Pro-Choice versus Pro-Life

This subject always comes up during each election cycle. However, I think we can all agree that after the GOP took over all those state legislatures and governorships across the nation along with the House in 2010, a year where most independents and many liberals stayed home, the issue has been given steroids. It has gotten absolutely bizarre. The Tea Party Republicans ran on jobs for the House, yet almost all of their legislation was regarding birth control, contraceptives and defunding planned parenthood.

The majority of this nation has clearly been pro-choice since Roe v Wade, yet the Tea Party Republicans pulled a switcheroo and placed this on the forefront. As we near November, it’s gotten worse and I doubt the people calling Rep Todd Akin out on his statements will have little impact on the GOP as a whole in this election. Their Party Platform has placed in it as a plank (yet again) on abortion, written by those wonderful folks that brought you transvaginal ultrasounds and personhood. Mind you, when these issues go up for popular votes, even in the reddest of red states, they are soundly defeated. It’s only when they are introduced in state legislatures do they pass.

Many have pointed out correctly, that the Republican Party has always used the issue of Roe v Wade as a source of support and funding from the Christian Right.  As such, they would never do anything to overturn it. They point out correctly that if they were ever serious in doing that, they would have during the six years the Republicans had absolute control over the White House, House, Senate AND Supreme Court. Interestingly enough, it was never brought up. It did not start to become an issue again until 2006 when the Democrats took the House back, and then even more in 2008 when they took the White House back. I don’t think this is coincidence.

But something happened that GOP leadership didn’t prepare for. When they funded the Tea Party movement with Koch brother’s money, in an attempt to stop the Affordable Care Act, they created a monster. These people, though easily swayed and conned politically, are still true to the evangelical right-wing Christian views about abortion. Forget that there is really nothing in the Bible supports their views. It certainly has nothing in it to support “personhood” or that Jesus, let alone God really gives a damn regarding what an individual woman does with her womb, this is important only to these cherubs. So, using the financial and organizational assistance of the mainstream Republican Party in an election year where nobody showed up except for them, they took over the country. Then they went off script and tried to change the one issue Republican Party Leadership wanted left alone, abortion rights. In doing so, they started making changes in laws and acts governing contraceptives, personhood and what is actually is rape.

So now the party is stuck with a messaging problem with the rest of the country, most of whom are actually logical and humane over this issue. Try to follow if you are of the right of things.

Life begins at conception: So as a result, anything that interferes with that process is killing that group of forming cells and should be deemed illegal, murder with severe sanctions imposed on the doctors and/or the mothers.

All abortions are murder: So to protect the zygote forming into a fetus and continuing to grow until it becomes viable, no abortions should be allowed. Due to Roe v Wade, laws have been introduced requiring transvaginal ultrasounds, demeaning lectures, grilling, mind control to shame any women desirous of the procedure from having it. And it doesn’t matter why they desire the procedure. Whether it is from Rape, Incest or to protect the life of the mother, all abortions must be banned and if not banned, made as difficult as possible.

To accomplish this beyond the shaming techniques listed above, the Republicans have made it illegal for any Federal Funds to be used in this process and have worked to defund Planned Parenthood that has .02% of their operations devoted to abortions. The other .98% goes to cancer screening and prenatal care to protect the fetus the Republicans want to protect also, just not pay for it.

And there is the rub. Not only is it the agenda of the Tea Party Republican Party to make sure that all abortions are illegal or impossible by regulations, they also withhold all funding, if possible, to protect that zygote/fetus. They also will not allow any funding via “socialized medicine” for prenatal care during the pregnancy that would also protect that zygote/fetus leaving it in danger of complications and death.

And of course, once the child is out of the womb, it is the position of the Tea Party Republican Party to deny any funding to the mother for healthcare, food, education, childcare, anything to mitigate the expense for the child that woman was forced to have.

As Randi Rhodes would say, “love the fetus, hate the child.”

Now I am not a woman. I really don’t have a full vested interest in this matter other than the fact I am born to a woman and I am married to a woman. I am a believer in the privacy rights cited in Roe v Wade for the woman to make her own choice in what to do with her body if confronted with being pregnant.

It is her body, it is her health, it is her ability to be able to care for and raise a child, it’s her choice. If given proper education and access to contraceptives this choice wouldn’t need to be made as frequently as it is now. But again, the Tea Party Republican Party are opposed to contraceptives for women resulting in them having to make this choice in the first place.

Where is it in the Constitution that government officials in Washington or State Capitals have the ability to determine how women can live and how they can make choices about their bodies. There is no simile involving the same power structure doing the same thing to a man and his body. This is unfair on all counts.

They preach making government smaller. Apparently small enough to fit inside the vagina of all the women in the country who they feel have no choice in their lives. And if they do choose, or are forced to choose in their way, will offer zero assistance to aid them in that responsibility.

If you are pro-life, then logically you must also be:

Against all death sentences.

You should also be for providing all basic and needed healthcare to preserve life regardless of ability to pay.

You must also be for providing equal access to opportunities for education and employment for that life to survive in the world regardless of ability to pay.

If you are not for any of the above, you are not pro-life, you are just pro-bullying of others for personal gain and gratitude. You are not Christian or humane, you are an ass.

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