Believing in Alternative Facts Will Get You Killed

Even Donald Trump supporters know he lies, he lies constantly and he lies about things he really doesn’t have to lie about. During the campaign Politifact checked and found that Trump lied 76% of the time. Throughout his current regime he’s been caught lying continuously about Muslims, being wire-tapped by Obama, his inauguration crowd size, his popularity, climate change, China, Russia, Obamacare, the list continues. Early in his reign when Chuck Todd confronted Kelly Anne Conway over Trump’s lies, she introduced into the political lexicon the term “Alternative Facts”. Todd correctly told her that alternative facts are “untruths” otherwise known as lies. She continued to sidestep the issue. Since then, the number and power of her “Alternative Facts” have grown, taking on a new reality outside of reality and creating havoc for the nation and world in which we live.

It has been revealed that Russian intelligence has orchestrated and pushed Fake News over social media in this country to rally Trump support both during the campaign and even today. Of course Donald Trump projects the term “Fake News” onto legitimate and established mainstream media when they print the truth about him. However the real “Fake News” that mostly comes from Russia or local conspiracy minded nuts like Alex Jones and basement dwelling dweebs on Breitbart often gets picked up by mainstream media and then retold to the rest of the world, giving it a higher degree of unintentional credibility. Pizzagate is a good example of this. Nothing existed to support the crazy allegations in the story, but the story was carried on mainstream media as kind of aside. Then a nut job drove down to DC and shot up the pizza shop based on the fake news, “Alternative Fact” story. Sad yet, many still believe this story to be true.

With Trump and Conway pushing the concept of Alternative Facts as a basis to make decisions that impact the lives of others, we have a real problem. Important decisions must be made based on reality not politically motivated “Alternative Facts”. However, the Trump Regime, Congress, State Governments and now some foreign governments are making decisions based on Alternative Facts not reality and they feel fine doing so while the world is left scratching their collective heads asking why?

Consider the claim that child vaccines cause autism. This has been proven to be an “Alternative Fact”. In 1998 a paper, that was later to be determined as fraudulent was published in the British Paper “The Lancet”. It claimed research demonstrated a direct link between vaccines and autism. The author of the study, Andrew Wakefield was found to have multiple conflicts of interests, manipulated evidence and data and violated numerous ethical codes. To date no link has been found and the story that is at the center of the belief was declared to be “utterly false”. However today people still believe it to be true. They deny the history of how the claim came to be and consider the theory, which has no basis in reality true. This has resulted parents not having their children vaccinated, which has resulted in childhood diseases once under control to start to break out again in higher numbers. Children are suffering and some are dying as a result.

Sadly, a growing number of Americans are becoming intellectually lazy. Worst yet our President and his administration appear to fall under that same category. Whether knowingly lying or having faith in “Alternative facts” our current administration ignore inconvenient truths in reality to make decisions for our nation as a whole. These decisions impact gun control (or lack thereof), healthcare, environment, food safety and even diplomacy. To act on, make decision on a falsehood is only to invite problems upon yourself and others.

If reality isn’t to your liking too bad. You can’t change reality by telling “Alternative Facts”. You must accept reality for what it truly is and then make decisions on how best to deal with the reality that is there. Mainstream media needs to take a stronger stance on reporting reality and calling out bullshit from alternative news sources like Breitbart, The Daily Caller, InfoWars, Sputnik, etc. When confronted they can’t defend their alternative facts without going deeper into the well of paranoia and doublespeak. These groups create and perpetuate “alternative facts” to push an ideological agenda that runs counter to reality. To allow them to go on unchallenged leads to our leadership making decisions that harm us all.

Media and ordinary Americans must educate themselves and call these liars out, especially those in the White House that Alternative Facts aren’t reality and making decisions based upon them is harmful to human life.

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