Paul VonRyan’s Express: The Train to Nowhere

He is now listed as one of Mitt Romney leading contenders for the Vice President. Both hard-core conservatives and leading Democrats equally welcome the prospect of Paul Ryan joining the Romney Ticket. (I’m still holding out for a long shot bet that Mitt will drop out at the Tampa Convention for somebody with a better chance, but that’s another rant)

So who is Paul Ryan and what is it about his famous budget the Mitt Romney has already endorsed to bring in conservatives to back his nomination?

Ryan represents Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. He is a fifth generation Wisconsin native serving his 7th term in the Congress. Prior to that he was a paper boy or something and has essentially always been on the tax payor’s payroll, though he get’s huge contributions from people like the Koch Brothers, Big Pharma, Banks; you know, the everyday people of this country who ask for nothing in return.

Ryan proposed the GOP House Budget called “The Path to Prosperity”.  Essentially it’s designed to slash over 6 trillion dollars in spending, while at the same time giving more tax breaks to corporations and the 1% AND raising military spending. How does he accomplish this seemingly impossible task? Well let’s leave aside the fact that it is impossible. The Congressional Budget Office has already determined it would in fact add trillions to the national debt and would cut assistance to the elderly and disabled via social security, Medicare and Medicaid. His plans places a higher financial burden on anyone born after 1955. It imposes vouchers for healthcare.

You know how well vouchers work. For education, vouchers represent tax payer money being used to supplement education cost for the wealthy, so their children can go to expensive schools that no other kid’s family can afford, even with the vouchers. It does so by taking money away from public schools, leaving them to rot and die, causing nothing but misery for the people who’s only crime is not being rich enough to go to the private schools, that the tax payers now supplement rich families’ children to attend.

In healthcare it would work pretty much the same way. The elderly who are not so fortunate as to be in the 1% will give up tax subsidized funding of their healthcare in Medicare, to pay for vouchers that go to all the elderly regardless on income. There is some means testing, but essentially those who don’t need the financial assistance, will still get it at the cost of those who absolutely need all the assistance they can get. According to the CBO, a typical 65-year-old, who under the current system pays 25% of their healthcare costs via deductibles and copays would now pay 68% under the Ryan voucher system.

Medicare would be privatized. You all know what happens when social services become privatized.  To make the profit margin, services are cut and costs go up. Nice deal for the elderly. It’s the same plan as Ryan has for Social Security. He forgets that Social Security was never meant to be a retirement plan, it was an insurance policy to keep the elderly and disabled from falling into poverty. But Ryan sees the trillions in the social security trust fund that if privatized, would make him and his friends rich while the elderly and disabled fall into poverty.

In a nutshell, this conservative nut’s plan is designed to make the rich richer by screwing those who aren’t rich. People who already have more money than they can spend in a lifetime, must get even more, even if it means taking it away from human beings, disabled, elderly people resulting in them lapsing into poverty like they did before Medicare and Medicaid was created and before Social Security was enacted. Hey, it’s not easy being rich, unless you have more poor people in poverty.

Paul Ryan is an avid believer in Ayn Rand, though he denies it. He says he’s a devout Catholic even though the Conference of Bishops have denounced his budget as anti-Catholic and anti-Christian, which it is. Paul, like the other Tea Party/Ayn Rand types is in it for himself. He has no sense of community responsibility, or Christian fellowship. He follows the teachings of admitted atheist Ayn Rand who ridiculed Christianity but ended up on Social Security and Medicare herself in her decrepid old age. May the same happen to Paul. Or better yet, with perfect Karma, let him lapse into poverty.

1 thought on “Paul VonRyan’s Express: The Train to Nowhere

  1. UPDATE: As expected, Mitt Romney bowing to the pressures of the Tea Party Caucus, who incidently are destroying what’s left of the Republican Party, selected Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential Candidate. The man who has never sponsored any legislation that assisted anyone outside of the 1%, the man who wants more tax breaks for millionairs and billionaires citing that already debunked economic theory of “trickle down” and is responsible for nearly a third of the current national debt and most of the yearly deficit, the man who claims to be a Catholic yet worships at the feet of atheist Ayn Rand, the man who has been living off of tax payers most of his adult life yet works to keep the rich from paying any of those taxes, the man who would deny assistance and care to the elderly, disabled, infirmed, depressed, unemployed simply because they aren’t part of his exclusive country club of uber rich who never have to earn another dollar in their life and still be in the 1%, the man who has insulted the military yet never lifted a finger to serve the nation in any sense or make any sacrifice at all, in short, a man who is possible meaner and more sociopathic than Mitt Romney. What a joke.

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