Don’t worry about the title of this blog post, this is more to expose the childish fraud known as the Twitter Gulag Defense Network (#TGDN hashtag) and not an avenue to repost the pictures of Kincannon’s package that he’s alleged to send out to women on Twitter. However, if interested, here are some links that describe who Kincannon is:

I have touched on this on previous posts, but to those of you who may not be aware, there is a group out there formed by a Republican Party cherub from South Carolina named Todd Kincannon. As you could expect from a GOP operative from South Carolina, Kincannon is on the extreme fringe of the fringed right and was known to go after the “libtards” (i.e. 80% of Twitter who don’t agree with his narrative) in his Timeline. This activity ended up in him being suspended on Twitter on a number of occasions.

As typical for the mentally impaired he inspires, he saw his suspension as a plot to shut his and those like him from expressing their narrative on Twitter. It was oblivious to him (or so I suspect) that responding to someone’s timeline with insulting rhetoric might just be grounds for that person to spamblock you as a troll. Many of us welcome reasonable debate, but vitriolic attacks from those who have no grasp of reality, justifies being reported to the powers that be at Twitter for harassing people.

So he started organizing other Right-Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJs) on Twitter to join him in a pact of obstructionist xenophobes. You recognize these people by their bios, avatars and banners on their Twitter sites. Lots of waving flags, eagles, tri-corner hats, Gadsden flags, and of course guns. Their bios all include some variance of conservative, Christian, patriot, constitutionalist, NRA, NoBama rhetoric to convince people (and perhaps themselves) how “American” they are. Little do these people realize that wrapping yourself around “patriotic” symbols is easy, actually living and working at exhibiting the American values of freedom for all, tolerance, and charity for the needy is hard.

Visit that hashtag and read the posts and you’ll see xenophobia, projection, delusional thought, racism, fetishism, and pure unadulterated stupidity. A Psychiatry student’s dream as a source of research for psychiatric and psychological disorders. But I digress.

So in fear of having “libtards” getting them suspended from Twitter, Kincannon started the TGDN community. He wanted all like-minded people to get together to stand firm against those who don’t agree with their narrative from complaining about their attacks. They have gotten very nefarious in how they operate. Problem is, they advertise how they want to do it and anyone who cares to research can find out.

Essentially, they’ll identify someone tweeting something they don’t like, then they will Direct Message (DM) each other to gang up and Spamblock them into suspension from Twitter. My first experience with this was after Newtown when the gun worshippers from the TGDN responded to my tweets, I responded by only to find myself suspended. It was how they planned it. They will enter your timeline, get you to respond back then they’ll spamblock you. Or they will get together via DM and get you suspended that way. I wasn’t alone and met up with many who were perplexed at what is essentially right-wing censorship of the mainstream views involving gun safety reform. I will emphasize that polling is clear, the gun safety changes we are asking for, registration, assault and high-capacity magazines bans, full background checks for all gun sales, are supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. This drives the gun worshipping RWNJs absolutely bonkers. Makes them want to go out and shoot something.

Kincannon has instructed his followers to set up back up accounts in case their primary accounts get suspended so they can continue their work suppressing the voice of the majority view of Americans. Todd himself is rumored to have 4 or 5 accounts on Twitter. Here are some links to stories and sites that do a much better job exposing the TGDN fraud being perpetrated on Twitter by these cherubs of low functioning, intellectually lazy, gullible folks.

I’ve been involved in several conversations (usually on my timeline, sometimes on DM) regarding how to deal with these people since Twitter is doing little to stop the harassing behavior of these scared small-minded people. Some advocate doing the same to them. I’m not inclined to do that because taking on the tactics of those you have no respect for and despise for their tactics makes you the same as them. My suggestion is simple and so far has worked very well for me and those who have done the same:

Ignore and block RWNJ Trolls.

I’ve actually gone to the #TGDN hashtag and preemptively blocked the vilest of the vile trolls on Twitter.

I’ve blocked each and every Todd Kincannon account I can find.

Recently I’ve been told that Todd has not only started identifying and spamblocking conservatives, he’s also contacting those on our side, playing all nice and friendly with them, only to then DM his minions to spamblock them. The man is deranged which is a current prerequisite for being a GOP operative lawyer from South Carolina.

Anyhow, if you are involved in a timeline and someone responds, don’t respond back until you check out who you are dealing with. Read their bio and check out their timeline. If they are TGDN and/or have a very fringed and insulting timeline towards those things you support, instead of responding, spamblock them. That’s fair and within Twitter rules. If you don’t think they’re all that bad but you don’t want to engage with them because you have a bad feeling, then just block them.

Twitter has been a great resource over the years for social media and discussing issues true to your heart with those of similar views. It has also been useful for mutually respectful exchange of opposing views to air out your views without fear of retribution. Unfortunately Todd Kincannon has effectively made the latter very difficult to continue. If they can’t respond intelligently to your views they work to silence you from the discussion. That is censorship. Censorship is not limited to government action; it can come from corporate and public forums also. You can still tweet, but beware the more effective you are, the bigger the target on your back from the fringed right. If need be, have your own back-up account ready because more of us are being hunted and suspended for expressing our views than the other way around.

Until such time as Twitter decides to do a better job monitoring those who use Twitter to harass those they want to silence, play it safe DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM and just ignore and block.

They aren’t worth your time or frustration and you’ll thank me for not having to get your account out of suspension.


  1. I am piping in here because I need to. I am a conservative. I got sucked into this scam. I call TK’s BLUFF on WHO claims to be (at least a practicing attorney). I could be wrong, but think about it. A LEGIT attorney that has ties (supposedly) to repub party acting in the way he is? Seriously? If this is the case and he is what he claims to be (and not impersonating), he’s got SERIOUS issues.
    There are MANY of us that are on to him and I am working to get my screen prints to a website to help expose the fraud.

    Here is what I think. I think this person planned to group up people to CAUSE drama and get fights going. There are even fights and blocks within the damn “network”. There has been threats, phone numbers posted, addresses, family names… doesn’t take much to figure this out.

    And please don’t think we are all RWNJs. I have my opinions. You have your opinions. Doesn’t mean I’m right. Doesn’t mean you are, either. They are OPINIONS. And for the love of God, it’s TWITTER. People need to back away from this drama this lunatic is pulling and see it for what is really going on. Call to the South Carolina Bar later today. I’ve had enough. Time to nail the coffin shut. When it’s over, I’ll share my screen prints? 🙂

    Oh…and here is a good read where “we’re” on to him, too:

  2. i am also a proud Conservative and have nothing but disdain for Todd Kincannon. This man is an internet bully who will bash, block, harass, or torment if you dont agree with what he believes. He constantly bashes Conservative women, Jews, Indians, and other Minorities. He is without a doubt the biggest HYPOCRITE on twitter. He states he is a Christian, yet SEXTS (still to this day) pictures of his manhood to some of his female followers. He is supposedly engaged, but yet (review his timeline) texts a lot of his female followers. This tool even set up a donation site because he was BOMBARDED with emails to join his cult. When confronted he will do one of two things (or both) Immed. block you and send out a plea for help to his sheep. He doesnt like being called out for his bad behavior and will insist you are not a true CONSERVATIVE if you dont agree with everything he says. There is so much in-fighting with Conservatives, his hashtag has become the biggest joke on the internet. Meanwhile, some top Conservatives like Malkin, sit back silently while Chubby Sexter goes on his rampage. Malkin has no problem calling Anthony Weiner out..but lips are zipped when it comes to Kincannon. Ever see a rabid dog…check out when Kincannon goes after Kathleen Sweets…Real gentlemanly Todd…Im sure your fiancee’s proud to be marrying the biggest piece of shit in North America….

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