Moving On to November

It’s early May and officially both the Republican and Democratic Primaries are still underway. However for the Democrats the math is clear. Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. As of today Bernie Sanders will need to obtain 107% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination. At best, he can push for a contested convention. However the odds of that occurring get smaller as the weeks continue. Polling and voting trends clearly show that Clinton will lock up the nomination long before the convention. Besides a contested convention would still leave Sanders out as the nominee, lessen the chance of party unity and only aid the Republican to a win in November.

Sanders would be the first to admit that he has done better than expected. His primary focus for this candidacy was to insert a more progressive tone in the Democratic Platform. He and his followers wanted to stop the migration of the DNC towards the right and bring it back to center if not left. When you listen to the rhetoric between both campaigns, the differences in the goals are almost indistinguishable. In fact the only difference is in the method and time needed to accomplish these goals. Sanders and his followers want and expect it immediately, Clinton (from her experience and expertise) understands it will take time and maneuvering with the Republicans to accomplish what is needed.

Now Sander has brought many into the political process during his campaign. They are enthusiastic, loud and devoted to him and his message. However a significant number of his supporters (around a third) are only devoted to him. They haven’t and won’t register as Democrats. They are vocal in saying “Bernie or Bust” indicating that they see no difference in either the Democratic Party or Republican Party and would rather see a Trump or Cruz win instead of Clinton. If this is true; then had Sanders not ran, these people would have most likely stayed home anyway throughout the primary and still wouldn’t be voting in the general election. As many analysts contend, their loss is really no loss to the DNC odds of winning the White House and taking back the Senate. However; as I will explain later, their loss weakens the Progressive movement within the Democratic Party. 

Sanders zealots need to understand that although Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, he isn’t Jesus Christ. To not support Sanders for the presidency isn’t sacrilege of the Democratic Socialist/Progressive cause. Now they can stay home and everything they have contributed towards pushing for the demise of the Republican nihilistic cause will be lost. More important than who leads the party is who works within the party and who are in Congress, Governors’ mansions, State Houses, County Board of Supervisors, Cities, School Boards, etc. Just because you lost the presidential brass ring doesn’t mean you should stay home and gloat. You must remain active. 

Clinton will most likely be our next President. To keep her honest and to help her move the Federal Government more towards the left you need to remain involved. She will need a Democratic Senate and House to push what she already has agreed with you is needed. Further, as long as we have States under Republican Control, we have ALEC driven legislatures and Governors who are enacting local laws that defy Federal legislation to ensure all United States citizens experience full and equal civil, voting, and human rights. As Sanders supporters you don’t need to register as Democrats to change, though it would help. If you officially become the base of the Democratic Party, if you get involved in local Democratic precincts, if you run for office as Democrats at the lower level, then like the Tea Party you begin to take control of the agenda and timing. To place all your hopes and dreams in one man comes up tragically short. The important thing in down ticket. A dose of patience doesn’t hurt either. What we have today is over 30 years in the making. Expect some time before turning it back. You must work however to make the change, not stay at home and gloat.  

For better or worse, Hillary Clinton is the best shot of keeping matters from swinging back to the Reagan, Bush style of doing things. There is a difference between Republican rule and Democratic rule. You need only look to States to see. You want a revolution, work with what you have and move forward to change that which needs changing and persevere. Staying home and surrendering, or throwing your votes away for “symbolic” purposes only serves the nihilists on the right. 

Time to mature and move this country forward as adults. Get active, get involved and vote.