Kamikaze Politics, Healthcare and Worldwide Economics

It’s been described as a kamikaze attack in political circles, the threat of creating a situation where the possibility of a government shutdown and or default on our national debt over the long since settled issue of “Obamacare.” Despite the Affordable Care Act being passed by both chambers of Congress, signed by the President and upheld as “constitutional” by a very “conservative” Supreme Court, a small minority of very loud and narrow-minded fanatics who align themselves with the Koch funded “Tea Party” movement are convinced they speak for the majority of Americans. (At least those people they consider to be American) The interesting dichotomy is that although a slight majority of Americans in fact do not favor what is termed “ObamaCare”, all of the individual components of ACA enjoy large majorities of support. This is a fact. Other facts that these fanatics refuse to accept or address in their talking points:

  • ACA does not take any insurance away from anyone who already has it. It only assists in giving access to those who don’t have it and can’t afford it.
  • ACA, though still not fully implemented has already slowed the increase in health insurance premiums and in some cases has even lowered them.
  • ACA has provided affordable comprehensive health insurance to 30 million Americans who would not have any access to insurance were it not for its existence.
  • In order for a private insurance company to be part of the “Exchange” they are submitting bids of comprehensive affordable coverage. This is essentially the free market working to provide coverage and not “socialized” healthcare as those on the right would like to point out. This is Capitalism, not Socialism.
  • The most affordable comprehensive healthcare systems with the best overall results for the least cost to the consumer and tax payers are in countries that have what is termed “Socialized Medicine.”
  • We are the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee all of their citizens comprehensive healthcare.
  • Not having everyone insured makes healthcare more expensive for those who have insurance and results in the health of the nation being worse which impacts economic production and health for the entire nation.
  • ACA is not the best solution to our nations’ healthcare situation. However it is far better than what came before and the Republican Party can offer no alternative to it because in reality, this was their idea from the 1990’s and they refuse to admit it.
  • Currently private insurance companies can and will deny coverage and service that impacts their profit margin even if it means death and the consumer prior to “ObamaCare” had no recourse. Government regulation of Healthcare looks for and implements efficiencies for the best outcomes without consideration of profit. There are NO DEATH PANELS IN OBAMACARE. If you are looking for death panels, look to Ted Cruz and his minions who work to deny health insurance to 30 million American men, women and children who would have no access to affordable comprehensive healthcare without ACA. The Tea Party are the Death Panels.

Intelligent and reasonable people in both parties clearly understand that the Tea Party stunt of trying to defund ObamaCare is doomed for failure as has the previous 40 plus votes. They know it. Ted Cruz is trying to set himself up as the favorite for the GOP nod in 2016 with the fanatic base who do not realize that one; you cannot defund ObamaCare, that money has already been appropriated and two; there are dire outcomes if government is shut down and or we default on the National debt.

Cruz knows full well that his stalling tactic in the Senate means that John Boehner must immediately place the new Continuing Resolution up for a vote that would require almost all Democrats and a few reasonable Republicans to pass by Monday or the government will shut down.

We went through this before. We know the outcome of a government shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of government employees will lose their pay immediately; essential services will cease or will be delayed. With the loss of income to these employees comes the loss of money circulating in our economy resulting in private sector job losses. The stock market will take a plunge due to this as well as our credit rating.

The reason our only recently re-acquired AAA rating was slashed before was because of the indecisive and obstructionist Republican House not working across the aisle or with the President. If they take this to the debt ceiling debate, the promise to pay bills already acquired by the actions of our government, the world economy will collapse. This is a fact that reasonable intelligent people understand. Only narcissistic self centered politicians preying on the stupidity and gullibility of a loud vocal group of lemmings would sacrifice the health of the world’s economy by trying to take healthcare away from people who currently can’t afford it.

The GOP leadership hates Ted Cruz and they are frustrated with the narrow-minded Tea Party Faction. The current game plan has been cited as Kamikaze Politics. That is apt; they destroy the economy and themselves. Those pushing this are too into themselves and don’t care about the nation’s health as well as the nation’s and world’s economy. If left unchecked and unchallenged, we could easily have a repeat of prior economic collapse that could easily grow into another worldwide depression. All this only because Ted Cruz, who keeps a large oil painting of himself in his office to keep him “grounded” thinks he has a chance of being president. The only thing he has the chance of doing is destroying this nation because too many idiots like him and too few reasonable people vote. This must change.

The Tea Party is bad for the physical, mental and economic health of the nation. They must be removed from all elected offices nationwide in 2014 or matters will only get worse. Get active, get registered and vote.

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