There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vacuous as space and as endless as eternity. It is the far right ground between truth and lies, between science and religious ideology, and it lies to the right between the pit of man’s fear and the summit of his knowledge. This is a dimension of dire consequences. It is an area which we call “The Romney Zone.”

Submitted for your consideration, despite the long history of documented and verified flip flopping on the key issues of the day, despite the obvious pandering for support while lacking any true core convictions to anything outside his egocentric view of reality, the people of the United States elected Willard Mitt Romney President of the United States on November 6, 2012, as well as a Republican Senate and House, despite key Tea Party support for misogynistic policies, and unraveling of generations of the social safety net. What was the result of this choice?

Mitt was frustrated on the first day of his administration. Despite telling the people what he would do, he came to realize that everything actually took legislative acts from Congress first before he could actually do anything of significance. No one explained to him that he couldn’t repeal anything on his own as president. Though he was fortunate to have both a Republican House and Senate, the Democrats tried to block their signature legislations to repeal the Affordable Health Act, Dodd-Frank, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. But with the new rules Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell implemented eliminating the filibuster; all of these acts were passed within weeks and were signed by President Romney.

The one thing he was able to do on “day one” was to declare China a “Currency Manipulator” which resulted in China suing the United States in the World Trade Organization for violations of regulations imposed for all members. The WTO ruled in favor of China and sanctioned the United States. However, it didn’t matter. Per the declaration, a 40% tariff was placed on Chinese goods coming to the United States. As a result, Wal-Mart had to increase the prices of almost everything they sold by 10 to 15 percent. The Chinese retaliated by placing a 40% tariff on U.S. goods being exported there. As a result, they stopped purchasing the cars Detroit was manufacturing and the Auto Industry began to go bankrupt.

Since the automobile sensors built by Sensata were now manufactured in China, as well as other key parts, the cost of vehicles assembled in the United States sky-rocketed. People purchased from Japanese, Korean and German automobile manufacturers. Millions of jobs in the mid-west were lost as the result of the complete failure and bankruptcy of our domestic automobile industry. Banks did not offer funding for a structured bankruptcy because their resources were frozen due to the risky trade deals that would have been prevented by Dodd-Frank. The government wouldn’t bail the industry out either. As Mitt demanded earlier, Detroit finally did go bankrupt. Not only the auto industry, but the City, State and region that were all depended on the auto industry.

Social Security was finally privatized and the $3 trillion in the trust fund went to Wall Street speculators, who quickly gambled most of it away (again thanks to repeal of Dodd-Frank). When the depression hit, following the collapse of the banking and automobile industry, the safety net for seniors to keep them from falling into poverty was gone. Sure enough, the seniors and disabled went into poverty. There was no government assistance available to aid them and their families were too financially strapped to support even themselves. Further, the vouchers provided for the elderly under the Ryan plan were insufficient to cover medical costs. With the elimination of Medicaid funding, senior nursing homes all went under. Many seniors ended up living with their children or on the streets. They didn’t have to live on the streets for long; because their mortality rate sky-rocketed due to lack of access to healthcare.

Wounded veterans returning from the Syrian and Iranian wars came home to find that again, under the Ryan plan, the Veteran’s Administration had been privatized and they could no longer afford healthcare that was once guaranteed by the government. Further, the veteran’s job bills had all been repealed and signed by President Romney so he could remind everyone of his famous boast at the end of the third debate “Government doesn’t create jobs.”

He went further by cutting all federal government subsidies to fund teachers and first responders around the country. States, bound by balanced budget amendments and unwillingness in their Republican Control Legislatures to raise taxes to fund these positions resulted in them all being terminated. With the loss of public sector employment and the depression brought on by the failure of the Auto Industry and banking failure, unemployment in the country rose to well over 40%, as it was during the Great Depression. However this time, the federal government was not going to borrow to fund recovery acts. Besides, China stopped buying our bonds after we declared them a “currency manipulator.”

To balance the budget while raising military spending and giving the upper 5% a 20% tax cut, on top of what they already had from the now permanent Bush tax cuts, the middle-class (what was left of them) and the working poor lost all of their tax deductions. Personal and family member deductions, charitable contributions and mortgages were eliminated. Capital Gains were slashed to zero as Romney promised and the upper 5% ended up with average federal income taxes of less than 10% while everyone else had their effective tax rates rise to over 50% to cover them. Further, programs like unemployment, food stamps, free health clinics, road maintenance, and infrastructure were all cut, along with the jobs they funded.

The birth rate skyrocketed under the Romney Administration. This occurred because abortion was outlawed following the installation of two more Supreme Court Justices selected by Romney upon advice from Robert Bork, and the subsequent overturning of Roe v Wade. Access to birth control was also eliminated. As the birth rate sky-rocketed, so did infant mortality. Problem was with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid and defunding of Planned Parenthood no one could afford prenatal and postnatal care. Infant mortality not seen in this country since the 19th century came back.

The illegal immigration problem was finally resolved. Undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central and South America stopped crossing the border looking for jobs. Because there weren’t any. However, Canada and Mexico beefed up their border security to keep undocumented Americans from flooding their countries looking for jobs, healthcare and food.

The Keystone Pipeline was finally built. However, due to the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency and federal safety inspectors at the demand of the Koch Brothers, the pipeline constantly leaked the oil meant for China and India from Canada, into the Ogallala Aquifer, which watered almost the entirety of the plain states and our crops.

With the drought conditions brought on by the hoax of climate change and now lack of water from the aquifer, our crops failed and for the first time we became dependant on other nations for grain. We approached Russia, but as our most notorious geo-political foe, they were unwilling to sell grain without major concessions to them. India and China sued the United States for not delivering the oil promised them and Canada sued us for not properly maintaining their oil pipeline, using provisions in NAFTA.

With the crop failure due to drought and poisoned water in the Ogallala Aquifer, cattle began to die off too. Starvation and famine unheard of hit the North American continent. President Romney did make a request for foreign aid disaster relief. However, he requests were rejected becasue he maintained a military presence in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Iraq. He placed troops back there on demand of his PNAC advisers. Further, upon leaving the United Nations and NATO, again on advice of the PNAC advisers, the United States had few international options available to them. We were also removed from the World Trade Organization for failure to abide by their rules.

Although Mitt Romney agreed with President Obama on almost every topic of foreign policy during that third debate, the fact remained that he always intended to leave foreign policy up to the NeoCon and PNAC folks who advised Bush during his administration and he did. As a result, the United States was isolated from the rest of the world. However, the world was also in the midst of the new Great Depression following the collapse of the U.S. economy and international trade wars that ensued following Romney’s failure to recognize that it was a global economy, not an America rules economy.

Because voter suppression laws were enacted and given force of federal laws, Romney actually won a second term as president. Only certain people were allowed to cast ballots and Romney and the Republicans had control over those people. So in the end, democracy died in the United States, and war loomed ever nearer because Mitt and the Republicans wouldn’t work in the international arena. Meanwhile, our people starved and died due to lack of the social safety net every ethical and Christian society requires.

However, there was a silver lining in Mitt’s administration, wealth disparity grew exponentially. The upper 5% went from controlling 40% of the national wealth to over 60% while their contribution in federal taxes went from 40% to less than 20%. For the few corporations that survived the Depression, profit margins increased with the elimination of minimum wage laws, repeal of Lilly Ledbetter, deregulation of workplace safety, elimination of OSHA, FDA and the EPA, and tort reform that eliminated victims of these corporations from being able to sue for damages. It was an Ayn Rand Oligarch paradise. Income redistribution upwards was never better. The $3 trillion taken from the Social Security Trust Fund was thoroughly enjoyed by those in the 1% who never had it better. Not only was it proven that corporations are people, deserving of equal rights, they became the only people and some were far more equal than others.


It was a majority of middle and working class people who elected Mitt Romney President on November 6th, 2012 because they thought the richest deserved the most and it would all trickle down to them. It hadn’t worked in over 30 years so it was due to happen. Sadly, it was those who voted against their better interests for Mitt Romney and the Republicans that suffered the most. They created heaven for the wealthiest that in turn, created hell for them. This is Republican Utopia in…. “The Romney Zone.”

This was of course an exaggerated story of a Romney Presidency. However, much of what is portrayed here follows what Mitt is on record wanting to do. Some of this could very well happen if he were to be elected. A check of his history, his taped statements, his failure as governor of Massachusetts with his 800 vetoes (over 740 overridden) his dependence on the most extreme right elements of his party and the billionaires who fund him makes him a very dangerous man to be allowed to sit in the oval office.

Mitt is a panderer to low information voters while being weak willed and beholden to his financial supporters and fellow 1 percenters. The moderate centrist man he portrayed himself to be during the debates was a lie, as all the fact checkers have verified. As noted above, one has only to read up on his governorship to see what kind of president he would be.

Since Bush left office and the mess he created, every key indicator has shown than the country has been on the right path. It is moving slow, but what can you expect after four years of blatant Republican obstruction. Common sense applies. Mitt will bring back the Bush policies with a vengeance. 2008 would be looked back as just a bump in the road if Mitt Romney is allowed to not only control our government and economics, but our foreign policy too. The recovery is fragile; don’t let a maniacal candidate and party destroy what progress has been done.

Mitt Romney’s true positions about what he wants to do as President that will harm the nation: