Are Real Estate Tycoons Responsible for Violent Crime?

Now hear me out. In this rant I’m using the research methodology, logic and same anecdotal data to prove a point that Republican Candidate Donald Trump and his followers (Trump’s Chumps) are using to say that immigration from the Southern Border is responsible for the crime rate in this nation.


Trump has made it clear that he “knows” the Mexican Government is sending their rapists and murderers across the border. He cites the case of San Francisco resident Kate Steinle who was shot and killed by undocumented immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez who is a convicted felon and has been deported to Mexico five times. Donald Trump is citing this incident as proof the border is unsecured and blames that on Ms. Steinle’s murder. In Los Angeles he held a presser with family members of victims killed by undocumented immigrants that he calls “illegals”. He and his Trump Chumps are quick to use this anecdotal data to support their cause theories as ironclad proof.

Three things to consider:

1) The family of Kate Steinle don’t want her name used as a rallying point of hate towards anyone.

2) Anecdotal data proves nothing, it’s merely story telling done in such a way the intellectually lazy develop a causal effect.

3) All the actual data and studies regarding crime and immigration proves an opposite correlation to what Trump and his Chumps are trying to portray.

In 2014 the Pew Research Center completed and released a validated study regarding immigration and crime in this nation. Some interesting facts (that were validated) came out:

1) Despite claims from the Republican Party, 59% of immigrants deported back to their country of origin have criminal records, so mostly those caught and convicted of State and Federal crimes are deported, most after serving their sentences or being placed on probation.


2) Border arrests and deportations have increased under Obama over those of his predecessors in office to include George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

3) First generation immigrants (documented or otherwise) have a significantly lower per capita crime rate than the national average. In fact, it’s lower than native born Americans.

4) The crime rate of first generation immigrants has had no discernible impact, positive or negative towards the overall crime rate of the United States. In short, it’s a non-factor, no correlation could be determined or verified. It doesn’t exist.


Pew Research Center:

But no matter, don’t let facts, validated research and data get in the way, we’re talking the logic of spectacularly successful and always right Donald Trump and his research and validation protocols. So taking that in mind I propose the following analysis of where violent crime actually exists in this country.


Robert Alan Durst is the son of Real Estate mogul Seymour Durst from New York. His brother Douglas Durst is currently the head of the Durst development and Real Estate Empire having taken it from Robert. Robert has been accused and is currently on trial for murder spanning three States in this country. He is suspected in the disappearance and possible murder of his wife in Connecticut, admitted to killing and dismembering body of Morris Black in Louisiana, and is currently on trial for first degree murder in the death of Susan Berman in California. He has also been arrested and charged on numerous weapons offenses.

The Durst family is estimated to be worth well in excess of four billion dollars. So what do we have here?

A narcissistic billionaire New Yorker with ties to Real Estate who’s implicated in the murders of three people across the country. I propose based on Donald Trump’s logic that Robert Durst is representative of all billionaire New York Real Estate moguls and as a nation we need to be on the lookout for them because they are murderers.


By the way, Donald Trump is a New York Real Estate Billionaire narcissist.

I rest my case.

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