Was Donald Trump Born in the US?

The official biography reads that Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 to Fred and Mary Trump in Jamaica Estates, Queens, a neighborhood in New York City. His father was the son (some say anchor baby) to German born Fredrick Drumpf and his mother was Scottish born Mary MacLeod. It is important to note that Donald’s grandfather immigrated to this country from Germany, tried to return prior to World War 1 and was deported back to the United States because he illegally avoided mandatory military service and didn’t pay his taxes. However, is this bio actually true?

Here are Donald J. Trump’s alleged birth parents:


See the family resemblance? Neither do I.

It is important to note that the Trump family during the 1930’s and 1940’s denied their German Heritage. In fact as noted above the actual family name is Drumpf, it was changed to Trump and people were told they were from Sweden. Did Fred Trump, who was wealthy during World War II have (as did many rich American Businessmen at the time) financial and political ties to the Third Reich? Industrialists like Henry Ford admired Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. In fact Fred Koch, father of the Koch brothers also had ties to Nazi Germany. Why wouldn’t a son of Germany not have deep seeded admiration of Germany during this time? Fred couldn’t make them clear or he would risk his growing financial empire.  

Fred Trump was a believer in White Supremacy and was even arrested along with Ku Klux Klan members in 1927. Why wouldn’t Fred not have sympathetic ties to the Nazi belief that the Aryan Race was superior?

Now before and during the War two prominent figures in Germany had a rather secret relationship from the public that wasn’t “legitimized” until the closing days of the war. They were Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.


Donald Trump Addresses GOP Lincoln Day Event In Michigan

Look at these two and look at the facial features of Adolf. I suspect that in the closing days of the war Eva Braun was pregnant with Adolf’s child. There are no pictures of her in the nine months prior to her death in the bunker so who’s to say she wasn’t pregnant.

I suspect they were married to legitimize the birth of their child and the child along with other key members of Hitler’s inner circle were able to flee Berlin with the help of Odessa and the child made it to New York City where he was informally adopted by Fred and Mary Trump. I have as much evidence (if not more) to back this up than Trump’s assertion that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Now Trump presents a handwritten alleged birth certificate dated June 14, 1946 (over a year after the deaths of Hitler and Braun) from the Jamaican Hospital. Well look at this document. Clearly not a long form Birth Certificate and no record that this document was ever formally recorded with the Registrar of Vital Statistics in New York. Trump merely has this copy and claims it’s proof of his birth in this country.


Is this document to be believed? Is the Donald only 70 years old? It is very possible that it took a year to bring the infant child born to Adolf and Eva to New York, left with Nazi sympathizers to be transported via back channels to New York. This was planned a year in advance with Mary pretending to be pregnant so that when the child arrived, she could claim she gave birth.

Has there ever been a DNA match made between Donald Trump and his parents? No.

Has there ever been a DNA match made between Donald Trump and his siblings? No.

Based on this I (like Donald) sent investigators to New York and Berlin to do research and what they found (like Donald’s investigators in Hawaii) was “amazing”!

Now I’m not going to release what my investigators found about Donald Trump’s true birth until Donald Trump releases what his investigators found out about Barack Obama.

Trump, like Adolf Hitler is moody and prone to outbursts, both are alleged to have small hands and everything that goes with small hands, both have hatred of anything not Aryan, both have made millions on the misery and misfortunes of others, both practice gestures in front of a mirror. Too many facial and behavioral similarities exist to totally discount this theory.

So based on the same logic, reasoning and evidence (or lack thereof) that Trump used against President Obama, I say Trump is not a US citizen, he was born in Germany and is not Constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. In fact, as with most things involving Trump, he utilizes projection on others for his shortcomings and issues and by saying Obama wasn’t born in this country he in fact him projecting the fact that he wasn’t born here.