Charging the National Rifle Association with Treason Against the United States

Considering the rhetoric that came out of the recent NRA convention in Houston, coupled with the inflammatory comments from members of their leadership and supporters, many speculate whether a charge of Treason can be made against the NRA when they insinuate a call for an armed response to the “tyranny” of the United States Government. And of course when they say United States Government, they actually mean President Barack Obama. Mind you, not the actual President Obama, but the caricature they made up about him from whole cloth.

So what does it take to be charged with Treason in this country?

Article 3, Section 3 of the United States Constitution states “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving aid and comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” This act is currently codified in 18 USC Chapter 15 – Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities revised January 3, 2012. And by the way, the penalty for Treason, Sedition and Subversive Acts can be anything from five years in a Federal Prison up to death.

Despite the boisterous cries that came from those people; to date, no actual war has been declared or executed against the United States, nor have they aided and comforted any group within the United States. At least not formally. Although we are still at War in Afghanistan and with the “Terrorists”, other than the NRA opposing any law that would make it difficult for terrorists to purchase weapons of war in this nation, very little can be proven in Court to show they willingly and knowingly are aiding and comforting our enemies who wage war against us. They are only aiding the gun and ammunition manufacturers who continue to profit from selling, unopposed and uninfringed, weapons and ammunition to terrorists, convicted criminals and the mentally ill. They do aide the gun runners who could possibly be charged at this time, but it would be a stretch to charge the NRA with Treason, at this point in time.

Now an actual call to War against the United States Government in an armed uprising would cross the line and could be construed as Treason. The best example would be the firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina on April 12, 1861, ushering in the Civil War by the Confederates. Sorry Jim Porter, the “War of Northern Aggression” actually began with Southern Treason and firing the first shots. But I digress.


This is not to say that if the rhetoric and apparent game plan of the NRA was to come to fruition, which a case of Treason couldn’t be made against their leadership. It is more and more apparent that a club once founded on the principals of safe gun ownership and hunting rights is morphing into a Paramilitary force with the aim of having armed civilians firing upon US military and police in an armed resistance to what they childishly cause “Tyranny.” Should they formally or even informally gather with that in mind and go so far as to fire upon the government of the United States, that would be as treasonous as those first shots of the Civil War Mr. Porter.

The NRA continues to say that the Second Amendment is there to keep the government honest and beholding to the people of the United States. This is of course pure bullshit. They continue to leave out reference to the conditional clause of “A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to security of a free state…” or the Militia Act of 1792, or the Federalist Papers and letters from Jefferson that clearly state that the Second Amendment was there as a way to prevent this country from having a standing army.

Further, it exists to make sure the nation had a well regulated Militia for the defense of the Nation and her government as demonstrated when President George Washington used the Militia Act of 1792, which supplemented the Second Amendment, to call out the State Militia to put down the armed Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.


This was a founder, using the Constitution and laws written and enacted by fellow founders to protect the Government of the United States against an armed insurrection against the “tyrannical” government of the United States over taxes. Sound familiar?

Further, they leave out what is cited at the beginning of this rant, Article 3, Section 3 that defines “Treason” against the United States. You can’t outlaw Treason in the Constitution then give the people the tools to commit treason in the same Constitution. At least you can’t do it from a logical perspective and logic is something those who follow the rantings of the NRA propagandists sorely lack. But the NRA caters to idiots and fools and this country is full of them.

You walk a very dangerous line when you use false arguments, lies, and misrepresentations to an angry, not very well educated group of armed paranoid nuts who are very capable of being led to slaughter by taking up arms against the United States.

We have record number of Paramilitary militias formed in this country; we have nuts looking for any kind of validation that it’s perfectly reasonable or mandated that they shoot up representatives of our government, or our military or our police. They look for an excuse and the NRA is working to provide them with that excuse. The results? We already had Oklahoma City due to this sort of talk. How many innocent men women and children died due to inflammatory rhetoric from idiots from the right saying government is tyrannical?


The new President of the NRA Jim Porter, the ever paranoid and idiotic Wayne LaPierre, and other NRA board member nut jobs like Ted Nugent like to talk tough. It makes them feel powerful and gives them an audience willing to listen. Problem is, that audience is full of angry violent and inhumane assholes waiting for any excuse to cause harm. If the NRA leadership continues with this rhetoric to maintain gun sales for gun and ammo manufacturers and it leads to any attack against any representative of the United States Government or military or Police, then the full weight of 18 USC Chapter 15 should be prosecuted upon the board of the NRA and they should all hang together like the Patriots they pretend to be. In reality, they’re cowardly corporate shills playing a con game on the dumbest people we have, but you already know that.

The U.S. Government is Constipated with GOP Obstruction


There are over 300 million Americans in this nation that also happens to be the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. It’s only logical to assume that such a large and powerful nation, a nation that boasts about being the beacon of freedom and self-governance would have a government large enough to support “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Our representative Republic depends on our representatives doing their job to ensure the borders are secured, our military is strong, our intelligence apparatus is working, our food is safe, our air and water is clean, our infrastructure is in good order, our Courts, law enforcement and first responders are well staffed and funded, our elderly, poor and indigent people are cared for and protected, our economy and consumer base is vibrant. These things are necessary and we need not only a big government to ensure all of the above and more, it must be a working, unobstructed government free from purposeful constipation. Obstruction inflicted to block up the works in order to make one man and one party look weak and incompetent.

That has been the mission of the Republican Party since inauguration day in 2009. Worse yet, despite the President winning a second term with a huge mandate from the majority of the nation, this same Republican Party continues to openly and maliciously obstruct the workings of this nation. Such acts only harm Americans for petty political aims. A case can be made that this is at minimum malfeasance, at worse treason.

We are a violent nation with the highest gun violence rate in the world, yet the Republicans block the appointment to lead the ATF and laws to deal with the gun violence that plagues the nation. They also block appointments to the Federal Courts to handle the log jam of criminal and civil cases. Although the NRA says we have too many gun laws that go unenforced, they neglect to mention that due to their lobbying of Congress, funding to enforce those very same gun laws is almost non-existent. Though millions are in poverty and are starving, the Republicans not only refuse to address simple fixes to the sequester to fund safety net programs such as meals on wheels, they instead fund the manufacturing of Abrams tanks that the military doesn’t want or need. Though people are dying due to lack of funding for chemotherapy for cancer that was cut due to the sequester, the Congress instead quickly changes the law to fund the FAA so that Congressmen and wealthy won’t have to wait in long lines at the airport to go home, even though they were warned months ago that the cuts to the FAA and the consequences and had plenty of time to head off these problems by simply working with the President and Democrats.

We send representatives to Washington D.C. to work, to do the people’s business. Not obstruct and spend more time in the Green Room for Sunday talk shows whining about how nothing is getting done in D.C. If they actually worked, things would get done. It’s like the arsonist complaining about how bad the fire has gotten.

90 percent of the nation wants gun control legislation, but the Republicans block it.

The majority of the nation wants jobs, but the Republicans block the jobs legislation.

The majority of the nation want infrastructure repair, but the Republicans block legislation and funding.

Rather than working on the issues the nation wants, they focus on repealing ObamaCare, restricting women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, outlaw same sex marriage, tear down the wall separating Church and State, things the majority of Americans do not want them wasting time on.

If the majority of the nation wants it, they’ll block it. If the majority of the nation doesn’t want it, they’ll push for it.

And the only reason this is so, is because there is a black Democratic President in the White House serving out the remainder of his term.

Senator Toomey came clean about the fact that the Senate has been told, any progress made by this Congress would only serve to make the President look good, so they can’t progress on anything despite the harm caused the nation.

God forbid the nation does well under the President the majority of the nation voted for. The Republicans who lost will punish Obama and the nation for her choice.

You cannot clear an obstruction by just sitting back and doing nothing. It takes some sort of action. My suggestion, send a message to your Senator and your Member of Congress who will not do the people’s business that they were sent to do.

Since they insist on obstructing the people’s business, send them a box of Ex-lax with a letter of instruction to use it to free up their obstruction of government. This symbolic act just might let them know we have had enough of them and that if the Ex-Lax doesn’t work, we can use a 2014 enema to clear the system of this solid piece of Republican shit obstructing our progress.

Here are some of the most constipated members on Capitol Hill, you can see it in their faces:

Lindseyrand_paul_rectmitch-mcconnell-09081-1Ted Cruz