Dealing with “True the Vote” Brown Shirts on Election day

In this season of voter suppression, because the GOP knows that they have zero support from blacks and not much more support from other minorities and women, another insidious tool of suppression is afoot to try to steal the vote for Republicans and Mitt Romney. Hey, if you offer nothing a reasonable person who is aware can accept what other choice do you have but to steal the vote. George Bush did a fine job with Ken Blackwell stealing the vote in Ohio to give him the win in 2004 even though exit polling gave the election to Kerry.

Suppression via voter ID isn’t enough. Some of these pesky people actually do have proper IDs and also need to be stopped at the polling places. Thus “True the Vote”.

This is a right-wing, Tea Party, Koch brother affiliated group that began in Houston Texas. It’s stated goal is to make sure only the right people are voting. They have sponsored many of the voter ID laws across the country and have sponsored even more draconian laws to keep only the right people from voting. When I say right people, that is exactly what I mean. They target black and Hispanics, who tend to vote Democratic, to keep them from casting ballots.

Recently they began a million man drive to enlist like-minded brown shirts to organize and be present at as many polling places as they can to effectively intimidate black and minorities from voting. They want these people stopped, and forced to prove they are in fact citizens able to vote. If you are white in a right-wing district, you have nothing to fear. Otherwise, these thugs may be there to harass you on election day.

The above link tells the disgusting racist story of this group of thugs and I strongly encourage you click it and read to understand who these people are. They can be expected to be at polling places creating havoc to prevent lawful citizens from voting in a coordinated effort to steal the election for the Republicans. But again, what else is new.

My suggestion is simple. When you go to vote and you see people who fit these thugs description, and if you see them harassing others, demanding proof of citizenship, trying to disqualify them from being able to case a ballot or forcing them to submit a provisional ballot; well first thing, vote yourself. Then when finished, go to them and challenge their authority and make a citizen’s arrest for voter intimidation.

It is a federal offense. Let the poll workers call the police and keep these idiots occupied trying to save their own asses while others go on and vote. You may end up being detained yourself, but you will prevent these people from blocking the vote.

In reality, most racist are true cowards and when faced with possible legal actions against them, or police coming over to view their ID and run their records, they may just decide to leave. It’s fair in this circumstance to fight for the right of others to vote. This election is so very important considering the crap we are already hearing from the Romney/Ryan campaign. They cannot be given any chance to steal this election. So we need to fight back. Put the fear of God in these Godless hoodlums.

Bullies never expect people to challenge them and when challenged, they often fold very quickly.

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