Why Does Trump Merit Evangelical Support?

What is Evangelicalism? For lack of a better source I went to Wikipedia and got this definition:

“Evangelicalism, Evangelical Christianity, or Evangelical Protestantism is a worldwide, trans denominational movement within Protestant Christianity, maintaining that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ’s atonement.”

I then Googled to find out what Evangelicals believe that set them apart from ordinary Christians. I got this from NewsMax (Keep in mind NewsMax is a conservative source of information that is favored by Evangelicals):

1)      They point to a specific point in time where they were “born again” and place personal trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

2)      They believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word to mankind, perfect in truth in the original text. It is the final authority in all matters of doctrine and faith and above all human authority.

3)      They believe in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, through his death and resurrection, is the only source of salvation and forgiveness of sins. Salvation is through faith alone.

4)      They are strongly motivated to share the Gospel either one-on-one or through organized missions.

5)      They believe in the rapture where they will be caught up with Christ before the tribulation leaving non-believers to remain on Earth to suffer.

Now theologian have, can and will analyze and debate the views of Evangelicals in terms of Christian faith, history, text etc. but that is not the point of this blog post. Above is a quick summation of who these people are and I want to explore why this group supports Donald Trump with such ferocity.

Though not actually specified in the Bible per se, a 4th century monk Evagrius Ponticus listed 8 “evil thoughts” in Greek that were antithetical to the righteous views of Christianity. They were a counterpart to a list of 7 virtues to live by to be righteous. In AD 590 Pope Gregory revised the 8 sins to a list of 7 and have been an integral part of Christianity ever since and is also part of doctrine for the evangelical movement. The seven deadly sins are:

1)      Lust

2)      Gluttony

3)      Greed

4)      Sloth

5)      Wrath

6)      Envy

7)      Pride

The seven virtues are:

1)      Kindness

2)      Temperance

3)      Charity

4)      Chastity

5)      Humility

6)      Diligence

7)      Patience

Now let’s apply these lists to the history and behaviors we all know about Donald J. Trump. Donald is a three time married man who had admitted adulterous affairs while married to the wives he later divorced. He’s bragged on tape while married to his third wife Melania his attempts to have sex with a TV personality and how women will let famous people do anything to include grabbing them by the pussy (Access Hollywood Tape). He’s told Howard Stern that as the owner of the Miss Teen Beauty Pageant he was able to just walk in on naked contestants. In his first year in office he sexually harassed Hope Hicks resulting in her leaving the Oval Office (Fire and Fury) He has no problem showing the world he like to eat fast food and get extra deserts. His history in business personifies greed and harming those who get in the way of his efforts to make more money via use of eminent domain and lawsuits. He’s also know for bilking business partners and employees. He’s declared bankruptcy numerous times. He has a famous temper that continues to flare up in the White House against any slight from anyone not showing him loyalty. He is obsessed with the success of Barack Obama and continues to try to denigrate him in response to his continued popularity. Finally he takes pride, but not in his actual work, the work of others demanding praise for what he’s accomplished even though he’s accomplished very little positive in his first year.

Now as for the seven virtues, those things one can do to mitigate or cure the seven deadly sins, few who work with him closely, if any ever report anything about Trump where he’s exhibited Kindness, Temperance, Charity, Chastity, Humility, Diligence and Patience. In fact it’s reported weekly by White House staff and other observers that he’s quite simply mean, unforgiving of others, unable to control his behaviors, boastful of his power, lazy in his work and easily bored and frustrated with work in the White House.

Prior to running for President Trump actually supported the one issue that evangelicals oppose most vehemently, abortion. Then suddenly after his announcement he was opposed to it. He took up the mantel of being a good Christian citing how the Bible is his favorite book after his own “The Art of the Deal” that in reality he never wrote. Despite the Bible being his favorite book, he’s still unable to cite any specific verse when asked. He famously referred to the “Two Corinthians” at one event. It is clear to the casual adviser that Trump’s campaign staff told him that courting the Evangelical Vote, people who regularly and “religiously” vote in all elections could give him an edge in the election. So he used techniques noted in “The Art of the Deal” to con, er win these people over and he has.

So he’s won over rank and file evangelicals. However he’s done so with the assistance of their leadership. Now one would expect the Pastors who claim leadership of the movement would know the Bible cover to cover and though may discount references to the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Virtues as not specified in the Bible, are familiar with the actual teaching of Jesus Christ to include the Beatitudes. What has Trump done to show he’s following the teachings of Christ? Seriously I’m asking because I’ve read the Bible cover to cover on several occasions and though an agnostic, like Jefferson I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ whether he was the son of God or not or even if he ever really existed. The teachings of Christ are the basis of humanity, the love of your fellow human being and a warning against those who put personal pride and wealth above the needs of the people.

However, evangelicals who say they also believe in the rapture praise Donald Trump as one of their own and lambaste other evangelicals and/or Christians who don’t. Robert Jeffress is among these people enthralled with Trump. He lambasted Mitt Romney as being part of a false religion. Well I ask evangelical pastors like Jeffress who say they believe in the Bible, Revelations and the Second Coming: How can you support a man like Donald J. Trump whose history and current actions and views are antithetical to the teachings of Christ as written in the Bible? It’s almost as if Donald J. Trump is Anti-Christ? So with that being the case and again going to the Book of Revelations and the mythology involved in the Rapture and Tribulation, how are all of you not the “False Prophets” noted who would lead believers astray to confuse them and get them to worship the Anti-Christ?

Donald Trump is no Christian and never was. He’s certainly no evangelical by the definition they give themselves. Donald Trump is a liar and con man. That continues to be indisputable by honest men and women around the world and to support this man as a Christian is simply lying to yourself unless you’re not really a Christian yourself.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Go in peace my children and support those who are truly Christ-like not self-serving greedy Republicans.