A Solution to the Debt Ceiling


Did you know that under current law, the Secretary of the Treasury has the authority to mint platinum coin in any denomination. Seeing that the Republicans are threatening to hold the country in default by not raising the current debt ceiling, an option being offered is to have the Secretary of the Treasury mint a One Trillion Dollar Coin.

Now, we just can’t have a simple one trillion-dollar coin. It must be symbolic the circumstances that brought us here. So I have begun a petition under the President’s “We the People” site to not only authorize such a coin, but to have President Ronald Reagan on its face since he was the first president to bring us a trillion-dollar debt. Further, in honor of those who keep up worrying over this trivial matter, the tail of this coin should be an image of Tea Party Patriots kissing Reagan’s tail.

Here’s the link. Please sign it. If we get 25,000 signatures, the president may respond.



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