Rant #3: What can Mitt Romney Boast About?

Let’s see, Mitt Romney was born into wealth so he really can’t take credit for that. But wait a minute, he made himself richer by his association with Bain Capital. Bain would use leverage buyouts to take over companies. Would borrow money against the company placing them in bankruptcy and resulting in the companies failing, employees losing their jobs, benefits and pensions. Okay, he really can’t use Bain, at least not go into the details.

There is his involvement in the Olympics. It was in trouble and Mitt was brought in to fix it and he actually did by going to the feds and taking out millions in grants to shore up the mismanagement and corruption the Olympics were experiencing. Okay, he can’t go into detail with the Olympics because it was the tax payers who actually saved the day and he’s all for letting things go bankrupt without tax payers interference. So he really can’t use the Olympics.

There is his term as Governor of Massachusetts and his crowning achievement as governor, universal healthcare that was used as the model for the Affordable Care Act known today as Obamacare. Oops, guess he really can’t use that either.

Well the man is worth over a quarter billion dollars and has his money in off shore accounts. He’s created thousands of jobs, the only issue those jobs are in China and India. Even sent Massachusetts state jobs over to a call center in India. He can’t use Staples because that was another division of Bain. Damn, what can Mitt use?

To be continued

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