Even Worse than the NRA, the National Association For Gun Rights (NAGR)

nagrI heard about this group earlier today while listening to Randi Rhodes and imagine my surprise coming home to a letter from these nut jobs. Not sure how they got my address, but this does give me something to be snarky about, so here goes.

Here’s a link to a Politico story that references NAGR and how even the GOP are concerned over their tactics:


And here’s something from the Daily Beast:


I don’t think it’s a coincident they’re using the acronym NAGR, from the tone of the letter they sent, I think they are the types who would certainly use a word that sounds very much like their acronym when talking about the President.

The letter was from the “National Association For Gun Rights” P.O. Box 7002 Fredericksburg, VA 22404. The caption on the envelope, “Will your U.S. Senator cave in to the gun-grabbers’ triple threat trick play?”

They have a website http://www.NationalGunRights.org yet use a style of letterhead and correspondence similar to something you would see from the 1980’s and a dot matrix printer.

It has the familiar salutation of “Dear Fellow American” and goes into what they call “Obama’s Triple Threat gun control scheme that Sen. Reid will push next week.” The letter is dated April 3rd, 2013.

They claim it has three components: “fictitious “gun trafficking” legislation, so-called “mental health” legislation, and “expanded background checks.” Then they say “It’s designed to sound more “reasonable” than a total gun ban — but don’t be fooled, there’s nothing reasonable about it.” Their biggest fear is what they term as the one ultimate goal “National gun registration”.

They encourage the reader to call their Senators to stop the act and praise fellow deranged gun worshipping corporate nipple suckers Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for their pledge to filibuster “ANY and ALL gun control Legislation.”

In their letter they oppose any “mental health” legislation because in their delusional thought process, they see that as an opening to “gun registration.” They actually are upset that the mentally ill could be denied 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms. They cite an interesting statistic that 46.4% of Americans will have mental health issues at some point in their lives and that this would keep guns from half of all Americans.

Well that statistic and paranoid stretch of the imaginationĀ has no basis in reality and besides, less than a third of Americans even want to own guns. Though I would imagine those with true mental health disorders, like people from NAGR are among those who want guns. So maybe on this point, their fear is justified. They’re mentally unstable and shouldn’t have guns. I agree that we should keep weapons away from these nuts.

Dudley Brown, Executive Vice President of course signs the letter asking for a donation to protect “gun rights” because as we all know, guns don’t kill people, people kill people and people don’t deserve rights, only guns do.

Even the NRA and Larry Pratt’s “Gun Boners, err Owners of America” think these people are over the edge. They have been going after staunch Republican Conservatives with phone calls and emails demanding a halt to any gun safety legislation, especially background checks.

The reason is obvious, criminally insane nut jobs like the people who voluntarily join up and support NAGRĀ are too unstable to ever be given a gun. I imagine Loughner, Holmes, Lanza and Cho are honorary members of this group of deranged, vile and disgusting gun worshippers, instilling fear not for profit, but for their own paranoia and narcissistic desire to be noticed.

I noticed them, and I am proud to mock them for the idiots they are.