Ben Quayle is the Worst Congressman in History

Okay, that is pure hyperbole. It is of course a take off of Ben’s 2010 campaign ad and his recent 2012 update regarding what he thinks of President Obama. I would say more, but honestly, this man offers little to deserve being quoted and has even less in his background to justify quoting. Let’s take a look at his record representing the people of Arizona in the House of Representatives.

Ben’s greatest accomplishment to propel him into national office was being born to Dan and Marilyn Quayle. You remember Dan, former veep to the first George Bush. I honestly thought it was a good choice for George, it kept him safe from all assassination plots. Ben had no experience in any political office prior to running for Congress in 2010 but was experienced as a contributor to a rumor and gossip site known as “TheDirty.Com” a website that featured pictures of scantily clad women that Ben could only get his hands on because of his father’s name and/or the money he paid them to be near him, and chronicled the night life in Scottsdale, Arizona. As you can see from his picture, Ben was destined to be the next Hugh Hefner, but he decided to go the political route instead.

In an election year where most independents and liberals stayed home, only the solidly conservatives who only vote as they are told came out, Ben won District #3, where yours truly happens to reside. Of note during his campaign was a poster he had out of him and his wife with some children. He failed to mention that the kids shown weren’t his. In Arizona, it really doesn’t matter to the conservatives to ask questions like that, again, most of them only do as they are told. It should also be pointed out that it was a four-way race. He won as the tallest midget of candidates in the district.

Ben told us he was going to Washington to knock thing around. So, what has he done since winning? Actually I’m asking you guys because from what I can find, he’s done nothing of his own. Like many of the conservatives from Arizona, he has done what he’s been told, but hasn’t authored any important legislation, hasn’t gathered any coalition of Representatives on any important matter of national importance, hasn’t chaired any committees, hasn’t distinguished himself at all in nearly two years. He’s really done nothing. Seriously, nothing.

Well, I’ll take that back. He actually has his own child now for his 2012 campaign ads that he literally has in front of him. I suspect he has Evie there in front of him to keep people from defacing the posters. But honestly, they don’t have to, his face is already on them. Ben did also manage to get himself involved in a bit of a controversy. His district was redrawn and he is now up against another freshman Conservative Congressman,  David Schweikert. The problem is that David actually has a political career in Arizona. He actually has a record and has some accomplishments. So, Ben’s mom Marilyn went to Governor Brewer to complain and Jan went to the Arizona Legislature and forced them to impeach the Chairwoman of the State’s Independent Redistricting Commission, Colleen Coyle Mathis. Forget that she laid out no specific reason to justify the impeachment, no law cited that she broke, no actual misconduct other than pissing off Marilyn Quayle. Did I mention that Conservatives in Arizona do what they are told. The State Senate did impeach Mathis without cause at Jan’s direction.

In a rare move for the State of Arizona, the rule of law actually won out and Mathis kept her seat and the redistricting remained. So Ben is up against Dave. Ben is trying to repeat his line from 2010 regarding Obama. He’s voted as told including recently voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with nothing. That same day he also voted down a rider that would have also removed tax payer supported Healthcare for Members of Congress. Hey, Ben’s got a new baby to raise and has a right to healthcare because he’s Dan’s and Marilyn’s little boy and he’s in Congress playing tough even though I suspect many a time, somebody’s putting the “kick me” sign on his back.

No, Ben is not the Worst Congressman in History. He’s done nothing to rate as anything in the history of Congress. However, I think it would be nice to replace him with someone who would actually work and try to accomplish something on their own rather than take orders from Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and the NRA.