WeywedSun“The more I learn the less I know, but I’m curious, seek both wisdom and compassion. Believe All is One and that ignorance is the enemy”

This was WeywerdSun’s Twitter bio. I just learned today that the reason I haven’t seen anything new from him in over a month on either Twitter or his blog was that around November 25, 2012, he was found dead with his I-Pad in hand. There are posts from him on Twitter and a blog posting for the 25th.

I did not personally know this man as I don’t know any of my followers all that personally. However, this man was one of the first to follow me when I started on Twitter and I saw him as an example for profound and stinging political commentary. I only wish I had his style, I come up very short in that regard.

If there is a Twitter family, this man was our father.

He was good to his followers with Retweets, Favorites and Follow Fridays. Though you could tell from his tweets this man knew his stuff and was keen about the world around us, a check of his Blog, where he wasn’t limited to 140 characters is where you really got to understand what an intellect this man was.

He was intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring. While you can, please check his Time Line on Twitter and check out his blog posts at

As I posted on my twitter account tonight; Rest in Peace my friend, and until we tweet again in a much kinder world.

53 thoughts on “IN MEMORY OF @WEYWERDSUN

  1. thanks you so much for tweeting this. i had also noticed I hadn’t seen anything from weywerdsun recently, but I hadn’t looked into it. He was also one of the first to follow me, and he felt like a friend although we’d never met. I’m so sorry to hear this news, but so glad you did him the service of letting us know.
    RIP weywerdsun.

  2. His tweets to me were like a pat on the back, saying, yes! yes! Go! He was also quick to back up my tweets with empirical proof, especially during RW attacks (that I usually provoked). I am very sad…. I felt like I knew him. RIP @WeywerdSun.

  3. Thank you I feel the same way I did not know this man but he did all you said I have a tear in my eye for my Twitter friend RIP you will always be with me!

  4. Thanks for the lovely tribute, John. It’s strange to think of a life touching so many other lives, without ever having “real world” contact. I’m so grateful to people like weywersun & you (& countless others!) for making my days brighter, more informed, & life more bearable.

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  6. @WEYWARDSUN and I tweeted Politics until Nov 25 I believe, he was a great person & cared very much that President @BarackObama would be re-elected. I know you are in Heaven watching over us, We miss your wisdom & humor, Love Freda Dewar

  7. thank you for the wonderful tribute and I feel the same way as you expressed~ he was so warm and welcoming and filled with such wonderful energy; always filling the time line with wonderful thoughts that left one thinking in a different and expanded way. He will be so missed by so many.

  8. He was welcoming to everyone. Incredibly informed, he linked to important stories from all over the world. He didn’t believe that the world ended at US shores. He was interested in international politics, geography and history. He reminded me so much of the newsmen that inspired me when I first started, the ones who wore trenchcoats and drank scotch at their desks after hours. I will miss him. RIP and may Light Perpetual shine upon him.

  9. I am glad to see this tribute for @WeyWerdSun. I too only knew Wey through his tweets and yes when he followed me, I was pleased for it was a validation of my position and it was then that we began our twitter fellowship. I loved re-tweeting Wey’s tweets for it was informative and my way of saying, I agree with you. I truly believe he is at rest and his passing is one expressed by many as the best way to go, a peaceful passing to another level of life whether now or in due season when he is once again awakened. Weywerdsun we miss you for you were a part of our twitter experience and family. Love never dies or passes away.

  10. I loved his Tweets so much. I can’t believe that I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this, even though I never meet him. He was wise, clever and kind! I am so glad that he was able to see President Obama re-elected. I am also thankful that he passed in peace while sleeping…..IPad in hand of course. I will miss him and his thought provoking tweets!

  11. Just now learned of this warm and wise man’s passing! We had just “begun to converse” in twitterdom in October. R.I.P.! You will be missed. #Forward2012 and beyond!

  12. Gone My Dear Friend @WeywerdSun But You Will Never Be Forgotten. Thanks For Your Hard Work And Being There For All Of Us, Day After Day! Your Good Deeds Are All Well Noted. Rest In Peace, Our Mentor, You Did Make A Difference Buddy. The Crown Jewels, Big Geo!

  13. Very nice. I met him when he followed me, and I concurred with his bio that ‘the more we learn the less we know” which happens to be my personal philosophy. For some reason I thought he was a troll and unfollowed him. Later I realized (6 mos ago) he was a real person and apologized. He said ‘shall we try this again” and we continued on. (See that’s what intelligent caring people do, put their pride in their pocket for the greater good. ) I did not always agree with his posts, about 87% of the time I did. I am not an insincere person, so I am not going to carry on about how wonderful he was. I will say, he enjoyed being on Twitter, the acknowledgements were a nice gesture from him and he had fun. Shared some good information, and we will all meet on the other side someday. Very nice that you took the time to write a remembrance of him. God Bless!

  14. January 10, 2k13
    “Entered PEACE: 11/25th 2k12……………………………………..
    …there’s a missing light on myTimeLine….I could sense it…but
    Didnt want to think it.
    WEY…YOU Are Loved!
    your friend, EnigMaa

  15. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, @weywardSun! We are all in this together! You will be sorely missed and we won’t forget!

  16. You took the words right out of my aching heart! I’m so glad you were able to express what so many of us feel about weywerdsun and it does feel like our Twitter family has lost its father. His passing has left a gaping hole in my timeline; I’ll miss seeing his avi and the pure enjoyment of reading and retweeting his tweets! Plus, when he thanked me for retweets, the list of other tweeters he was thanking was a rich source of excellent people to follow.

    • I’m too upset after learning this news to write anything more eloquent and true, so … this ↑

      RIP, WeywerdSun. We will all miss you very much.

  17. Thank you for posting this, it’s beautiful and a fitting memoriam for WeywerdSun. I missed his Tweets and mistakenly thought he was on a break, should’ve known better. Everything you said about him was spot on. He will be missed. I’m proud to follow people who are so caring, intelligent and empathetic.

    Hope they have IPAD’s in heaven :).



  18. I’m one of WeywerdSun’s relatives, his daughter-in-law. it’s so lovely to see these wonderful messages from his Twitter family. He loved reaching out to so many of you, had really found a new niche for political discourse, which had re-awakened his journalistic spirit. We so appreciate your kind words, and this glimpse into his life that we might not have otherwise fully known. He was so proud to have over 5500 followers, and truly considered each of you his friend.

    thank you, AZmoderate, for providing this forum.

    • My deepest condolences for your loss. It was my honor to do this in tribute for this man who meant so much to us and who inspired us all to fight the ignorance in the world he recognized as being the enemy. Take care

      • I Was Honored when WEY follwed me..
        He made me feel special and needed……Thank You LUV….

    • Dear Sarah, thank you so very much for sharing with us. My family and I offer our deepest condolences. He was a dearly beloved friend and I miss him so.

      His 5500 followers are only the tip of the iceberg, lol! He was so widely known, his tweets and blog posts so often passed on, that I believe me touched many more thousands all over the world. His passion and very hard work paid off: he was an inspiration and Sage to myriad people.

      Sarah, is there a memorial fund or charity George loved to which those who wish may donate?

      Thank you so much. God bless you and all of Sun’s family.

      MaryAnna (Mimi)

      • Mimi, that’s so kind of you. No particular charity comes to mind, but anything supporting the National Parks or literacy programs would probably be most fitting.

  19. I only began Tweeting in October.WeywerdSun was one of the first I noted as a standout & used his “following” list to populate many of my follows. His style and grace under fire are models for us all. As jaded as my tweets are, sometimes I think, WWWD & discard or tone down my tweet. Spent a bit of time perusing his blogs & TL since his passing, laughed and cried at his musings. As all of us, I will miss him dearly but never forget. Carry on our WeywerdSun……

  20. I hate to hear this news about @WeywerdSun …was just speaking about him & wondering where he was. He taught me alot. We must keep up the good fight.

  21. So very, very sad, my deepest condolence. His intelligence, sense of humor and fairness will be greatly miss by all. RIP

  22. He was a rare entity-kind,compassionate,knowledgeable and fun to exchange info with ,and discuss ideas. While I never knew him ,I knew his heart,and certainly feel a loss. I feel cheated because I only got to benefit from his knowledge less than a year. Maybe now he can help us out from the other side. Lord knows,we certainly need it. In his honor I’ve promised to redouble my efforts to get the word out and make him proud. The twitterverse shines a little less bright now. Maybe he can get on his IPad up there and send me a DM? I’ll be waiting 😉

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