Is There Class Warfare?

We all have heard the quote from Warren Buffett, “there is class warfare and my side is winning.” With the President’s recent speeches regarding the Bush Tax Cuts, word is coming out from the Right, yet again, that this is “Class Warfare.” And sadly, many on the left still get defensive with this accusation. Here’s my humble take on the matter.

“Psychological Projection: or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.”

I cite this because even though I believe the whole right-wing talking point of blurting out “Class Warfare” from the left is a crafted response from Frank Luntz to place the left on the defensive. I also believe it is easily taken up by the lemmings on the right. As with Warren Buffett, I believe there is class warfare going on, but it has clearly been waged by the Right, the 1% and Corporations against the Middle-Class in an attempt to take what they have to fill their coffers and gain ultimate power in the political system. It’s greed on steroids and is harming the nation, and it is war. We on the left need to call it for what it is.

The battle scars of this war only exist with the middle and working class. Highest wealth disparity in this nation since the days of the Robber Barons, most of the nation’s wealth with the 1%. Social Safety net being shredded to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy, poverty increasing, middle-class evaporating, while the richer continue to get richer from the money being redistributed from the middle and working class people upwards. There is no denying it. It started with Trickle Down and the Bush Tax Cuts was the major assault from which $4 trillion of the national debt is now attributed to. They started the war, but in order to feel better about themselves, or to make use of the propaganda machine, they blame the war on the victims. Time for the victims to fight back.

Like any conventional war, propaganda is free-flowing. Misinformation carefully crafted to convince those who hear it that the cause of the winners is justified. They now blame first responders, police, fire-fighters, emts and their pensions as the cause for the misery in the world. They blame teachers who have been paying out of their own pockets to teach the children in their charge for the misery in the world, they blame the elderly who have simply grown old and require assistance for the misery in the world, they blame unions who work not only to get living wages and good benefits for their rank and file, but for all workers, for the misery in the world. One thing people tend to overlook, the people telling you these stories aren’t suffering, aren’t miserable. They are living better in the recession than they did before the recession, but the well crafted propaganda message hits a core with those who do hurt, want to blame somebody and will listen to the loudest voices telling them who’s to blame and they will believe it. You can take this as hyperbole, but this is akin to the Nazi propaganda in Germany blaming all of their depression problems on the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, Homosexuals and using that hatred to solidify control of Germany.

Mitt Romney who personifies the stereotype of the out of touch, elitist rich snob is trying to convince people that everything he has done that has caused harm to the nation is actually the acts of President Obama. He has gone so far as to recently call the President the “Outsourcer In Chief.” This from the man who made more of his millions outsourcing jobs for Bain, as Governor outsourced government jobs to Indian call centers. To be using that much projection and propaganda, you must be at war with the people, at the very least at war with reality.

This is war, if the Right-Wing prevails, the Middle-Class will soon become the Mittle-Class, a group just above the working class, but even farther behind the upper class and only there to be used, abused and ignored while those in the upper class continue to enjoy their spoils of war.

Don’t be afraid to call it what it is and get the word out that the 1%, using the Right Wing and their Tea Party Brown Shirts started this war. The only way to combat it is to counter their propaganda with truth, be as loud if not louder to shut these liars down. Get registered, vote those solidly tied to the corporate holders of the nation’s wealth out of office and elect those who will legislatively repair the damage the GOP caused and bring back the level playing field and prosperity the country enjoyed after World War Two, under New Deal Legislation and a progressive tax code that resulted in more people getting out of poverty, growing the nation’s wealth, and government surpluses used to build things like the Interstate Highway System. Bring this back because 30 years since Trickle or Dribble down economics began, more people are now falling into poverty, and these are from the ranks of the middle class, not the upper class, those guys are still doing just fine, thank you.

Get active, get involved and don’t give in.