Is Secession a Legal Option?


In a word, No.

As we are yet again in an election year stories from Texas are again hitting the media regarding their secessionist movement. It’s as common and to be expected as the changing colors of the Donald’s face throughout the year. Knuckle dragging yahoos throw rallies adorned with Confederate battle flags (oblivious to what happened last time this was tried) and of course, to get the votes of these Neanderthals in this low voter turnout state, even the statewide politicians express their support of seceding from the United States once again. Well here are the problems they chose not to discuss when they discuss secession:

1)      It is illegal and unconstitutional as determined in Texas versus White (1869).  The Reconstructionist State of Texas sued because the Confederacy had sold United States Bonds that belonged to Texas. The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution did not permit a State to unilaterally secede from the United States. As such, the Court ruled that the bonds were sold illicitly to finance the rebellion against the United States.

2)      Secession is rebellion and to talk about it is sedition, which is also illegal:

18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy: If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

3)      Despite polling showing some popular support in Texas for secession, the same polling also shows that even more Texans do not favor secession. How can the minority drag the majority into the illegal act of rebellion?

4)      Should the United States Government permit Texas to secede, all of Texas would lose all the money the federal government provides them and spends in their State. All military bases would close, all federal funding for infrastructure, healthcare, food stamps, Social Security would evaporate. The citizens of Texas would have to flip the bill for everything in the State. Considering the State Government opposes taxing the oil industry or any corporate interest, the full burden would fall on the people.

5)      As a separate nation, Texans would no longer enjoy travel outside the state. They would need passports and travel visas to go visit family and friends in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc. They would be foreigners in the United States, no different from any other citizen of another country visiting here.

Whenever this comes up, you always hear, “let them go! Good riddance!” Well, let us not forget Austin and let us not forget there are some loyal Americans in that State who we shouldn’t deny the perks and privileges of American Citizenship to because their leaders and a handful a demented lead brains want to give up a good deal because they want all the privileges of US citizenship but none of the legal, moral and ethical responsibilities.

My solution is simple, legal and would make everybody happy. If you want to secede from the United States, give up what the nation provides you because you don’t want to be held to the responsibility of being an American, renounce your citizenship.

Now providing the government will allow you a tourist or business visa, you can remain here for up to 10 years. After the first year, you would no longer be required to pay Federal Income taxes. If you are worth more than $2 million you would need to pay an exit tax but how many of these nuts are worth $2 million?

Now if you remain in the United States you would be considered at best a “Resident Alien” meaning that as long as you are law abiding you can stay. However, if you commit and are convicted with a felony, you could face deportation. You would have to give up your guns because the 2nd Amendment is reserved for Citizens, but I’m sure gun ownership means nothing to these disgruntled Texans.

Fact is Texas is part of the United States and she and her citizens are bound by the laws of the United States. If being held accountable to those laws are so unpalatable to you, renounce your citizenship. If you declare rebellion, prepare to either go to prison or face the US military who just happen to be stationed in 11 bases in Texas. And active duty US military swear an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic which would be you if you declare rebellion.

Your choice dummies.

What’s Changed?

I’ve been on twitter six years this month. Within a few months of coming on Social Media for the first time I found myself expressing my political views to the point where my time line is almost exclusively political. In the past six years I’ve amassed over 13,000 followers and I have refused to follow-back, and I’ve even blocked follow attempts from “Right Wing Nut Jobs” who I really didn’t want to be bothered with. So I could only assume the bulk of my follows were of those who agreed with my politics, my sense of humor and my snark.

In the past six years I do not believe anything in my stated political views have changed:

My support for President Obama remains the same.

My distaste for the Republican Party and especially the Tea Party remains the same.

My support for equal rights for all regardless of race, gender, religion, background, sexual orientation remains the same.

My support for Justice Reform remains the same.

My support for the 99% over the 1% remains the same.

My support for overturning Citizens United remains the same.

My support for voting rights remains the same.

My distaste for Conservative Governors and Conservative State Legislatures imposing their own religious views on others remains the same.

My support for Pro-Choice remains the same.

My support for Gunsense clearly remains the same.

My support for compromise in the legislatures and executive branch remains the same.

My support for universal healthcare remains the same.

My support for the Progressive Cause remains the same.

My support for this country is unwavering.

However; in recent months, many who have followed me have since unfollowed or even blocked me. Periodically I will go through my follows line by line. I know they have programming for this but I’m old school and I like to look at the bios of those who follow me. Often seeing the name and bio reminds me of previous exchanges, support we gave each other, joining up to harass trolls, joking back and forth. It’s just one of the more mundane things I do. However in doing so, I see that many have unfollowed. The common denominator of those who have done so? Their support for Bernie Sanders often with the hashtag #BernieOrBust in their updated bios.

My views are the same; however, I look to who best has the ability to fulfill what I support in government. That person is Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders. Bernie says all the things I agree with, but he has yet to release a viable plan for not only how he will deliver, but how he will work through a Congress not likely willing to move as quickly as he demands. Clinton on the other hand recognizes that change requires time, patience and compromise. Bernie openly rejects these concepts.

Those oppose to Hillary often do so citing innuendo and demonstrably false claims about her history and character. I find that to be expected from the Republicans and conservatives, but not Democrats and progressives. To find someone guilty with no evidence beyond innuendo, memes, rumors and false stories is the antithesis of being progressive.

So when I see the attacks on Hillary, I respond and I affirm my support for her. Again, my political views haven’t changed nor do I suspect the political views of my former followers, but the one issue where we can’t agree, who’s best to lead this nation, is enough to ignore years of enjoying each other on twitter going after the real enemy of what we all believe in, the Republican Party.

They say this election cycle between Clinton and Sanders isn’t as bad as it was in 2008. I wouldn’t know not being on Twitter back then (was there Twitter back then?) However, if the left is going to stand firm from those on the right it is incumbent upon us to work together for what we all believe in to push the agenda forward. Dividing ourselves over who’s best qualified to lead the change is counterproductive.

Oh, you’re all welcomed to follow back



Moving On to November

It’s early May and officially both the Republican and Democratic Primaries are still underway. However for the Democrats the math is clear. Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. As of today Bernie Sanders will need to obtain 107% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination. At best, he can push for a contested convention. However the odds of that occurring get smaller as the weeks continue. Polling and voting trends clearly show that Clinton will lock up the nomination long before the convention. Besides a contested convention would still leave Sanders out as the nominee, lessen the chance of party unity and only aid the Republican to a win in November.

Sanders would be the first to admit that he has done better than expected. His primary focus for this candidacy was to insert a more progressive tone in the Democratic Platform. He and his followers wanted to stop the migration of the DNC towards the right and bring it back to center if not left. When you listen to the rhetoric between both campaigns, the differences in the goals are almost indistinguishable. In fact the only difference is in the method and time needed to accomplish these goals. Sanders and his followers want and expect it immediately, Clinton (from her experience and expertise) understands it will take time and maneuvering with the Republicans to accomplish what is needed.

Now Sander has brought many into the political process during his campaign. They are enthusiastic, loud and devoted to him and his message. However a significant number of his supporters (around a third) are only devoted to him. They haven’t and won’t register as Democrats. They are vocal in saying “Bernie or Bust” indicating that they see no difference in either the Democratic Party or Republican Party and would rather see a Trump or Cruz win instead of Clinton. If this is true; then had Sanders not ran, these people would have most likely stayed home anyway throughout the primary and still wouldn’t be voting in the general election. As many analysts contend, their loss is really no loss to the DNC odds of winning the White House and taking back the Senate. However; as I will explain later, their loss weakens the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party. 

Sanders zealots need to understand that although Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, he isn’t Jesus Christ. To not support Sanders for the presidency isn’t sacrilege of the Democratic Socialist/Progressive cause. Now they can stay home and everything they have contributed towards pushing for the demise of the Republican nihilistic cause will be lost. More important than who leads the party is who works within the party and who are in Congress, Governors’ mansions, State Houses, County Board of Supervisors, Cities, School Boards, etc. Just because you lost the presidential brass ring doesn’t mean you should stay home and gloat. You must remain active. 

Clinton will most likely be our next President. To keep her honest and to help her move the Federal Government more towards the left you need to remain involved. She will need a Democratic Senate and House to push what she already has agreed with you is needed. Further, as long as we have States under Republican Control, we have ALEC driven legislatures and Governors who are enacting local laws that defy Federal legislation to ensure all United States citizens experience full and equal civil, voting, and human rights. As Sanders supporters you don’t need to register as Democrats to change, though it would help. If you officially become the base of the Democratic Party, if you get involved in local Democratic precincts, if you run for office as Democrats at the lower level, then like the Tea Party you begin to take control of the agenda and timing. To place all your hopes and dreams in one man comes up tragically short. The important thing in down ticket. A dose of patience doesn’t hurt either. What we have today is over 30 years in the making. Expect some time before turning it back. You must work however to make the change, not stay at home and gloat.  

For better or worse, Hillary Clinton is the best shot of keeping matters from swinging back to the Reagan, Bush style of doing things. There is a difference between Republican rule and Democratic rule. You need only look to States to see. You want a revolution, work with what you have and move forward to change that which needs changing and persevere. Staying home and surrendering, or throwing your votes away for “symbolic” purposes only serves the nihilists on the right. 

Time to mature and move this country forward as adults. Get active, get involved and vote.