The GOP’s Only Hope is a Radical Assectomy

assectomyAfter 2008, the Republican Party noticed a small but growing painful lump in the in their body politics. Several theories were proffered regarding where it came from. Some suspected a long time unhealthy diet of Oligarchy. Others thought it came from environmental issues of racism, misogyny and homophobia. Regardless the lump was growing and was becoming more painful to withstand. Tea Partyitus fed from the money supply the body politics enjoyed from corporate donors like the Koch brothers. Keep in mind that the money that was infused by the Koch’s was tainted with Libertarian and John Birch Society viruses that weren’t properly screened out. This is what most likely caused the lump to grow.

In 2009 the lump grew into a malignant mass. It began to consume the body politics. As it grew, it sapped the nutrients needed by the healthy part of the body politics, causing them to die off and being consumed by the malignancy. By 2010 the Republican Party body politics began to openly show itself to be diseased and deformed. The mental state was soon infected. The party would ramble in incoherent delusional rants lacking any grounding in reality. The mass had gone to the brain of the body politics. The party knew something was wrong. After suffering loss of strength in 2012, they sought out help from experts. They accepted that they weren’t well and perhaps a change in lifestyle was in order. The party considered allowing a more complete diet of viewpoints and tolerance in that would help bring back their strength. Sadly as the mind continued to wither from Tea Partyitus, the party continued to only ingest the nutrients they already knew were bad for them; anger, bigotry, racism, misogyny, homophobia, intolerance. All of this only caused the cancer to grow even more, consuming what little good was left in the body politics to the point of where we are today.

The Republican Party has been a part of the American Family since just before the 1860’s. It was a valued member of the Family, assisting in our growth as a powerful nation, culture, and economic power. It hasn’t been too well since after the 1930’s, but would rally from time to time and helped the nation. However, today it is stricken and may die unless drastic measures are taken.

If the party wants to survive for another generation, it must make a radical cosmetic change to it’s deformed body politics. It must undergo a complete Assectomy by 2014. It must cut out all of the malignancy. To ensure it’s all gone, it may have to remove what few clean cells exist around the malignancy. This can be done by removing all GOP politicians in all elected offices. By doing so, the nutrients the Tea Party Malignancy has been sustaining itself on will be cut and what’s left of the tumor will wither and die. Hopefully more healthy cells will begin to take hold again. This could result in the nation beginning to mend it’s wounds and move forward. The thing is, the Republicans must make this choice themselves and act upon it without delay, otherwise they will die like their ancestors, the Whigs.

This is one disease where it’s best to give money and support to others to build their strength and avoid being infected themselves.  The Tea Party is a malignant cancer of intellectually lazy, angry bigots that destroy everything it comes in contact with. Like all cancers, you can’t begin to heal until it’s completely removed.

For a stronger, healthier nation, we all must register and vote in all elections, local and national in 2014. The country’s health depends on it.

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