After his convention speech, even FOX news commentators and other Republican talking heads took Representative Paul Ryan to task for not being completely (or even slightly) factual in his statements to the GOP delegates and the viewing audience. Paul Ryan lied. In subsequent interviews, he’s doubled down on his lies. He has lied about his lies.


I thought it was particularly humorous (yet pathetic) when he lied about his marathon time. He insinuated that he was a marathon runner, and that his best time was under three hours and he had only stopped due to having a back problem.

Then the truth came out, Mr. Ryan had only ran one marathon in his entire life, when he was twenty and his time was four hours one minute. Respectable for a one and only marathon for a twenty-year-old. Of course, forty-year-old Sarah Palin’s time kicked Paul’s ass. As I’ve posted before, as someone who actually trained to run marathons (yes plural) and being middle-aged, I took particular notice of this. But hell, Paul is a liar and in the grand schemes of things, this his harmless. Afterall, the issues involving his budget numbers (which he says he hasn’t really ran yet) and his Medicare plan’s impact on the elderly, and a whole host of other government related issues require more scrutiny and attention to honesty, than his ONE AND ONLY Marathon time.

But what is he saying now? He’s claiming that he is such a fitness buff, so athletic, he only has 6 percent body fat. Wow! That is interesting.

Now as it turns out, this came out in 2010 when he was being asked about his cult-like addiction to the P90X cult. Paul Ryan does appear susceptible to cults. The Ayn Rand cult to mention only one. Of course he now says he’s really not that “in to her” and it’s all been over-blown by the media. I mean, when the media plays audio of him speaking to people about how Ayn Rand convinced him to get into politics, or how he admits having his aides read Ayn Rand, etc: it’s hard to tell where the truth lies.

But back to this body fat issue. Just to be factual here so there is no mistake (yes the Romney/Ryan campaign won’t be bothered with Fact Checkers) Olympic Athletes, professional Marathon Runners, full-time athletes (not Nimrod’s who spend time at home with P90X and a bad back) average about 9.5 percent body fat. The average man averages about 17 to 24 percent body fat. Hell, Tony Horton, the founder and most avid user and preacher of P90X has 9 percent body fat.

Paul Ryan is skinny, he’s fit, but he’s no Olympian and clearly doesn’t do an Olympian workout. If he did, he wouldn’t have time to be in Congress, not voting on job bills, or not working legislation through that would aid America out of this recession, he wouldn’t even have the time to vote on misogynist legislations to legally define life at conception and force women to undergo transvaginal ultra-sounds for abortions.

Snark aside, yet again, Paul Ryan is lying.

His continued lying can only be psychological. Maybe there is no intent to deceive the American people about his bills and his budget. Maybe he can’t help himself but to lie about everything. The lies certainly don’t get him anywhere; especially when they are so easily disproven by even those on his side. He gains nothing materially or ideologically from these lies. They in fact detract from his ideological views.

Only pure idiots and intellectually lazy people would fall for this crap. Wait a minute, I forgot about the Tea Party. My bad.

Well, it will appear that Paul Ryan will continue to lie about everything. His politics, his personal life and anything else that happens to come his way. I posted a while back about Pathological Liars with an homage to Jon Lovitz’ Tommy Flanagan character. Maybe after Paul loses in November, both his Veep position and his House seat, he can get together with Jon and co-chair Pathological Liars Anonymous. Problem is, we all already know he is a pathological liar.