Perhaps the most compelling case for 2nd Amendment Rights that the NRA and other gun ownership proponents make is their interpretation that the founders gave us the 2nd as the means for the people to hold government in check. They see it as the only way to ensure a “Tyrant” doesn’t take hold of government, imposing his or hers will on the people and abolish their rights and freedoms. Now those of you who have read this blog and my Twitter feed know that I do not ascribe to this interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. In fact I am of the belief that the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Constitution with the provisional clause “A well regulated militia being necessary to the securing of a free State” as a means of protection for the government via a militia. These militias are known today as The National Guard. However, just for the sake of argument, let’s give the gun advocates their due and let’s consider if they are right in this interpretation.

How does a government and/or government official expose himself as being tyrannical? It would seem to me that such a government in this nation would do so first by after winning an election, changing laws to take rights away from their citizens and blocking Court actions to interfere or rein them in. Further, to avoid their acts from being thwarted or overturned at the ballot box, they would do all that they can to moot the power of the ballot box. They would make it difficult for people to even vote. Further, they would impose acts making the voice of the people at the ballot box moot, unimportant and powerless. We know of the voter suppression laws enacted and passed throughout the nation specifically designed to keep certain people of certain races or political ideation easy access to the ballot box to express their vision of how the State or country should go. What has been getting almost no coverage in the media has been what’s been happening in Michigan under Governor Rick Snyder who’s twitter handle is “@onetoughnerd”.

It is known as the Michigan Emergency Manager Law:

This law actually dates back to before Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm, who used it to deal with financially failing government institutions in Michigan. She rarely used it and only one time that she did, was it successful in getting the financial affairs in order and the State government moved on leaving things to the local constituents to proceed.

When the Republicans and Rick Snyder took control of Michigan, they enhanced this law and placed it on steroids. He began removing the elected mayors and city councils in towns and cities of Michigan that “He” determined were in financial straits. They were removed from power despite the continued support of the people who elected them to office. Property was seized, assets sold off and the people were ignored. The people of Michigan were so uninspired by how this act was being misused by the Snyder government, they overturned it in November 2012. However, Snyder and his Republicans simply re-enacted it in such a way that neither the people nor the Courts could overturn it again. The will of the people be damned, Governor Snyder will be heard and will be obeyed. How is this not tyrannical?

Rachel Maddow has been the only person reporting on this in Michigan on mainstream media.

The law is stronger than ever before. Keep in mind that whoever Rick Snyder has placed as the Emergency Manager, has complete control of the city. No checks and balances, no oversight by a representative group of citizens. As this latest link from the Maddow show shows, by using the Emergency Manager Law, Snyder has now taken over Michigan’s largest city, Detroit and in doing so, the votes of half of Michigan’s black  voters have had their votes mooted:

So back to my original point.

The NRA says that the founders gave us the 2nd Amendment to fight back tyrants and ensure the rights and freedom of the people shall not be infringed. There is no way any of what Rick Snyder and his Republican Legislature cannot be called tyrants by their acts.

Where are the NRA and the freedom loving GOP in fighting this tyrannical control of cities and towns in Michigan?

What if those who are under the heel of the Michigan Tyrant’s dictatorial rule were to raise arms against the emergency manager? You know they would rightly and legally be hunted down by the National Guard and imprisoned for their acts with the Republicans and NRA cheering them all the way.

So perhaps gun ownership can’t stop tyranny and keep it from growing.

The founders saw the ballot box as the solution to bad governors, legislators and Presidents, but the Tyrant Rick Snyder has mooted the votes of those who oppose him. So what is the answer? Not the Michigan Courts, Snyder and his GOP have mooted their oversight in this matter also.

This is where the Federal Government must intervene for our fellow citizens in Michigan who are under the heel of a tyrant. Snyder should be called to Washington to explain himself. Michigan is a state where Title 5 of the Voting Rights act should be extended to since it’s clear that half the black voters in Michigan have now lost their voice. American rights and freedoms are being infringed upon in Michigan. Where is the righteous outcry from the NRA, the GOP, and the Democratic Party? You allow any group of Americans to be denied their rights as citizens; you set the stage for more to suffer the same fate.

This is where Eric Holder and President Obama should bring the country’s attention to as what tyranny truly looks like in this nation. And as always, let the people decide who is on the right side of history in this matter.

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