Rant #4: Does Nugent owe us time back?

Andy Warhol spoke of everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame, but in the case of Ted Nugent, not only is that time up, I think he owes us time back. This idiot who’s so pro gun and hunting while at the same time quite literally crapped his pants to avoid service in Vietnam tries to portray himself as a tough guy. Ted, forest animals don’t shoot back so stalking them and shooting at them at a distance is no test of courage.

Now this idiot who in his prime probably couldn’t be given the trip to Hollywood on American Idol is now saying that perhaps it would have been better if the South won the Civil War.


Better for who Ted? First of all, a loose confederation of states would not have become the world economic and military power the United States is. And of course the issue of allowing people to hold other people in slavery because of economic reasons should be sickening to anyone of moral character and intelligence. Oh excuse me, I forgot who this rant was about.

Ted, you’re a drunken idiot even when you are sober. Loud, violent and no talent. Give us our 15 minutes back or take one of your weapons and stand a post in Afghanistan.

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