The Girther Movement (He’s not heavy, he’s my… oh what the hell, he is heavy)

Governor Chris Christie has recently been on the media shows discussing his weight again. He’s been citing that his “30 year” struggle with weight hasn’t been easy. But how seriously is he really taking this?

As a follower of all things politics and someone who demands total honesty in elected officials, I demand to see Governor Christie’s medical charts regarding his weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) for the past 30 years. I, (no WE) demand to know what steps he has taken to address his weight in a serious manner. What’s his diet? What does he do for exercise? What does he do to promote healthy weight with his family, friends, constituents of New Jersey? Where’s the evidence that he has been working on this seriously for the past 30 years.

We are the Girthers and we will not be silenced, or sat on.

Wonder if Orly Taitz is available?

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