Everybody Lies (Just some lie more than others)

Well we’ve had two weeks of political conventions and now that they are over, the talking heads on Main Stream Media are placing everything in perspective. When I say perspective, more times than not, the perspective of Main Stream Media corporate Ownership. But that’s another rant.

What have we learned about both Conventions?

Well from the RNC Convention we learned that the truth is in short supply from the people who came on stage, especially from the two candidates. Even FOX had issues with Paul Ryan’s diatribe that lacked anything resembling the truth. They lied about Medicare, they lied about Welfare, they lied about what the President said about any number of issues from his original campaign through his presidency.

They decided to make no mention on the war in Afghanistan let alone our soldiers and Marines who still serve in harm’s way or who have returned to the country needing jobs, medical and mental health care for themselves and their families. They neglected to talk about tax returns, vouchers for medicare.

The only thing they continued to talk about was repealing Obamacare. However, they said nothing about what it would be replaced with, or why it is better to allow insurance companies:

To set life-time limits on coverage.

Pull coverage for people who end up getting sick.

Denying coverage or increasing costs for pre-existing conditions including being a woman.

To set up corporate “death panels”.

To allow insurance companies to spend more than 20% of incoming premiums on things not related to healthcare like CEO bonuses and perks for their friends and staff.

To allow insurance companies to drop children from their parent’s plans after they are age 18.

Although they had spots for Hurricane relief from the Red Cross, they neglected to talk about their plans to cut even more funding to the states, thus firing first responders, and how they want to privatize FEMA.

So a lot of lies, a lot of missing information and a narrative that our country really has problems right now and it’s Obama’s fault. They mentioned that there are not enough jobs going around (while neglecting to mention that GOP Congress has blocked every job bill submitted) and that our country owes too much money (neglecting to mention that two-thirds of the national debt came from the Bush administration with help from GOP).

They want more tax cuts for the wealthy (while neglecting to mention that it means higher taxes for everyone else and still won’t do anything to pay down the debt).  And they want to stay in Afghanistan, possibly go back to Iraq, attack Iran, and threaten the real enemy Russia (?).

But they all have families that they love, as they love themselves (especially Chris Christie). It was humbling to hear how Romney had to sell stocks so they could entertain friends while living in a basement apartment (Mitt has this thing with basements).

So in a nut shell, the country really sucks, it’s all Obama’s fault and it has nothing to do with the House Republicans refusing to allow any economic relief bills be heard, let alone pass and sent to the Senate for consideration and the President’s signature because they are too busy outlawing abortion and contraceptives, oh and repealing and not replacing Obamacare.

Then came the DNC Convention. What did we learn there?

Well, after each speech heard on the floor, we heard from FOX that they “swung and miss” without really explaining why. We learned that the sounds of cheering and enthusiasm from the delegates (according to FOX) was because they were in a smaller venue than the RNC. Really? We learned that Michelle Obama didn’t have to do a speech to humanize her husband, because we already knew that, but it was an awesome speech none-the-less. We learned that the Democrats have no problems talking about war, the veterans and what is right about the country.

They focused on their accomplishments and how we are doing better than when the President took office. Were some facts skewed, embellished? Well to be honest, I’ve caught a few. I heard one talk about how insurance companies had to return premium money back to the customer if they paid more than 50% towards non medical related costs. It was actually 20%. So not so much a lie than a misstatement.

We learned that Obama never claimed he could change things, that if there was change, it had to come from us. Well, can’t argue with that but I suspect it was more bad messaging on his part than purposeful misleading.

Oh, and right out of “The American President” we learned that Barack Hussein Obama IS the president.

To compare the two conventions, as I tweeted last night, The RNC Convention belittled the Country, the DNC Convention Inspired the Country.

Oh, and I also learned that even though as Dr. Gregory House quite appropriately points out “Everybody Lies” just some people lie far more than others and they are usually Republicans.

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