Who to Blame and Fear More? Trump or his supporters?

I recently posted a Twitter Poll asking the question “Biggest threat to civil society and rule of law in the United States, Donald Trump or those who still support him?” It was only up for a day and only had 84 votes but the results came back as I expected; 46% for Trump and 54% for his supporters. The most common response I had to the poll was “where’s the both button?”
Though close, I agree with giving the edge of who is to fear and blame more to Trump’s supporters rather than Donald himself. Here’s why I think this is the case.
Trump’s support in the country hovers just above 30%. That number is key because that was his support in the GOP primaries. Since he competed with numerous other Republican candidates, the remaining 70% couldn’t center on one candidate and Trump’s support was solid so he won. As for the general election, although he was able to pick up some additional support from Independents and even some Democrats of the “Never Hillary” crowd, his core support was still only just above 30%. Since that core support turned up in four battleground states, a total of only 70,000 votes from those who showed up to vote swung those states to Trump and gave him the electoral college win, because voter turnout was just above 50% nationwide.
Now in Europe, there are other groups of hard core right wing white nationalists working to win votes in parliamentarian government. Of the European population, that group is a fairly consistent 30% too. As with the GOP primaries, the remaining 70% have multiple parties to vote for, the ones who get that solid and consistent 30% have been winning. In fact just yesterday Austria has elected a conservative White Nationalist with just over 30% of the voting population. You go back to the 1930’s in Germany, the Nazis, who were the White Nationalists of the time, actually at best only won only 30% of the seats in the Reichstag.
Regardless of the time or place in the world, historically and socially there always seems to be around 30% of the population that supports essentially an extreme right wing dictator to rule. I will add that there are studies that show that conservatives tend to want to be led and told what to do by authority figures. You can Google that research. Their selections are rarely in their best interests and often end up harming them. Combine the solid 30% voting bloc to low voter turnout and assistance from say other nations and rightwing media confusing the issues and propelling “fake news” to an intellectually lazy population, you end up with a Donald Trump as President.
Donald Trump is as Rex Tillerson says, “a fucking moron.” He’s unfit to sit in the Oval Office and he is dangerous to our Republic, Rule of Law, Civil Society and National Unity. However that’s only because he’s inept and unable to learn about the office he holds, the Congress he works with and the nation he’s supposed to govern. If Donald Trump hadn’t ran for office, that same 30% who voted for him would’ve voted for someone even worse for the mere fact they’re more intelligent. It could have been a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. 30% of eligible voters will literally support people and things not in their best interests and they will always vote in unison while the rest of the country either doesn’t vote at all or are easily distracted with making “protest votes” for people who haven’t a chance.
The 30% who supports Donald Trump also in large numbers support Vladimir Putin. They support White Nationalism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism, etc. They believe in untenable views that the government shouldn’t tax them, but must continue to provide them with roads, infrastructure, and government assistance like Social Security and Medicare. They oppose regulations that protect our air, water and food supplies because regulations are government interference. Their entire belief system amounts to cognitive dissonance and they are committed to that belief because that’s what their guts tell them, even though it never works out in their best interests. These people always have and always will exist and they are the danger we face.
The only solution is for the remaining 70% to keep themselves educated to what’s in the nation and their best interests. They must get politically motivated to cancel out the influence of the 30%. The remaining 70% must also get smart and realize they may not get the choice they want and may have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Protest votes are quite literally throwing your votes away. Those who say otherwise have a hard time finding evidence where a protest candidate actually won and election and made things better. Think about how protest votes for Ralph Nader in Florida got us George W. Bush and protest votes for Jill Stein and others may have swung Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to Trump.
We are a complex and large society. As such we require a complex and large government of professionals and intellectuals to operate that government or it will fail. That is what’s happening now in this country. We have an inept President and a Tea Party GOP running Congress. Congressional leaders ran on breaking government and don’t know how to run it for the best interests of all the people. It’s beyond them. However they’re there because 30% of the nation voted for them and the majority of the rest either stayed home or threw their votes away.
Trump’s supporters would support any moron intelligent or otherwise taking the stage to lead them. They are gullible, intellectually lazy, generally angry but most of all, dangerous when their candidate is in power. Only way to cancel their influence is to vote better people in, whether they meet your complete litmus test or not. Idealism is nice to have, but pragmatism is what keeps the nation running and keeps society safe.

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