What If ObamaCare was Repealed?

During the August recess, Republican members of Congress will be holding Town Hall meetings to galvanize their constituents to send them back to Congress to repeal ObamaCare. This will be reminiscent of the 2010 Town Hall Meetings that used astro-turf Tea Party rallies to get media attention to keep ObamaCare from passing. It failed of course. Since then, even though a conservative Supreme Court has ruled the Affordable Care Act as Constitutional, the House has voted 37 times to repeal it. Considering the Senate will never take this measure up and even if they did, the President would veto it, the Republicans continue. They hope to get media coverage for this like they did in 2010. Not to repeal ObamaCare, but maybe to sour people from voting in the Midterms, like they failed to show up in 2010.

However, if they are going to hold Town Hall Meetings about the need to repeal ObamaCare, maybe we all should show up and have them explain the consequences to the American People if it is repealed and how this would be better for all Americans.

If the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is repealed, the following would occur:

  • Lifetime limits of healthcare coverage will be reinstated
  • You can be denied coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
  • Insurance Companies, who are now required to spend 80% of premiums exclusively on providing healthcare, will again be able to spend more on CEO bonuses, perks and non-healthcare related expenditures
  • Coverage can again be rescinded after claims are made without notice or appeal
  • Millions of Americans who have recently received healthcare coverage will lose it
  • State Governments will lose billions of dollars meant to supplement Medicaid expansion for their indigent population
  • Healthcare costs will rise as more uninsured people go to emergency rooms for care, with the costs being sent out to those who have insurance and tax-payers to compensate for
  • Children who are now covered from age 19 through 26 on their parents’ coverage will lose coverage
  • Insurance company “Death Panels” (for lack of a better term) will deny services to covered patients who are current with their premiums, for any technical reasons they can find to avoid paying out and the patient will have no recourse to appeal
  • Coverage for testing to prevent onset of more serious conditions will be cut
  • Profits for the CEO’s, Board of Directors and shareholders will increase while premiums for insurance plans increase and coverage decrease (as it was prior to ObamaCare going into effect)
  • Medicare expenditures for wasteful “Medicare Plus” plans being reinstated, reducing the lifetime solvency of Medicare.
  • Prenatal care programs will be cut
  • Women’s healthcare costs will increase over that of men’s coverage
  • Mental Health parity coverage will be eliminated
  • Millions more will lose healthcare benefits as health insurance costs increase beyond their ability to pay
  • Bankruptcy rates resulting from catastrophic medical healthcare costs will return

This list is not complete. The Republicans want to repeal the entire program and they do not have anything to replace it with. As a result, all of the above and more will be bestowed on the entire nation if ObamaCare is repealed. Bring these bullet points to the GOP Town Hall meetings, plus any others you may have and demand the Congressional Representative explain how this will be avoided.

Speak loudly though, angry Tea baggers will be there again to try to drown you out.