Repeal and Replace the GOP

Today the GOP House, for the 33rd time, with the help of five gutless Democratic Party Quislings voted to repeal completely the Affordable Care Act. It was the same rhetoric in their speeches, all provable lies that anyone can look up and verify for their political narrative. Afterwards, Senate Minority leaf eater Mitch McConnell has vowed to make it the first agenda in January if the GOP takes the Senate this November. An obvious lie on his part, the first order of business will be him removing the filibuster that they’ve used so effectively to harm the nation’s recovery and make the President look bad. Fair play is not an option in this GOP’s playbook.

Polling today about the ACA in unmistakable, since the Supreme Court Ruling, more and more Americans accept and approve of the Act and oppose any efforts to repeal it. The only group that still has majority support for its repeal is surprisingly enough, the GOP that has marginalized and removed all the rational and intelligent people from their party. The mathematical fact is that even a majority of a minority party (GOP only accounts for 30% of voters) is a minority. The majority of the nation today supports the Affordable Care Act.

By repealing the Act, the GOP will immediately:

Remove the healthcare of 30 million Americans.

Will again allow insurance companies to divert more than 20% of premium income to pay for bonuses for corporate executives and lobbying instead of providing healthcare.

Will allow insurance companies to set life-time limits on care.

Will allow insurance companies to remove people from coverage if they become ill.

Will allow insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Will return the donut hole to seniors, increasing their pharmaceutical costs.

Will remove preventative healthcare to keep expensive problems from occurring for patients,

Will allow for-profit insurance company officials to get between you and your doctors to ensure company profits.

Will add to the National Debt due to uncontrolled, ever-increasing cost of healthcare to ensure insurance companies profit and paying for the uninsured for emergency room treatment.

There are many reasons to ensure the GOP doesn’t take the White House and Senate in November, but this is one of the biggest reasons. They have no alternative to the ACA other than to go back to the ever-increasing cost of healthcare, adding to the national deficit so that for profit insurance companies can get even larger profits than before. And how can they do that, by allowing Americans to die. It’s an economic fact, healthcare is only profitable if you get money from the patient without providing care needed for them to stay healthy and alive.

Insurance, like in the rest of the civilized world and as our own VA system should be single-payer and/or socialized. Our own VA care has been rated as more desirable than private for-profit care. Socialize medicine works. If you’re hung up on the word “Socialize” then you can get mental health therapy to address than counterproductive malady.

The answer for this nation is clear, Repeal and Replace the GOP in November

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