Voter ID and 2nd Amendment Rights-NRA and ALEC Must Take a Side

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) represents the various corporations across the country. This is a group with major ties to the Koch brothers. These are the people who helped Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce write and enact the infamous SB1070 or “Show me your papers” law in Arizona. They meet on a regular basis, corporate lobbyists and usually hard-core Republican state and federal lawmakers to come up with laws that support the right wing but mostly corporate agenda. It was ALEC that pushed the “Stand Your Ground” laws beginning in Florida and is now in over half the states in the Union. It is ALEC that’s in league with the National Rifle Association who lobby for gun manufacturers that pushed “Stand Your Ground” as a means to pump up sales of weapons and ammunition.

It’s also ALEC that has sponsored most of the Voter ID laws across the country. ID laws that conservatively can impact the voting rights of over 5 million United States Citizens who will be unable to get the proper photo ID’s the law demands, due to inability to get a birth certificate or not having the money to get the limited acceptable ID’s required. This is the law that ALEC, at the bequest of the Koch brothers and GOP hope will suppress enough votes to throw the election to the Republicans in November, even though they now admit there is no “voter fraud” to speak of out there to justify such a draconian approach and infringement of American freedoms.

If ALEC, working for the NRA and GOP are so convinced that birth certificates to get valid picture ID’s is needed to insure that only US citizens are voting, then it’s only logical that since the 2nd Amendment only applies to US citizens, the same requirement should be in place to make sure that only verified US citizens are purchasing guns and ammunition in this country. Afterall, we don’t need any foreigners in the country out there buying guns to threaten and take over the country. I have as much evidence of that happening, possibly even more, than they have that foreigners are voting to throw off the election.

So if a State has, or plans to enact any legislation demanding proof of US citizenship via a photo ID, then there should be accompanied with legislation that only the same ID can be used to purchase any guns or ammunition. The purchases must be made in person, the buyer must register as the voters are and gun ownership can be removed (caged) if there is evidence that something is wrong. For example, if Florida takes hundreds of thousands of registered voters off their rolls, those same people also lose their guns at the same time, and those who caged those voters need to go out to each and every home to take possession.

Hey, it’s all about American Freedom. So NRA, if you back Voter ID’s then you must also back the same ID’s be used before anyone can exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. I see it as a good compromise, a win/win. Or you can tell your ALEC partners in crime to back off this suppression of a constitutional right that is as important, if not more so, than the 2nd.

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