13 Senators who Betray the People of The United States for Corporate Profit

The Constitution of the United States allows each State of the Union to send two Senators to represent the people of the States they are from for six-year terms. Originally these Senators were selected by the State Legislatures and Governors to represent the State. Then the Constitution was amended to allow the Senators to be selected via popular votes in each State. So it seems only logical that those who sit in the United States Senate are there to represent the best interests and needs of the people from the States that sent them there. Instead, it would appear that many of these senators, especially on the Republican side of the aisle, only represent:

Those who fund their campaigns

Corporate and lobbyist interests

Their own egos and deluded sense of what the Constitution stands for

Or a combination of all the above

Few things unite the American people these days. You rarely get majority agreement on any issues. However, over 90% of the nation, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Gun Owners and Non Gun Owners support federal guns laws that require a universal background check for ALL gun purchases.

A majority of Americans also support a ban on Assault Rifles, High-Capacity Magazines, and funding to the ATF to monitor and enforce gun laws that currently lay ineffectual due to lack of funding, thanks to the efforts of the lobbying organization disguised as an American Institution known as the American Rifle Association “NRA”.

There are only 4 million members in the NRA and most of them support a vote on gun safety regulations. However, the NRA is opposed to this because such controls will eat into the profits of their corporate masters, the gun and ammunition manufacturers of America and foreign countries.

This is not about the 2nd Amendment, it’s not about the NRA trying to protect children and people in their homes, and it’s about profit. Anyone who truly thinks otherwise is quite simply a gullible fool.

Despite the overwhelming desire from the American people for a debate and vote on gun control laws in the Senate, a group of now 13 Senators say they will filibuster any vote on gun control.

Keep in mind no final draft of any gun control legislation has been written or approved in debate. They intend to filibuster any vote on any bill regardless what the bill says. They are simply doing what their masters bid them to do. By masters, I mean the NRA, extreme Neo-Nazi fringe of the Republican Party and their money source, the gun and ammunition manufacturers in this country and elsewhere in the world.

They are not doing this FOR the American people; they are doing this TO the American people.

Below is the list as of Monday, April 8, 2013 of those Senators on record saying they will filibuster a vote on gun control.

Let them know what you think of their abandonment of their responsibility to represent you.

Let them know they will not be returned to the Senate or any other elected office in the future for this act of cowardice on their part.

Let them know they work for you, not the merchants of death.

Remind them of Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Tucson, and Columbine, the ever-growing list of gun violence massacres that only feed into the profit margin of the NRA and gun and ammo manufacturers.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina

Senator Dan Coats of Indiana

Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Senator Mike Lee of Utah

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky

Senator Jim Risch of Idaho

Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida

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