A Vote To Never Forget

There have been numerous votes in the Senate and House over the years that have impacted or could have had the impact to seriously effect the health of this nation.

On October 16th, 2013 H.R. 2775 which was a Continuing Resolution to reopen the United States Government and raise the debt ceiling was before both chambers of Congress. The U.S. Government had been shut down for 16 days costing the economy by conservative estimates $24 billion dollars. This was on top of the $700 billion already lost to our economy due to the Tea Party sponsored and supported sequester and austerity cuts to federal spending at time of a recession and anemic recovery.

All economists were agreed as to what was at stake for this vote. Pass it, government would reopen, the debt ceiling would be extended until February 2014 and both chambers of Congress would finally meet in conference to hash out a long overdue long term budget.

To not pass the CR would result in certain destruction of the United States and world economies. The Stock Market would crash, interest rates for all loans would increase for all people, businesses and governments and the credit rating of the United States would be downgraded again, possibly even worse than in 2011, during the last threaten credit default.

These facts were indisputable unless you were an idiot or you wanted to cause irreparable harm to the nation, or both.

As it turned out 18 US Senators and 144 House members, all Republicans voted to keep our government shutdown and default on our debt.

They wanted to keep vital services defunded; parks and memorials closed and to make matters worse for Americans of all races, creeds and party affiliation. This showed that they hated the President and the Democratic Party more than they cared about the nation and people they claim they love and want to serve.

These Senators and members of the House also voted to keep millions of dollars out of the hands of their constituencies, creating additional troubles for the impoverished, working class, veterans and elderly. They did no good service to those who elected them to office, apparently out of either fear of being primaried or pure hatred of the current administration.

This vote must be remembered because these people who voted to destroy our country on October 16, 2013 need to be voted out when their terms expire.

Below is the list and phone contact information for each Senator and Member of Congress who voted Nay to HR 2775. All are Republican. They cannot be forgiven and on November 4, 2014, all House members who voted no must not be allowed back in the House and if the Senator who voted no is up for re-election, they too must be denied another term.

Keep this list, keep it generating for as long as it takes to get all 18 Senators and 144 House members out of government.


Senator Jeff Sessions                  202-224-4124

Senator Richard Shelby               202-224-5744

Robert Aderholt                            202-225-4876

Mo Brooks                                    202-225-4801

Martha Roby                                202-225-2901

Mike Rogers                                 202-225-3261


Paul Gosar                                    202-225-2315

Matt Salmon                                  202-225-2635

David Schweikert                          202-225-2190

Trent Franks                                 202-225-4576


Doug LaMalfa                                202-225-3076

Tom McClintock                            202-225-2511

Jeff Denham                                  202-225-4540

Ed Royce                                       202-225-4111

John Campbell                               202-225-5611

Duncan Hunter                              202-225-5672

Dana Rohrabacher                        202-225-2415


Doug Lamborn                               202-225-4422


Senator Marco Rubio                    202-224-3041

Jeff Miller                                       202-225-4136

Steve Southerland                         202-225-5235

Ted Yoho                                       202-225-5744

Ron DeSantis                                 202-225-2706

John Mica                                       202-225-4035

Bill Posey                                        202-225-3671

Richard Nugent                              202-225-1002

Dennis Ross                                   202-225-1252

Tom Rooney                                   202-225-5792

Trey Radel                                      202-225-2536


Jack Kingston                                 202-225-5831

Lynn Westmoreland                       202-225-5901

Tom Price                                       202-225-4501

Robert Woodall                               202-225-4272

Austin Scott                                    202-225-6531

Doug Collins                                   202-225-9893

Paul Broun                                      202-225-4101

Phil Gingrey                                    202-225-2931

Tom Graves                                    202-225-5211


Senator Mike Crapo                       202-224-6142

Senator James Risch                     202-224-2752


Randy Hultgren                              202-225-2576


Jackie Walorski                              202-225-3915

Marlin Stutzman                             202-225-4436

Todd Rokita                                    202-225-5037

Larry Bucshon                                202-225-4636

Luke Messer                                  202-228-3021


Senator Chuck Grassley               202-224-3744

Steve King                                     202-225-4426


Senator Pat Roberts                     202-224-4774

Tim Huelskamp                             202-225-2715

Kevin Yoder                                  202-225-2865

Mike Pompeo                                202-225-6216


Senator Rand Paul                        202-224-4343

Thomas Massie                             202-225-3465

Andy Barr                                       202-225-4706


Senator David Vitter                      202-224-4623

Steve Scalise                                 202-225-3015

John Fleming                                 202-225-2777

William Cassidy                             202-225-3901


Andy Harris                                   202-225-5311


Bill Huizenga                                 202-225-4401

Justin Amash                                 202-225-3831

Tim Walberg                                  202-225-6276

Candice Miller                                202-225-2106

Kerry Bentivolio                             202-225-8171


Michele Bachmann                       202-225-2331


Alan Nunnelee                               202-225-4306

Steven Palazzo                              202-225-5772


Ann Wagner                                  202-225-1621

Blaine   Luetkemeyer                    202-225-2956

Vicki Hartzler                                 202-225-2876

Sam Graves                                  202-225-7041

Billy Long                                       202-225-6536

Jason Smith                                   202-225-4404


Senator Dean Heller                     202-224-6244

Mark Amodie                                 202-225-6155

New Jersey

Scott Garrett                                  202-225-4465

New Mexico

Steve Pearce                                 202-225-2365

New York

Tom Reed                                      202-225-3161

Chris Collins                                   202-225-5265

North Carolina

Renee Ellmers                               202-225-4531

Walter Jones                                  202-225-3415

Virginia Foxx                                  202-225-2071

Richard Hudson                             202-225-3715

George Holding                             202-225-3032

Mark Meadows                              202-225-6401


Steve Chabot                                202-225-2216

Brad Wenstrup                              202-225-3164

Jim Jordan                                    202-225-2676

Robert Latta                                  202-225-6405

Bill Johnson                                   202-225-5705

Bob Gibbs                                      202-225-6265

Michael Turner                               202-225-6465

Jim Renacci                                   202-225-3876


Senator Tom Coburn                    202-224-5754

Jim Bridenstine                             202-225-2211

Markwayne Mullin                         202-225-2701

Frank Lucas                                  202-225-5565

James Lankford                            202-225-2132


Greg Walden                                 202-225-6730


Senator Patrick Toomey                202-224-4254

Scott Perry                                     202-225-5836

Tom Marino                                   202-225-3731

Keith Rothfus                                 202-225-2065

Joseph Pitts                                    202-225-2411

South Carolina

Senator Tim Scott                          202-224-6121

Mark Sanford                                 202-225-3176

Joe Wilson                                      202-225-2452

Jeff Duncan                                    202-225-5301

Trey Gowdy                                    202-225-6030

Mick Mulvaney                               202-225-5501

Tom Rice                                        202-225-9895

South Dakota

Kristi Noem                                     202-225-2801


John Duncan Jr                              202-225-5435

Chuck Fleischmann                        202-225-3271

Scott DesJarlais                              202-225-6831

Diane Black                                     202-225-4231

Marsha Blackburn                          202-225-2811

Stephen Fincher                             202-225-4714

Phil Roe                                          202-225-6356


Senator John Cornyn                     202-224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz                           202-224-5922

Louie Gohmert                               202-225-3035

Ted Poe                                          202-225-6565

Sam Johnson                                  202-225-4201

Ralph Hall                                       202-225-6673

Jeb Hensarling                               202-225-3484

Joe Barton                                      202-225-2002

John Culberson                              202-225-2571

Kevin Brady                                    202-225-4901

Michael McCaul                             202-225-2401

K. Michael Conaway                      202-225-3605

Kay Granger                                   202-225-5071

Mac Thornberry                             202-225-3706

Randy Weber                                 202-225-2831

Bill Flores                                        202-225-6105

Randy Neugebauer                        202-225-4005

Lamar Smith                                   202-225-4236

Pete Olson                                      202-225-5951

Kenny Marchant                             202-225-6605

Roger Williams                               202-225-9896

Michael Burgess                             202-225-7772

Blake Farenthold                            202-225-7742

John Carter                                     202-225-3864

Pete Sessions                                 202-225-2231

Steve Stockman                             202-225-1555


Senator Mike Lee                           202-224-5444

Rob Bishop                                     202-225-0453

Christ Stewart                                 202-225-9730

Jason Chaffetz                                202-225-7751


Randy Forbes                                 202-225-6365

Robert Hurt                                     202-225-4711

Bob Goodlatte                                202-225-5431

Morgan Griffith                               202-225-3861


Senator Ron Johnson                   202-224-5323

Paul Ryan                                      202-225-3031

F. James Sensebrenner                202-225-5101

Thomas Petri                                  202-225-2476

Sean Duffy                                      202-225-3365


Senator Mike Enzi                         202-224-3424

Cynthia Lummis                             202-225-2311