Where the Parties Stand on Key Issues

In preparation of the 2014 midterms, you not only need to be motivated, you of course need to know what you should be motivated about. You really need to know where the parties stand on the key issues facing us today. One thing is for certain, the Republicans are in lock step compliance with their party leaders with no deviation permitted. There is however some variance among Democrats, in some case a lot of variance. What follows is a brief and generalized list of issues and the official view of the parties. So in no particular order:

Issue Republican Position Democratic Position
Social Security Believes it should be privatized allowing Wall   Street Investors access to the Trillions in the Trust Fund but placing those   dependant on it at the mercy of the Stock Market Believes it should be enhanced and expanded for   those elderly and disabled in need. Believe in raising the FICA cap to extend   its solvency further out.
Health Care Believes it should remain completely privatized   and available only to those who can afford insurance. Believes in privatizing   Medicare and cutting Medicaid to save tax dollars. Believes it should be available and affordable to   all Americans regardless of income or medical condition. Opposes the status   quo. Many support expanding Medicare to permit Universal Healthcare for all   (single payer)
Minimum Wage Opposes minimum wage increase, some believe in   repeal of minimum wage. Believes in increasing minimum wage to 1968   levels ($15.00/hr) to give workers a living wage so they aren’t so dependent   on government assistance.
Abortion Rights Opposes all abortions regardless of circumstances   leading up to it or health of the mother. Supports unnecessary and invasive   testing as well as psychological pressures to persuade the woman against   proceeding with the procedure. Supports government oversight of reproductive   procedures. Supports the woman’s right to choose. Believes   abortions should be safe, legal and rare. Decision to be left to the woman   and her doctor.
Child Care Opposes head start, public education and prefers   school vouchers for private education, opposes funding child healthcare or   school lunch program. Supports proper funding of public education, head   start, school lunch program, child healthcare for needy families.
Voting Rights Supports efforts by states to suppress votes by   requiring ID’s and removing people from voting rolls without prior   notification. Supports local jurisdictions to implement any plan they deem   fit regardless of impact on certain voters. Opposes early voting, same day   registration, and early registration of those under 18 but will be 18 on   election day. Supports reinstatement of the Voting Rights act   and allowing as many people who are citizens to vote free from onerous   restrictions and hardships that would make it difficult for some to register   or have the proper ID to vote. Supports any procedure that reduces lines at   the polls and allows as many people as possible the ability to exercise their   rights regardless of race, economic condition, age, or political affiliation.
Corporations Supports corporate personhood, opposes closing   corporate tax loopholes, opposes cutting subsidies to big oil companies, and   supports deregulation of corporations and banks. Opposes corporate personhood, supports   elimination of corporate tax loopholes and ending billions in subsidies to   big oil and corporate farming interests. Supports reasonable regulations of   corporations and banks to protect consumers.
Guns Opposes any and all efforts for universal   background checks or regulations of assault weapons and high capacity   magazines. Opposes any enforcement of federal gun laws, restricting gun   ownership to convicted criminals or mentally unstable. Opposes any   registration of guns. Supports universal background check and   reasonable gun regulations to protect citizens. Opposes taking guns away from   law abiding rational citizens but supports restricting gun access to   criminals and mentally ill.
Jobs Opposes any legislation to invest in infrastructure   and creation of jobs preferring to give additional tax breaks to the   “job creators”. Supports outsourcing jobs overseas and giving tax   breaks to corporations that do so. Supports investing in infrastructure repair of   roads, bridges, electric grid, water, sewage systems, etc. Supports funding   to help train and place veterans into jobs. Opposes continued tax breaks to   corporations that outsource jobs overseas.
Education Opposes expansion of Pell grants and any federal   assistance for continued education. Supports expansion of Pell Grants, direct control   of federal student loans to educate Americans in new technologies and jobs.
Immigration Reform Opposes all efforts for comprehensive immigration   reform opting only to “secure the border” and deport all those who   have illegally entered the country regardless of circumstance or age. Supports comprehensive immigration reform to   include securing the border, dream act, path to citizenship, and bringing   undocumented aliens out of the shadows and register and tax/fine them if they   intend to remain in the country.
Marriage Rights Opposes same sex marriage. Supports equal rights for all LGBTs to include   marriage.
Taxation Prefers a flat tax for all income levels regardless   of the fact it would be regressive and take more of the disposable income   from the poorer people and less from the wealthiest. Supports a continued progressive tax code that   taxes the wealthiest commensurate to the share of the national wealth they   control without negatively impacting their standard of living. Supports   closing tax loopholes that result in them paying little to no federal taxes.
Federal Spending Supports drastic cuts to Social Security,   Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Programs, Educational programs and   grants, Research, Civil Services, Federal Pay, First Responders. Opposes any   cuts to military, military contractors, corporate interests with government   contracts. Supports pay as you go for any new programs or   military action via taxation or program cuts and also believes in fiscal   responsibility without cutting needed services such as Social Security,   Medicare, Medicaid, Education, Food Stamps, Unemployment insurance, any   program that is proven to have a positive return on the investment. Supports   cuts in wasteful and unnecessary spending to include defense and military   contractors.
Iran Supports increased sanctions up to and including   bombing to stop their nuclear development. Prefer diplomatic options first and negotiations   with Iran to avoid possible war.
Religion Support elimination of wall separating church and   state. Supports maintaining religious freedom for all   faiths by supporting continued separation of church and state.
Partisanship No agreements, no compromise, our way or the   highway. Compromise to get the best deal for all concerned   regardless of ideology.
Debt Limit Supports allowing our credit rating to be   downgraded by not increasing the debt limit to pay for programs already   authorized by Congress and spent. Believes in paying our debt as promised and not   defaulting on our loans that would not only destroy our economy, but the   world’s economy.
Government Opposes a working government Supports a working government

This list is by no means complete and is of course generalized to give the basic views of the two parties. It is my intent to publish future posts going into more detail regarding many of the above points. This is just a brief summary.

What this boils down to is that one side wants no government and wants to permit free reign to the privileged few without concern of ordinary people and no consequences to their behavior. The other side prefers a working government to make things equal and fair to all parties involved regardless of age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, income or race. In other words, equal rights and a fair, safe and lawful playing field for all Americans.