Is Sheldon Adelson really Hyman Roth Incarnate?

Sheldon Adelson

Hyman Roth

Alright, I’ll admit it, with my Italian background, two of my favorite movies are The Godfather and Godfather Part 2 (we won’t talk about part 3). One of the central characters in Godfather Part 2 was Hyman Roth. The Roth character was based on real life gangster Meyer Lansky. Lansky was a Jewish underworld mobster who was in league with Charles “Lucky” Luciano and helped “Murder Incorporated” grow into the mafia syndicate as their accountant. Meyer was part of the “Jewish Mafia” and developed a gambling empire from Saratoga, New York to Miami to Council Bluffs to Las Vegas. He also oversaw gambling in Cuba.

The Hyman Roth character was a Jewish Investor and associate of Vito Corleone and later his son Michael Corleone. Hyman’s good friend, Moe Greene “invented” Las Vegas and became a millionaire from the gambling operations there, in Miami and Cuba. Hyman never forgave Michael Corleone for killing Moe Greene so he used Michael’s brother Fredo to set Michael up for assassination. It’s a good movie and if you never watched it, go rent it and see if you can pick up the parallels to Sheldon Adelson.

Now there is nothing out there that I’m aware of showing that Sheldon has arranged any assassinations of any underworld crime bosses out of revenge. However, there are some interesting things to note here. Sheldon is big into gambling. Very big. It’s made him a billionaire. He has casinos in Las Vegas and a real profitable one in Macau China. In March, 2012 ABC News did an expose on the operation. “Watchdog: Mob Ties at Chinese Casinos Owned by US Firms?” Here’s the link if you’re interested:

It speaks of violent Chinese underworld mob bosses, American Corporations and their ties to Sheldon Adelson who at the time was Newt Gingrich’s major financial backer. Adelson denies any wrong doing and states that the Federal case is built “on a foundation of lies.” But the investigation by the Feds and by investigative reporters (real ones, not the drones from Rupert Murdoch and FOX) continue. Here is a recent post:

Sheldon is in hot water and one can only speculate his interest in this year’s presidential campaign. He once backed Newt Gingrich and now fully back Mitt Romney. Is it possible that Sheldon wants more friendly investigators at the Department of Justice? Adelson has said he’s willing to spend up to $100,000,000.00 to defeat President Obama. Since he’s worth by some estimates of around $50,000,000,000.00 he can afford it. His Macau operations brings home billions. But if there is something to the allegations, then Sheldon would think that a $100,000.000.00 is a small price to get the Feds off your back. Poor Hyman wasn’t so lucky. The Feds were after him and Israel wouldn’t let him return there due to his underworld connections. Upon his return to Miami, Michael Corleone’s hitman got him at the Airport. I don’t think Sheldon has to worry about that. However, who really knows.

Anyhow, the one fact that intrigues me about this man who is so interested in American politics and the political process of the country he is a citizen of is that he’s not so much the American you would think of. Although he served in our Armed Forces, unlike his protégé Mitt Romney, Sheldon is on record saying that he would have preferred to have served in, and worn the Israeli Defense Forces’ uniform.

Watch this link about the “American” who is one of Mitt Romney’s biggest backer:

Even though Hyman wasn’t allowed to avoid American Justice by fleeing to Israel as “a returning Jew” Sheldon might still want to consider that option if the Department of Justice files criminal charges against him. Israel would love to have access to his billions and their progressive tax code. This apparent, underworld gambling casino mobster would make a great new character if there was to ever be a Godfather 4. But hey, at least Hyman made sure everyone got a piece of his birthday cake. Sheldon would never be that generous to anyone who couldn’t help him personally.