Our Nation Depends on Immigration to Survive

The failing Trump administration, in a transparent effort to reinvigorate his base of White Nationalist Supremacists, recently expressed support for a plan to significantly slash legal immigration. Perhaps simply going after undocumented immigration was getting boring for them, so Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia presented a bill that won’t likely ever be heard in committee to slash legal immigration and replace with an odious point system to get a Visa and green card. Called the RAISE Act (Reform American Immigration for a Strong Economy), it’s based on disproven talking points that immigration drives down wages for American workers. No validated peer supported study supports that premise. They complain too many unskilled immigrants come into this nation providing nothing of value for us. Of course Donald Trump is currently hiring these unskilled immigrants to work at his Golf Courses and resorts.

When announced, it was met with scorn and ridicule by most of the Senate and people of the nation. Only the most avid racists supported the very concept of this bill. It was dismissed on its lack of merit and necessity. However, in the media debate from the talking heads, one undeniable fact was left virtually untouched. We need to increase immigration to survive as a nation because we’re getting too old.

The current median age in the United States (half above and half below) is 36.6 years for men and 39.3 for women. Two major factors are responsible for this. For one, the baby boomers are now retiring and two, our birth rate is falling. Currently the birth rate for the United States is 12.5 births per 1,000 population. We rank 159th in the world. Our birth rate is falling and our median age is increasing.

Now it’s true we are living longer, but the older we get the less productive we become and the more we need assistance from others to survive. So if not native born Americans, who can we rely upon to till the fields, erect the buildings, pave the roads, work the assembly lines, care for the young, the old, the infirm, etc.? It’s simple, immigrants.

You can try to force American Women to become incubators to increase the native population, but good luck with that. The fact remains majority of Americans don’t want children to raise as much as we did in the past. Perhaps it’s because of the expense involved, the questionable environment, society, and politics these children would be born into? It doesn’t matter, we’re producing fewer and fewer children per 1000 population every year and it’s not likely to change. We need to accept that allowing more immigration in the nation rebuilds our workforce, keeps up productive on a world stage and provides for those of us too old to take care of ourselves.

No Tom Cotton, David Perdue, Donald Trump we need more immigration of people willing to come here to do the work and live the American Dream alive, otherwise America dies in old age, unproductive and lacking.