Stooges 2.0, A Tribute to Steve, Michele and Louie

3StoogesThere’s no getting past the fact that today we remember what happened twelve years ago. Over the past dozen years the issues leading up to the attacks have been researched and debated as well as the aftermath. Although not everyone agrees to every theory or explanation of what happened before and what has happened since, there are some things that are beyond dispute. Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda, organized a terrorist attack on the soil of the United States. The hijackers were mostly Saudi Arabian as was bin Laden. They planned this over the course of years as a follow up to a similar attack on the Twin Towers during the Clinton Administration. On August 6, 2001 President Bush was given a “Presidential Daily Briefing” entitled “bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States.” Various intelligence sources had the pieces, but failed to put them together. They carried out the attack and were successful in killing over 3,000 innocent people to include Americans, Europeans, Christians, Jews, Atheists, and Muslims. The majority of the world was outraged at this attack, one group in Egypt known as the “Muslim Brotherhood” was among the first to condemn the attack. Since then, due to the poor decisions of the Bush Cheney Administration and their NeoCon and PNAC advisors, world sympathy turned against us, and we are now over $3 trillion more in debt, Iran is more powerful, the Middle East is actually in many ways more unstable than before 9-11, we’ve given up many of our freedoms by accepting the provisions of the Patriot Act, and far more Americans have died in a poorly conceived and unnecessary war than were killed on that single day. It took another President to initiate a daring assault to kill the one man who orchestrated the attack and it was done quickly, cleanly and no Americans died.

Leading up to this anniversary three of our most “interesting” Members of Congress (Steve King, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert) went to Egypt to expressed their support for the Egyptian Coup that took place and cited how the Egyptian people and the American people share the same enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, who Michele Bachmann implied were responsible for 9-11. She appears to be oblivious to the facts that the Brotherhood has never been associated with al Qaeda and was among the first to condemn the attack. Wonkette posted a very good piece on this issue today:

And here is their statement:

Sad how a member of the House Intelligence Committee would be so oblivious to reality. When I saw the video, the image caused me to think of other Stooges who made their name by quite simply being Stooges. These three do a lot together; the three seem to always be on the same page on every issue. All three are heroes of the Tea Party, All three are famous for idiotic statements, all three have made bigoted statements oblivious to their audience, and all three are Stooges. When I saw this I thought of doing this post and looked for a photo to demonstrate the obvious nature of these three. I was surprised to see that no one has thought to do this before. Fortunately I was able to approach my talented friend @Ziletrezo and asked him to create the picture above. A picture after all is worth a thousand word salad.

Who are these Stooges?

Steve (Larry Fine) King is from Iowa. He’s famous for supporting dog fighting, saying that it’s legal for a pedophile to impregnate a girl, kidnap her and take her across state lines for an abortion and bring her back.

Louie (Curley) Gohmert is from Texas. He’s famous for warning Americans of Muslim “Terror Babies” being brought to our shores and given American Citizenship. He, like his fellow Stooges are convinced that ObamaCare is a threat to national security and freedom and will force the government of the United States to be shut down in order to stop it. They will all destroy America to save America from getting affordable Healthcare.

Finally, Michele (Moe) Bachmann. What more can anyone say about her. She speaks at every opportunity to explain how there are Communists, or Muslim Brotherhood, or Satan Worshippers, or Space Aliens, whatever her current fancy may be in the halls of Government in Washington DC. Whereas Sarah Palin speaks in Word Salad, Michele speaks in Chef Word Salad. She ran for President and as a result of that undertaking is now facing Federal Campaign Finance Fraud Allegations from the Department of Justice. She’s decided to not run again, but this has nothing to do with that investigation that could easily result in her imprisonment. She says so, why doubt her. She’s also very anti homosexual, along with her closeted homosexual husband Marcus. She’s opposed to government handouts, despite owing her millions in revenue to government handouts via Farm subsidies, her government paycheck as a former IRS attorney and now Congresswoman, and funding for running her “pray the gay away” clinics with Marcus.

In fact all three of these Stooges are millionaires from money they have received from State and Federal Tax Payers. But they oppose anyone else getting any money and oppose anyone above the middle-class ever having to pay any taxes to support their lifestyles.

They say that humans tend to seek out and associate with their own kind. This is true. I’ve found that the more insecure you are, the more unable you are to express your stated positions to others who may disagree, the more extreme you are in your beliefs, morals and lacking in intellect, the more you congregate with your own kind. Steve, Michele and Louie can always be seen together because they are all so much alike. They are adored by the Tea Party fanatics because like these Stooges, they also are extreme in their views and unable to express their beliefs in an intelligent manner to the majority of the rest of the nation.

The original three Stooges were in my humble opinion endearing, lovable and funny because they played the role of Stooge for laughs. These new Stooges are scary and dangerous because they are truly idiots and with their limited power in government, place us all in peril.

Only you can get people like this out of office by voting.