Does Racism Trump Dishonesty, Arrogance and Insensitivity?

I’m getting more amazed and bewildered as this campaign goes forth. The recent matter of the murder of our Libyan Ambassador and three other American diplomats in years past would bring universal American outrage, anger and support for our administration from both sides of the aisle in the days that followed the act. This time it was just majority outrage and coming together.

Though conservatives and former Bush administration personnel condemned the act and admonished Mitt Romney for blatantly lying and misleading Americans in his statements, he still had support from those like DeMint and Rumsfeld. Despite being told he was wrong, Mitt refused to acknowledge his mistake, refused to take anything back and simply doubled down.

And now more people are not only allowing him to double down, they are finding ways to make his statements acceptable. Granted, they are stretching the truth to new limits, finding new definitions of false equivalency, and adding just pure stupidity to top it off, but mainstream media is allowing this to go more and more unchallenged. Why?

I do have some fundamental disagreements with our President. I think he should have vetoed NDAA, even though it was passed with a veto proof majority in both the House and Senate, to send a message that this President honors rights over fear.

I thought he was too timid in not fighting for single payer.

I think he’s been too consiliatory with those who he knows want him to fail and as a result, the nation has suffered.

Only now is he fighting back and its good to see, but I think if he showed this strength early on and placed the GOP on the defensive sooner, we would have his Jobs Act passed, because the American people would be holding the GOP accountable. My issues with Obama are for things I can show he’s done or not done. But those who complain the loudest about him do so for things easily proven to be total fantasy and fact-less. And these people get a free pass in doing so.

The book and movie “2016” by Dinesh D’Souza is totally based on impressions and conjecture on D’Souza’s part. He even admits it. Bill Maher really laid into this guy who could only come up with false equivalencys to support his claims. He has no facts, no taped interviews, nothing. Yet he gets play and people are seeing his movie and saying it must be true because people acted out D’Souza’s conjectures on the big screen. Why?

I’m left with only one explanation. People are still racist in this nation. They are racist and are afraid to admit it, so they grasp at anything they can to justify lack of any support or credence to what the president has done or what he wants to do.

The facts are clear.

In terms of National Defense, the President has more effectively done what Republicans and Conservatives have always advocated. He’s killed more terrorist leaders in less than three years than Bush did in eight. He killed bin Laden and a whole host of “number 2’s”. He’s maintained a military force in Afghanistan, that has left those on the left in anger. He’s permitting military spending at levels unheard of and totally unjustified by reality, just not as high as the right would want.

In terms of border security, the border has never been more secured. He’s deported far more undocumented aliens than Bush ever did. He’s deployed more resources and money to the border. He’s done so much in this regard, he’s angered the Hispanic Community. Yet the right gives him no credit for it. It’s only been his recent embrace of Dream Act immigrants that’s given the right (legitimate from their point of view) cause to despise the President. Til recently, the left had more reason to despise the president regarding border security than the right.

In terms of Wall Street, well the stock market is at record highs. The 1% continue to do better than ever before, even better than under Bush. Corporations have less new regulations under Obama than under Bush. It’s true. Income disparity between rich and poor continues to grow. I did not support the President extending the Bush tax cuts. I was willing to pay more as long and the wealthiest also paid more. Yet he did. That angered me. Only recently is he standing firm against the right regarding allowing them to be extended even more for the rich. Again, he’s done more for the right than the left in terms of finances, yet he gets no credit for it. Only complaints from people complaining all the way to the bank.

President Obama is a centrist, not a socialist. As Bill Maher pointed out, “if he was a Socialist, he’s a bad one.” His policies have clearly been right of center. He’s more like Reagan in implementation of Republican Ideas than Bush, yet he gets no credit and people continue to call him a Marxist Socialist and can only point to Obamacare as a factor supporting that.

Obamacare, based on Romneycare, based on Republican ideas presented by the Conservative Heritage Foundation in response to Clinton and HillaryCare. Get real people. Obamacare still gives more to insurance companies than the 35 million newly insured. This isn’t left-wing, it’s center right.

So why does the right continue to call him a Socialist Marxist?  Because he’s black. Many still continue to say he’s Muslim, he’s Kenyan, whatever. They have no, zero evidence to support their claims. Nothing that passes the smell, let alone the laugh test to stand up in Court. It’s ridiculous, it’s racist. If not racist, it’s clearly stupid.

They hate Obama for racist and stupid ideas. And in response support a man who everyday is proven to be dishonest, arrogant and insensitive to Americans. The record is clear. Anyone can pull tapes off of the Internet and YouTube of Mitt Romney telling every side of every story he can. He has no core convictions. He says that corporations are people, he has outsourced American Jobs overseas. He keeps his money in the Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank Accounts. He won’t release his taxes. He blunders with foreign Policy. He advocates staying in Afghanistan indefinitely and waging war in Iran, he want to lower his taxes while raising yours and still not balance the budget. All of the above is provable.

None of his plans and proposals have passed the smell, let alone laugh test. He’s a fool, an idiot. It’s provable, yet people will support this man over Obama who has clearly demonstrated more conservative merits than Mitt ever has. Mitt talks, Obama has acted. The facts are there. Obama is a centrist. That is clear. That is why he still has problems from the left. He is black, that is why he still has problems from the right.

Romney is an ass, liar and fool, but he is not black, he is not Obama, that is why he has support from the right.

Sad state of affairs in the country.

2 thoughts on “Does Racism Trump Dishonesty, Arrogance and Insensitivity?

  1. as a canadian/brit obviously i dont know the us politics as much as u guys but yeah i pretty much agree with nearly everything here. i know racism still exists worldwide, but a part of me still thinks alot of GOP really do think any democrat is a socialist and baby killing machine, its sad really

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