Government imposition of Pro-Life Policies is Anti-American

Per Donald Trump and the Republican Party, in their efforts to keep support from the Evangelical Conservative Christian Bloc (who incidentally are a significantly smaller number than the 70% of Americans who support the Right to Choose) all abortions should be outlawed. What follows is a synopsis of their argument to ban all abortions and the problem their views present in a secular based nation where in theory all citizens have equal rights and responsibilities:

All life is sacred and life begins at conception. As such, contraception should also be banned because it prevents life. However they focus on only preventing women access to contraception, not men from buying rubbers. Further, they oppose sex education in school with the exception of abstinence only lectures that studies have shown have zero impact in preventing pregnancies.

So girls and women who become pregnant are fully responsible for becoming so and must submit to government restrictions regarding how they can address that pregnancy regardless of their ability to carry a pregnancy to full term, the health/viability of the fetus, the health of the woman or the ability of the woman to financially and emotionally care for the child after birth. However, no such government restrictions or demands are made of the male who impregnated the woman, whether consensually or otherwise. Even if rape is involved, nothing in criminal law exists or is proposed regarding what the male should do with their bodies or financially care for the health of the pregnant woman or rearing of the child. In fact some demand the opposite, specifically the male who raped the woman should be given custodial rights (if they choose) and claim that child as a tax exempt dependent. Women have no choice in the matter, but the man does.

So if a girl or woman becomes pregnant, they are legally required to carry that pregnancy to birth. Some demand criminal sanctions imposed on women who seek and/or obtain abortions for whatever reason as well as criminal sanctions on those who perform the abortion. The health of the mother or fetus doesn’t matter.

Finally, the only government proposed requirement and sanction regarding pregnant women is that they are to carry the pregnancy to birth. They do not propose or legislate any financial government assistance for healthcare during the pregnancy (but may investigate the mother for murder if the fetus miscarriages) offer no financial assistance to give birth, no financial assistance to provide healthcare for the child after birth, no assistance in feeding, housing, educating, rearing the child after birth. It’s all the responsibility of the mother who somehow got pregnant in a world where Evangelicals would deny them any contraception or education to prevent getting pregnant in the first place. Worst yet, there are some in the Evangelical world that demand that women must submit to their husbands to have sex and get pregnant (It’s not rape if it’s done by the husband defense). I wonder when legislation for that will be proposed by the GOP. It wouldn’t surprise me with the GOP quickly becoming the Christian Taliban imposing Christian Sharia law upon our secular nation based on obscure and misleading passages in the Bible that are often misinterpreted or clearly wrong.

So in keeping support of misguided, childish and simply idiotic Evangelicals, Donald Trump and his Republican party (who by the way have paid for their share of abortions) are saying by supporting outlawing the right to choose that Women are not as equal as their Male counterparts in this country and Religious influences in our Government can treat them as second class citizens in much the same way Muslim countries do. Christian Sharia Law.

You do not have to support Abortion yourself, but in a free society that proclaims all are equal you cannot force women to take on the full responsibility of an act that requires a man to be a part of. Further, if all life is sacred and government must impose itself to maintain that pregnancy, then government must also provide all needed assistance for the child after birth. The issue of abortion doesn’t even come into being unless a man impregnates a woman, often against her choice. To take her choice away again by denying her the ability to even consider terminating that condition isn’t the job of government.

This whole debate spawns from an interpretation in a Book that many believe is the word of God. Well even if there is a God, isn’t the outcome of a woman dealing with her pregnancy between her and that Deity? Government should stay out of it as our founders intended.


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