The Exorcist IV: When Regan Meets Marcus

When not running for President, insulting public servants and other Congressmen by accusing them of covertly sponsoring terrorism, or demonstrating her complete stupidity regarding the intelligence committee, world affairs, American history, world history, macro and micro economics, geography, diplomacy, theology, politics, you get the idea, Michele is still active in the one arena for which she and her husband Marcus are so proud of. Their Christian Clinic they operate to Pray the Gay Away. This came up during the campaign and a recent post I read reminded me of it. I believe it is still in operation. Michele spoke highly of it during the campaign. She believes that being gay is a problem easily resolved by prayer or better yet, three meals a day at Chick-fil-A. However, the issue of praying the gay away is the focus of this very brief rant.

When I think of the concept, I’m left with images of the movie The Exorcist and the sequels and prequels. In the original, Regan was possessed by a demon and the Catholic priests were called to essentially pray the demon out of Regan via an exorcism. They had some problems of course and you need to watch the movie for that story. But I wonder if Michele truly sees homosexuality as a demon possessing the bodies of otherwise “normal” people and with her Christian faith, love, prayer and God knows how much money from the patients and government, they can be cured of the affliction. The gay can be prayed away just like the demon can be prayed away from Regan. We don’t need to go into the studies that show that people most likely do have a genetic predisposition to homosexuality, given to them by God if you will, and such therapy has no basis in fact, but does fill the coffers or collection plates damn well.

Well, this leaves a problem. In the exorcist, the demon is never destroyed. It moves on. If this is the case with pray the gay away, where would the gay end up?

I give you:

This explains so much don’t you think. And you know what, I don’t think he wants to give it back.