the false unsubstantiated claim (not supported by any facts) that government is out to take all your guns away, spurs a panicked group to go out and buy more and more guns increasing the profit margins of the gun manufacturers. 

Holding to a theory that voter fraud is rampant reduces the ability of the public to vote their voice in sufficient numbers to be heard and properly be represented in the houses of government resulting in the money interests maintaining more control of government to enact laws and policies that increase their profit margins. 

As always follow the money to find the truth. No theory hold true if while trying to determine its validity you find that the facts don’t support the theory in question. That is a fundamental basis of true science and life in general. If the facts don’t support your theory, you need to amend and change your theory, not discount and throw of the facts. 

The theory of right-wing politics imposed on the people is not supported by the facts. Those who refuse to adjust their theories instead discount the facts. That is the failure of right-wing governance and the rest of us suffer due to our inability and/or failure to demand the facts be heard and given proper credence before a faulty theory creates even more damage.